[] DW HYBRID Melee/Range/Caster Lightning Conjurer

#include <Hybrid.h>
int main() {
~ Dual Wield HYBRID Melee/Range/Caster Lightning Conjurer - Aeon of Lightning ~

With this build, we can play either Melee, Range, or Caster Playstyle
All in One in One Character :smiley:

We can swings our Swords, shoot with Pistols, and use our Curse and Lightning Spells ^^

New expansion Devotion Constellation seems give more love to Lightning Build Variation :slight_smile:

This one also Hybrid M/R Playstyle with Cool AoE :

Video :
~ Ultimate Fabius Cronley Run (HYBRID Playstyle)
~ Ultimate Loghorrean Run (Caster Playstyle)
~ Ultimate Aetherial Bane’Gargoth Run (Caster Playstyle)

Gear :
We can swapping our weapon in the Game by pressing ‘W’ button

Grimtools :

  • Press ‘S’ for Masteries and Devotion Tabs
  • You can also swap weapons in the Grimtools
  • Relic Completion Bonus : +37% Burn Damage

Please let me know if you want non MI’s gear version

Check 2nd Post for Ashes of Malmouth Update !

return 0;

Ashes of Malmouth Update v1.0.4.0 [COLOR=“Blue”](Check First Post for Level 85 Build)[/COLOR]

[] Triple Mode Melee/Range/Caster DW Lightning Conjurer - Aeon of Lightning

[b]This is an update for Hybrid MRC Lightning Conjurer
Playing with DW Melee, DW Range, or Caster Playstyle, or Combine it All Three in One
You can be a Melee Fighter, Lightning Range Cowboy, or Stormy Lightning Caster :wink:

Charge your enemies with Melee Playstyle with Dual Wield Lightning Swords, or you can swap weapons (Press ‘W’) for Shooting your enemies with Dual Wield Lightning Pistols, also Strike with a lot of Storm Lightning Spells !!!

Video :

Grimtools :
Grimtools Link

(You can swap weapon on Grimtools for DW Pistols)

In Closing :

Thanks to Zoolander so I can make this update launch :slight_smile:
Thanks to Grava for playing Kite and Seek with me :smiley:



The Illusion system is a blessing for builds that look like this! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yes, Amazing!
I almost forgot about it :smiley:

Thanks for remind me about the Illusionist :wink:

I bet you already met with Wevala ^^

May be there will be “Ultos Set in Disguise” :stuck_out_tongue:

Update new videos with ‘Lazy’ Caster Playstyle :smiley:

Really cute, man, dual lightning pistols for the win!

One question, why not full Light Defender?

Thanks :),

Because I don’t have the full set yet :smiley:

Looks awesome man. I’ve been wondering what to do with my 74 conjurer on Hardcore. Was originally destined to be a ranged primal strike build, but that was a long time ago.

Time to switch to this!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes this build is interesting when we can switch melee/range and combine it with caster style :smiley:

Yes you’re absolutely right :wink:
It’s been proven in Ashes of Malmouth Appearance
It looks better now :smiley:

Build Updated for Grim Dawn Ashes of Malmouth on 2nd post.
(With Play Kite and Seek with Grava in this holiday) ^^

I like this build a great deal and am pleased. Many thanks TeeZee.

I am now going to level one of these Mofos.

Glad that you like it.
You’re welcome mate :slight_smile:

Perhaps once it reach level 100, it can helps you collecting Scraps and Iron Bits for repairing Cairn Bridges :smiley:

I’m super new and there’s one thing i don’t get, how do you get dual wielding without nightblade or inquisitor?

Here For Melee :

Melee with this Medal

And for Range with this one :