[] Ulzuin DW Gunsling Sorcerer

This is Static Strike Progression dmg in this build. To explain why I choose it to max 18/12.

Build information : http://www.grimtools.com/calc/gZwLkJNj [Offensive Setup] // Fix Fire Strike to 15/12 and Brimstone to 16/12, Thanks for mad_lee help polishing :smiley:
press “S” to open skill tab.

DW Pistols Sorcerer has been popular for a while due to good looking skills and easier to play. I’m the one who start to play sorcerer as a DW pistols in the first place too. I switch to play many caster build then has been recently back to gunslinger.

Compare Sorc to Pyro.

  • better OA, crit dmg
  • more elemental dmg
  • very good active skills like Nullification, Mirror
  • very good defensive buff like Maiven’s
  • doesn’t have chaos bonus
  • lower self resistance bonus(in arcanist mastery compare to occultist)
  • less stackable RR (-X% … resistance)
  • less attack speed

So, I’d focus more in Fire&Lightning and more dmg source to compensate the loss dmg aside from pyro.
Ulzuin’s Set and Rings of Elemental Balance set were used.

Weapon Idea
“Barrelsmith’s Set without Grenado and Canister Bomb, I’m I high?”
Ans : NO.

You can always use Devil Tongue+Exterminus. But I want to present a pair of good pistols other than ordinary.

Here is the pros from Barrelsmith’s Twin [ul]
[li] Both pistols have Physical to Fire conversion[/li]
[li] 3 strong WPS (10%, 10%, and 20%). All WPS has both hand weapon dmg. This can compensate low attack speed very well.[/li]
[li] 20% Cooldown Reduction(CDR) which is good for procs and Mirror[/li]
These reasons make them worthwhile even not using Grenado or Canister Bomb.

Why I don’t use Grenado and Canister Bomb?
Because they’ll interrupt our attack like Fire Strike by their animation speed and cast speed. Also I was trying to use them before, but it’s not work well with my play style for this build

I’ll talk about only Greens. Because getting specific affixes is harder than purple.

Pants : Prefix should be Stonehide, Regenade or any major in Pierce, Bleeding, Poison&Acid and Aether Resistance. Solael-Sect Legguards is recommend for needed resistance and ACDtH. Any suffix (I use the same for my DW gunslinger pyro setup)

Boots : Prefix should be Stonehide, Renegade or any major in Pierce, Bleeding, Poison&Acid and Aether Resistance. Or you may use any legendary you like. (I use the same boots from my other caster setup.)

Here is alternative item

  • Rings : Entropic Coil, Cronley/Gollus Ring with Good Affix
  • Amulet : Empowered Essence of Beronath
  • Hands : Light’s Defender Gauntlets(for resistance). Handguards of Justice
  • Medal : Pyroclasm Mark, Blood Sigil of Ch’Thon
  • Weapons : Devil Tongue + Exterminus
  • Component : Hell’s Bane Ammo/Haunted Steel(weapon), Arcane Lens/Dread Skull(amulet, medal), Unholy Inscription/Consecrated Wrappings(hands)

For resistance, Just only get the upper row max. lower row you can leave anything not below 60% except aether that should be 80. Stun above 60% is fine.(It’s matter for some boss fight). You may use Leathery Hide instead of Prismatic Diamond if you have low stun resist(you can also get stun resist by devotions and conversion aura from Maiven’s)

Flame Touched : A lot of flat OA and Fire buff
Blast Shield : Very good defensive proc. It’s like you get extra huge shield for 4 secs.
Firestrike : Our main attack. Max Firestrike due to the most powerful in the line. Max Static strike because we’ve high lightning dmg. 12/12 Explosive Strike for most efficient. and fill the rest in Brimstone.
BWC : 1 point of wonder and 1 point in transmute help reduced enemy physical dmg.
Thermite Mines : Stackable -40% both fire and lightning resistance. So sweet RR
Flashbang : Best CC against boss and mobs. I care about searing light because it’s affect everything include boss. This build has many AoE around self. So confuse from flashbang isn’t that necessary.
Vindictive Flame : 11/16 for the most efficient in total speed.

IEE : I need only crit dmg from Elemental Balance.
Mirror : 12/12 to lowest cooldown and works well with CDR. Immortal 3 secs is very good and we aren’t invincible. So we often need it.
Maiven’s : Investment in Maiven should be 0/12, 3/12 or 12+/12. For don’t care, efficien’t lowest point or defensive. I find that this build may need 3/12 or 12+/12 because of being squishy. I found 3/12 is suit for the build.
Reckless Power : for cast speed and bonus fire. (to make setup fight with skills smoother)
Inner Focus : I’d get 8/12, 10/12 or 12/12 for most efficient OA gain. I found 8/12 is enough.
Nullification : Very good purge skills. 1 is enough for remove debuff on you and remove enemy buff. Useful when fighting with Madqueen and Cronley.

About Devotion [ul]
[li]Chariot of the Dead for instant health and add high DA. And the nodes are helpful for OA too. Very versatile constellation.[/li]
[li]Solael’s Witchblade, Ulzuin’s Torch and Fiend for Offensive purpose.[/li]Procs from Fiend is incredibly good. For AoE around self or single dps with %weapon dmg. You get some ADCtH too.
[li]Revenant for ADCtH because our build is rely on attack and weapon dmg.[/li]
[li]Rhowan’s Crown for bonus dmg and 30 flat elemental RR(unstackable)[/li]
[li]Viper for more OA and % elemental RR.[/li]
[li]Other is to fix and boost things like resistance and OA, DA, HP, Energy, attack speed etc.[/li]

Fabius Test #1 : 36s // average is about 35-50s
Fabius Test #2 : 40s
Mad Queen Test : 12s

Advice on Bossfight
I consider Fabius and Iron Maiden to be the hardest trial in main campaign for ranged and caster builds. But my sorceress is with Kymon’s. So I can only test with Fabius.

  • Fabius : Use Mirror for his shadowstrike when first approach. When he appear, dodge his bladespirit and setup fight with Thermites, BWC, Flashbang then autoattack button. Be careful when he use blade barrier. The kill time is depends on how many time he use WPS like execution(you’ll notice your health bar drop so fast)
  • Madqueen : Use nullification when she activate her vengeance aura. Be careful of her attack which is really hard. Without Maiven or other absorption should be lethal if your HP < 7000. Keep Mirror when she try to hit you or it’ll trigger your Mark of Divinity.
  • Moosiluake : Due to the build don’t have freeze resistance. If you feel kite and destroy his ice totem is annoying. Use frosthoar ointment.
    Other boss shouldn’t be trouble for the build if you kite and use Mirror properly

Leveling Guide

  1. Basic method. You can either play Crucible DLC to get some lv and devotion before playing normal or veteran.
  2. A single mastery is enough to clear veteran or normal. Play any skills you like. Both Arcanist and Demolitionist are newbie friendly and don’t need to know very much in deep mechanic. It is just throwing your skills then dodge any incoming dmg. Simple and easy. You can start with any of them.
  3. Getting 2nd mastery in Elite or higher. Focus in single or two dmg type.
  4. Go to Ultimate. Not different much for caster or range. You just do the same. Run N’ Gun.

Wanted to make a guide for a similiar build, but you beat me to it. My build is a bit different tho. I have tested all pistols and came to a conclusion that Deviltongue + Exterminus is still the best combo with Deviltongue + Arcanum Sigilis being close second.

I will probably post a guide bit later, it is different afterall and it doesn’t have a single green item. Here is Grim Tools. Some cliffs:

  • Stacking OA is not that important for this build because we have Flashbang (imo, it’s a king of all CC spells in the game at 12-12), still have respectable 2390 OA
  • Maxing mirror out is a waste of skill points on this build without Time Dilation
  • Fire Strike skill is not worth overcapping because weapon damage gains become almost non-existent
  • Attack speed coupled with some life leech and adtch is a cornerstone of a build survivability (along with capped movement speed and 80% slow resistance).
  1. By the mastery and gear make sorc has relatively high OA itself. The more OA will come with more crit dmg build.
    I use high OA, crit dmg to present as a pros aside from pyro.

With flashbang it can well. But I would remind that Flashbang is the best CC come from both searing light(50%) and itself(50%).

  • high lv of Flashbang : reduced enemies’ DA(mean our OA is higher), up to 50% confuse rate on mobs(which is no affect bosses, but still very good as CC), and the large radius.
  • Searing Light : This will be shine when fighting boss and some mobs that don’t get confuse.

So even 2.3-2.4 OA sorc will be fine though. But again, if you don’t have trouble with a large group of mobs that you can’t clear fast or crucible. Stay Flashbang like 7/12 is fine(40% confuse).

  1. Mirror -> it depends on how often you use it. And this build has 20% CDR which is high for non-caster. It make more sense so. During test with Fabius I used 2-3 Mirror for not fleeing and waste more time.

And when testing with main campaign also use it some times when fighting with some boss or encounter serious fight. So I use Mirror frequently but not need all the time.

So it not need Time Dilation for Mirror unless you’re playing gladiator crucible.

  1. As I said above. With WPS I present to compensate low attack speed. It’s still good ADCtH and sometimes bursty life gain if both hands crit.

I finished all content with my Gunslinger, including waves 140-150 in Crucible Challenger and only time I need my mirror is with Fabius. He is the only boss that gave me trouble, have to kite him quite a bit. But I guess I can respect points from Flash freeze to mirror just for fabius.

But this is a flat fire.

very small gains. Better sink it in Brimstone imo.

Also, I have a question do those procs from Barrelsmith twins are used instead of Fire Strike? Or on top of it? (same with Pyroclasm’s mark proc)

For maxing dps you should use all sources of flat damage. Both Brimstone and FS in this case.
Edit: oops, I didn’t see InkOsk132 maxed only main skill.

I’ll fix Firestrike to 15/12 and Brimstone to 16/12. Thanks for polish it.

I’m not sure about it. May test by 1 click, if 2 bullets out and there’re brimstone on it. In that case it’ll on top of FS. If not, it’s replacing FS.

I’ll be available in next 7-8 hours. If someone tested, pls tell me :smiley:

Barrelsmith’s procs are WPS. And as all WPS it isn’t replace default attack, but upgrade it. Otherwise WPS would be dps loss.