[] Aizarincu - DW Cold Runes Infiltrator, Gladiator farmer, Ravager viable

Made to crush the deeply frozen skulls.
Meet Aizarincu, the Assassin.

It’s mainly a caster build based on Rune of Hagarrad and Rune of Kalastor heavily converted to cold. It’s an evolution of my previous Gin Yursis build using nearly the same gear and devotions, but different mechanics to deal damage.

Approved to farm Gladiator/170 with ease (9 minutes average time).
Approved to easily kill Ravager if you pilot this build correctly (17 minutes last time).

>> Grimtools << Update [] Offensive version
>> Grimtools << More friendly setup with only one green

Core of the build

  • 2x Mythical Chillflame Evoker to give Rune of Hagarrad +60% crit damage and convert all Fire damage to Cold, allowing us to get Rune of Kalastor. Seek for weapons with 50%+ conversion rate;
  • Mageslayer’s Protector to boost Veil of Shadow’s cold RR to 47% and effectively raise our DPS;
  • Many healing and defensive skills in rotation;
  • Very high secondary resistances.


  • Classic kiting caster: drop runes and run away, shot the ABB if you’re safe.
  • Essential changes to beat Ravager: just swap rings for any 2 Stalwart ones to ensure you won’t be critted, and that’s it.

Stats pane (own auras, Lethal Assault, Deadly Aim up):

Max crit damage dealt with Rune of Hagarrad (solo, Cruci buffs, no banners):



Outdated and WIP videos:

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Nice Build! I wanted to do the same build with two Chillflame Evokers, but I’m still in the leveling process. However, it is good to know that the build turns out well :wink:

This is my take on. Since my character is only in the mid 60s, I was not yet able to optimise it. Since I do not aim for Crucible or farming for good MIs, my build usually tend to be a bit ineffective.

Looks neat, will try

Thank you

another stalwart build great job! :smiley:

Build with, let’s say, 3200 DA still can complete 170, but is very edgy. And you must kite like headless chicken all the way.

But when patch hits, things will change.

Looks nice. The real cold rune master. :slight_smile:

P.S: Have similar concept on Hagarrad rune build. Hope Rimetongue set from upcoming patch will give us more options.

Pretty sure Rune Casters can do it w/o relying on the unimaginative crappy DA meta

x1x1x1x2’s Fire Hagarrad, Veretragna’s previous build and my own Cataclysm Vindicator can do it w/o too high DA, but DA meta takes the edge off and makes you feel a little safer.

Especially Rimetongue Pendant! +% Pierce and Cold damage, additional RR proc, and +1 to Inquisitor and Nightblade will make this amulet very BiS for every Pierce or Cold infiltrator.
UPD: Or even pierce blademaster.

Nice one. Rune stronk lol. Btw, I find it weird for you to have Haunted steel and Coldstone in a build that doesn’t focus on weapon damage. Os there any particular reason for that? I think Chillspike seals are better especially since you don’t have much OA before lethal.

Coldstone gives +100% cold damage, while Seal of the Night gives only 50%. I don’t want to take the chillspikes because shooting 'em breaks our kiting. It seems more dangerous for me to stop and shoot the spikes.

Haunted steel provides some ADCtH against trash enemies (especially when applied through ABB to all enemies in radius), so I decided to leave it. If ADCtH was useless, I’d take one more Coldstone to boost Rune’s damage even more.

OA is totally not a problem because of Rune of Hagarrad DA shred, effective real OA is near 3200 without Lethal Assault.

I’ve heard (unconfirmed) that rimetongue was too good to be true and got changed. Not surprising but hey, we’ll see in a day or two.

Update for this patch is generally a nerf to this build. Without this much DA hard aether hitters became a big threat.
Added a fresh grimtools link and corresponding video.

After a few hours of meditation I decided to make this build even better, and added more HP to withstand heavy incoming damage. And I faced them - 2 Aleksanders in the same wave.

Updated the starter post with new links and added a simple variant of assembly including only one MI. Successfully tested them both in 170.


Using JoV’s advice I stopped stacking defenses and went more offensive. 8-9 minutes average cleaning time under 3 buffs.

>> Grimtools << Update [] Offensive version


Congrats on the build man - that is damn impressive clear time with only 3 buffs and NO banner!

So many rune infiltrators around - going to have to make one :slight_smile:

Infiltrator with RoH is amazingly strong right now, so do it before any nerfs hit :wink:

Killed Ravager of Flesh with this build.
The key is to place runes between his strikes and heal using Pneuma or Word of Renewal if damaged.
Took 17 minutes of running around like headless chicken :smiley:

[b]please could you tell me how to start with devotion point

i get confused

please list them from the first


then what??


  • Crossroads Chaos
  • Viper
  • Crossroads Chaos

The key idea is that you can make devotions self-supporting. Viper requires 1 pt of Chaos and provides 2 pt of Chaos, so you can remove not-needed Chaos node from Crossroads when Viper is completed.

Sometimes you need to take temporary sources of needed points. For example, take Crossroads Primordial, Crossroads Order, Sailor’s Guide, Wolverine, Lion, then take Bard’s Harp and you can safely remove Crossroads Primordial and Lion now, since Bard’s Harp gives 2 Primordial and 2 Order points and can support itself.

Devotions: swapped Behemoth and Staff of Rattosh for Ultos. Better damage and OA that way, and survivability don’t suffer much.

New record made with Rune of Hagarrad burst (solo, Cruci buffs, no banners):