[] Bleeding Glass Shards - bleeding trickster build showcase (definition of a glass cannon)

Build update

So credit to Russian builder Shoot2033 for figuring out the final spec that makes this build more or less consistent and credit to Mercymaker for testing it. So apparently it took a Prismatic Diamond and a second Belgothian Sigil and a build became a BEAST.

Mercymaker managed to pull a 5:57 run, here is the video thus being able to make 4 runs under a duration of 3 blessings + 1 banner.

Updated the Grimtools. So all in all, meet the new Bleed King and one of the most powerful if not the most non-pet builds at the moment.


Not going to make a guide out of it, because boy oh boy this guy is squishy as hell and requires exceptional piloting and couple of really big green items for it to work.

But the damage is huge. So if someone likes playing dificult-to-pilot glass cannons, this is the build for you, under 9 minutes Crucible Gladiator 150-170 with 4 blessings/no banner and under 8 minutes with a banner (probably faster with a better pilot and computer). A king of dot builds, but what a glassy king :slight_smile:

Videos spec 5:57 run (credits to Shoot2033 and Mercymaker)

7:50 4 blessings/1 banner run

Based on what I see on the video, it might be worth dropping wendigo totem. You don’t use it often and even on 160 where you needed it you just ran away from the radius cause you can’t tank. Btw, how much is your observed max bleeding tick?

Crate please let us see max dot damage dealt on 3rd page so we dot players have something to brag :stuck_out_tongue: I’m pretty sure my bleed warder and wb can get 900k-1m ticks with banner but can’t really have a confirmation without the 3rd page stat.

Not much else I can invest in tbh. And totem helps in some spots, like tanking tonns of heroes and trash. But maybe you are right I really don’t know, this build is so glassy and hard to pilot. If you can make it into something good, try it in GDstash. I am not gonna bother with it again, not my cup of tea :slight_smile:

Non shielded melee builds are the bane of my pc. With so much lag there’s a lot of downtime where I just dont hit anyone with LMB, resulting in me dying a lot. It’s fine in campaign cause you’re running more than hitting but on cruci it’s really bad. It’s the reason why I never post melee builds.

Ah damn, I imagine we are missing out on some of your what-could-have-been creative and cool melee builds, damn, that’s a shame.

Same thing happened to me on my bleed trickster, pretty enjoyable to play in MC, but such a nightmare to make it work in crucible. I gave up on mine too shortly after the DA era, s/b witchblade, 2h warder and even a bloodknight gutripper warder are better alternatives. Trickster too squishy :frowning:

Yeah. Like dual sacred strike infiltrator. I would’ve played ultra minmaxed malkadarr korba tho.

Where would you ever get legitimate items anyway. Besides, I think it would still not be that great in Crucible. I would play full Korba Trickster though, this sounds like a fun. But Fluff has already min-maxed it :frowning:

No guide? Makes my heart BLEED…

Just asking, wouldn’t Deathstalker with bonus racial dmg to undead be better?

Gdstash :stuck_out_tongue:

Massacre is a really good relic. The proc bleed ticks are IIRC better then even the base savagery bleed before mods.

The most amazing bit is 200 AS with 2x Bloodsong:p although ghoul and belgo ring proc are slightly deceiving. I assume you also tested a Bloodthirsty Wendigo Claw as well

I haven’t tested it but Massacre is just too good. I would say, it’s one of the best relics ever: flat bleed, adtch, hp/res and a monster proc on top +1 to skills is too much to give up, and I never felt i needed more RR with this build, even Zantarin melts quite fast.

Nope, I haven’t thought of that. I just looked at Bloodsong and thought why the hell were people using that blue axe or Butcher of Burwitch instead when Bloodsong is just so massive for a bleed Trickster. I am also reluctant to keep testing it, because it’s just glassy by nature and it’s seems impossible to fix it without losing a lot of damage.

By the way, what’s really deceiving is ADCtH, because despite attack speed and high ADCtH build doesn’t leech that much (that’s basically the main reason it’s squishballs). If only Crate made Bloodsong swords have higher pierce (why just 15%?), so pierce/bleed hybrid could be done.

The bane of all melee bleed builds save for shield that is more tanky.

Builds like bleed PB or Valguur have less DoT dmg but excellent life steal

So Russian builder Shoot2033 figured out how to make spec more consistent and reliable, and MercyMaker tested new spec and managed to pull off 4 runs on 3 blessings + 1 banner (he did supercharge Blade Spirits and use Aetherward Oil though).

So, Bleed Trickster is now on the top of the food chain (excluding pet builds).

Damn these Blade Spirit buffs really helped lots of builds shine.

In this case I don’t think they made much of a big difference. Just added quality of life. It’s Prismatic Diamond + second Belgothian Sigil that made this build reliable.

Well, immortality makes it so that supercharging is now possible and Blade spirit is the strongest non-soldier bleed skill before mods going by sheet dot damage/second (for reference, look at your grimtools. 11/16 blade spirit bleed per second is stronger than 26/16 savagery bleed ticks after mods but before weapon damage. How much more would 26/16 do). It is a big help.

edit: CoS is now stronger than blade spirits. It was probably buffed, but it’s still close.

Does well without blade spirits too. As Shoot2033 has shown

Well i know most crucible builds think using consumables is heresy. I used to only use it for wave 163 since it used to be such a snooze wave and aetherward sped things up. Since then i’ve started using it more freely since it’s a purchasable consumable and has no cd. Not like i’m loading up on 10+ craftable and other consumables (or using slithblood or heavens forbid aether clusters) so i think it’s fair game. /end of excuse :o
But for real, at most it would add a few seconds, if even that

That’s almost a minute difference tho. But still great cleartime.

6m10s is a minute difference? Do you guys even read the titles or descriptions when you look at vids :rolleyes: :stuck_out_tongue: