[] The Blood Knights - The Unstoppable Bleeding Force - Bloody Knights Unleashed

[] The Blood Knights - The Unstoppable Bleeding Force - Bloody Knights Unleashed

Up To 500K Crit in Campaign - Bleeding Anywhere !

Bleeding Kra’vall

More Bleed :



With Awesome New The Blood Knight Set, I have a chance to revive these kind of Builds : 1, 2, [3

*** Witchblade ***
DW Witchblade


Full Video : https://youtu.be/byWfS5B3HE0

DW Witchblade Grimtools

Shield Witchblade


Full Video : https://youtu.be/XVs1FHZ1leA

Shield Witchblade Grimtools

*** Blademaster ***


Full Video : https://youtu.be/sIHEmAJRd4A](http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=54571)

Blademaster Grimtools

Check Post Below for More Bloody Knights

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Check First Post Above for Witchblade and Blademaster Blood Knight

*** Battlemage ***


Full Video : https://youtu.be/_COaTX5yKzo

Battlemage Grimtools

*** Commando ***


Full Video : https://youtu.be/lFk55PLxlXY

DW Commando

DW Commando Grimtools

Shield Commando

Shield Commando Grimtools Weapon1
Shield Commando Grimtools Weapon2

*** Warder ***


Full Video : https://youtu.be/divjo5iox8c

DW Savagery

Grimtools Savagery

DW Cadence

Grimtools Cadence

Shield Warder

Two Handed Warder

Guillotine Blood Knight Warder
Offensive Bloody Ocean Blood Knight

*** Conjurer ***


Full Video : https://youtu.be/KEiNR76tIcY


Full Video : https://youtu.be/JdroR6-8Rg0

Conjurer Grimtools

*** Trickster ***

DW Bleeding Trickster - Pets Scale Player Bonus Summoner

Credit to Autentist for Nice Bleeding Trickster with Player-Scaled Pets!


Full Video : https://youtu.be/rY5wS3c0GAI


Already tested with Full Ancient Grove run, and it success, but I don’t make the video.
I have limited time yesterday.
I take Dual Blades for moar Physical Res. 10% Physical Res is sweet.
This Build Has maximum 8 Pets that scale with Player Damage bonuses :

  • 1 Lord Nazaran
  • 1 Deathstalker
  • 4 Bloodbathed Servants
  • 2 Blade Spirits

Pet Summoner Trickster

*** Deathknight ***

*** Elementalist ***

*** Druid ***

*** Ritualist ***

*** Tactician ***

*** Vindicator ***

Hope that you like these Builds, Blood Knight Set is very Nice for Bleeding and Vitality Builds.
It opens up great diversity for making Builds in Grim Dawn.
See, a Battlemage and Commando can use this set, How Cute they are ^^
The Newest Videos are Bleeding Pets Summoner Trickster, Cute Battlemage and Cute Commando

In Closing :

Manticore Deathstalker is our New Friend now !

Cheers ^^



Updated Some Grimtools :slight_smile:
Enjoy !

Some In Game Pics Updated :slight_smile:

Added New Blood Knight Witchblade (Shield Version) vs All AoM Nemesis on the Original Post.
Unfortunately Grimtools is still down atm…

So far I’m loving the set. Finally found a set that compliments my thoughts on a hybrid “Pet” build. I went Death Knight to take advantage of a few nice weapons I had sitting around that I never got to make a build for.


Still adjusting various components and stats. I’d like more DA while not losing my OA, so as I get my reputation up I’m adding in better stuff. But I’m thoroughly enjoying this build! I had another DW Vitality build that didn’t perform as well (worked, just not optimum). This one is more stable and outputs better DPS.

I’m actually impressed with it’s kill speed even with a slightly low OA. The shade has impressive damage and quite tanky…it doesn’t show his health, but he seems to not really die much at all, unless I jump into a huge pack of aetherial whatevers with a dozen pools of green goo on the ground.

I went DW, not only because i had some nice Vitality weapons, but it also seems like there’s not much dedicated Vitality stupport in the 2h category. I considered S&B, but since this was going to replace my other DW Vit build, I stuck with it.

NOTE: I don’t crucible, so it’s open world progression 100% for me. Haven’t gone up against any nemesis on this build yet, so It’s stull under developement, but so far based purely in it’s kill speed and survival rate compared to my other builds it’s in a good place.

EDIT: And they need to swap the Elemental RR for Vitality RR on Necrosis. That’s just in a weird place. I’m still up in the air on relic: Haunt gives us more Vit RR, but it’s damage sucks as a spell for this build. Necrosis is awesome damage for this build, but has no Vit RR. Uroboruuk’s Reaping is nice, but is a melee range Cleave, feels limited given the tier of relic it is.

If its Vitality you want then Fluff’s build might help you


If you want Vitality Decay focus Caster then this might help you


If Bleed is your focus then Tz Tz’s guide ormine would help you.

Thanks for the info Cthon! I’ll definitely check out those guides for ways to improve my build.

EDIT: Good references, though neither is really doing what I want to do. DW melee vit build. But they both gave me food for thought, appreciated.

Looking forward to if you ever post a Grimtools for the S&B Witchblade Blood Knight. Haven’t really seen many builds that use the Deathstalker relic.

You can check several forms of tested gears, skills, and devotions here (Grimtools Links available on video description) :

I’ll update the Death Knight version since it will give more Vitality Conversions

Sure, Yesterday Grimtools was down.
So I couldn’t posting the grimtools.
I’ll let you know when it already update.

Updated S&B Witchblade Blood Knight with Deathstalker on Original Post.
Blood Knight DW Commando Image Added, DW Conjurer Video Added on 2nd Post.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Tried the build out. It’s quite fun since you don’t sacrifice your own damage in order to increase the pets damage. And the pets also enable some nice area damage too.

I’ve done a Savagery two handed bleed warder build in the past, before the Malmouth update. Ever think about doing a slight 2h variation on your warder with a Guillotine by swapping Blade Arc out for Feral Hunger?

Yup, you’re right!
The Pets (Deathstalker, Bloodbathed Servants, and Lord Nazaran) scale with player damage bonuses.

Beside they have Nice AoE, they also have Nice HP thus very good as our companion that give Nice RR Aura :wink:

Also what awesome about this set is very nice bonus on 3 set completion:

  • OA
  • AS
  • Phys Res (my WB can reach up to 70%)

On Full Completion, it give nice bonus to Counter Strike and Bone Harvest.
12% ADctH and %WD are Sweet!

With this set we can make out of the box build like Bleeding Battlemage, Commando, and Tactician.
My most favorite sets beside Iskandra and Justicar Set :slight_smile:

This was my variant of Two Handed Bleeding Warder with WildBloodrager :

Now Blood Knight set had been released, this should get some nice buff, since Blood Knight sets combination will be better.

You can change the weapon with any two handed weapon like Guillotine, Gutripper, or any other weapons :slight_smile:

Yeah, Bloodrager was what I used before too. Fun set as well. I like the build, may be my next character attempt as I loved seeing those ginormous bleed dot ticks.

Yup it’s Fun :slight_smile:

Try this for BK Set, Bleed Duration should be long enough for making Bloody Ocean in Cairn :

Grimtools --> Guillotine Blood Knight
Offensive Mode --> Bloody Ocean Blood Knight

Sexy, thanks!