[] Deathmarked Infiltrator - 170 crucible farmer

With the influx of infiltrator/cold melee builds i felt inspired to give it a whirl, and its been sometime since I’ve considered using this classic set from the good old glass cannon blade master days :rolleyes:. Itemization and synergy with inquisitor tree seemed to make more sense with this setup and makes for a more well-rounded build than the previous blade master setups of old, and all the cold conversion being put to good use it actually feels like this set shines much better in the current state of the game.

Current setup: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/aZqK4GM2

(Stats with perma self buffs, Deadly Aim, Lethal Assault and Inquisitor’s Seal)

-Hits like a truck
-Lots of survivability and sustain despite the relatively small health pool(It’s recommended to grab Empyrion’s Guidance in crucible anyway)
-Resists are well overcapped
-Boasts a potential RR shred of -200% :cool:

-still susceptible to ground aoe and shot gunners unexpectedly so reaction at times is needed
-Low health pool
-stun/cc resist aren’t as capped out as id like them to be, but stun resist can be remedied by switching wolverine constellation with empty crown and a point in crossroads, while switching living armor on helmet with leathery hide if desired

Play-style/Crucible strategy:
Most important buffs are Ulo and Empyrion but i like to throw in Amatok for the extra OA and clear speed. As for Play-style, its pretty simple keep buffs/Lethal Assault and Blade Spirit up, and coat mobs with Reaper’s Mark. Stand on Inquisitor’s Seal while dpsing if you notice your health dipping to ground aoe just move out with shadow strike and repeat. During Alex/Reaper combo you wanna focus reaper and just pop Blade Barrier or move out of meteor if its on cool down Reaper is most likely to die before the second meteor comes out if you time it right.

Crucible 150-170: https://youtu.be/1ITNyvdF9PY

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Nice. Aura of conviction is nice as well in crucible with conversion

No SS :frowning: Can’t really blame you since they made it more auto attack oriented. I also tried pierce SS infiltrator&Trickster with auto attack with DM and got kinda same results

Sees Deathmarked…

Deathmarked SS? HYYYYPPE!

No SS… :(:frowning:

Still great build. How does this feel compared to most other autoattack infil setups out there, btw?

Damn nice. Congrats excelsior!
I tried so hard to work with auto-attack witch hunter and reaper, still not able to make it more stable. Infiltrator should be nicer because of the seal.

Damn, I need to level infiltrator fast…

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You can do him trickster too for AA

Yes, but I haven’t tried trickster yet. Really interested in it though because of the rumored malkadarr Korba…

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Well, hard to compete with korba and Belgo in this regard, That is why DM is in a bit of a weird spot atm.

But malkadarr korba video was posted it’s no longer a rumor since long ago afaik

I only saw the one versus madqueen. Haven’t seen the crucible one.

BTW I agree, deathmark set is lack of identity.

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That was the one. Haven’t tried that full dps version. I’ll be doing full set for fun and mix in bleed

Thanks! yeah i didn’t feel SS was the way to go this time around even though its still totally viable and adds huge burst, Aura of Conviction works pretty good i agree and makes better use of the conversion since the RR shred is a little excessive, i just find the damage reduction way too valuable to pass up.

Thanks guys! This would be the first melee infiltrator build i’ve tried my hand at since it was previously running a cold ignaffar setup, but it’s easily the strongest melee character i’ve built since AoM hit.