[] Guardian of Death's Gates - Ritualist Skelletal Master 150-170 in 10 min(no lag)

[i]For a long time I’ve wanted to get into pet builds and after looking into them and testing probably the most i’ve ever had on a build. The result is a build that can fully face tank crucible without running around in circles all the time. Buffs and banners otherwise it’s redundant imo, you go into kite marathon mode and it’s no fun. All of this testing and theory crafting rests on the shoulders Dashiv’s massive work & guides on summons which helped me better understand them.

The trademark of this build is the 2h weapon Guardian of Death’s gate. A brutal weapon that gives 30 flat RR in AoE via BH, great conversion and most importantly makes summoning skellies a pleasure. With Undying Whispers ammy you are looking at 5.4 sec CD 4 skelle at once 12 of them total. With TD you can summon all 12 in 6 seconds. As Ritualist you have the biggest vitality RR and a high dmg pet with Primal spirit ~85% uptime thanks to mods and TD.

Mark of torment modded to last 7.3 seconds and with TD you get two of them with 5 sec down time. More than enough to take out two Nemeses at the start of the fight. Adding to this is RE+ Bat, 20K HP (30K in crucible) means that you can tank and defy crucible with this build and play aggressively. Bysmiel relic is amazing here, overcharging your army at the start of tough waves. Primal instinct is also a solid choice if you don’t lag. For me 5 more pets means even more lag in there.[/i]

[v1.0.6.1]Video 150-170 Gladiator : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDHeqJdCPC4 (12:20 min with even worse lag than usual as petmancer with large army but for you 10 minutes) - Cause of the Lag, Nemeses had a total AI meltdown at 170. Fortunately 160 went ok and shows the build in proper action. This doesn’t happen when I don’t record


All procs up. It is fine tuned to have Legion at lvl 20 and lvl 26 skellies with Hard capped Primal spirit but if you don’t lag like me you can settle for 11 skellies and cheaper gear like Barrowholm summoner chest.




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Superfluff doing pet builds? What timeline is this?

(Not Druid)

Shit build :mad:

Good one, whatever happened to that Druid of yours?
Is PS better than RS?

Fluff? Pets? Is this real? :rolleyes:

Seriously it’s nice to see you move to an entirely different archetype. Even though I never plan to play any pet builds, this is great for those who do. Great job! You’re still missing one crucial part before we can call this a real pet build, though: a master’s thesis on how this works. Or maybe I commented too early :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw, what made you hold back on posting the beastcaller build you had in your youtube? I though that was gonna be first.

Thanks guys.

I love my druid and was good training wheels in summoner world. But this guy is just so much easier once you get used to it. You know you win no matter what and you can face tank (i can’t stress how much I wanted a summoner that doesn’t run in circles all the time at 150+). If you don’t lag You can use instinct and 2x wraith getting up to 25-26 pets. Also damage is allways good an linear. Does not depend on stuff like Sovereign unless you play Bysmiel like I did.

And again, the survivability with 30K hp Re+bat and 2x 7 sec MoT is insane

@Chthon - PS is supreme pet. But anyone with no lag should RS lvl 17 and get 2x with TD. I do it in campaign. I mention this in the unfinished guide

I know everyone has said this already, but fluff and pets?

Slap my ass, and call me nancy. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know too much about the mechanics of pet builds save for the quick read I gave dashiv’s guides ages ago.

Look forward to your explanation!

Well I could quote shiv 50%:smiley:

But I shoul talk about devotions a bit and why I settled for this after interminable testing

just in case i’m misunderstood I just wanted to try a part of GD I never have. And it felt like learning GD again, a feeling long lost and I enjoyed it. It doen’t mean I’ll be doing Summoner only or something like that. And wanted to do it as a final Build until FG hits since it is something that is actually new, to me at least

It’s that additional 50% I’m excited for! I know I’ve said this multiple times before, but I really have learnt a lot from the veterans (korsar, ptir, chthon, x1x1x1x2, mad_lee, etc. etc. etc.)

I dunno how you guys do it, but reading your builds/understanding the crafting logic adds to my own understanding and appreciation for GD.

Yeah it really tested me in crucible. When waves 167-68 hit with freeze I don’t even care any more. I just make sure all pets are Up and RE and fuck it

I’m surprised that you can even pilot a pet build. Especially at crucible 170 level.

Also, your devotion choices demand explanation. Why did you not have any celestial power assigned to any of your pet?

Don’t tell me it was because your PC cannot handle it?

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Cause with so many pets it becomes redundant. Flame torrent is pretty shit on skellies which is why shiv din’t use it as well and explained why. He used Rend which is comfy with CoF, less so with Swarm. But Swarm has way more vit RR at least. Build has 120 RR total

Those nodes go way better in Thyphos 8% crit 6% speed and 10% phys res so good for your 12 skellies

I am answering this based on my exp with pets

> RE + fangs = self heal
RE + Skeletons = Skele heal

So he went with Self heal cause keeping the summoner alive is top priority

> DS + HV. HV has a 100% proc chance, it really doesn’t matter who or what procs it

> Reap Spirit + TD

Best combination due to 100% proc chance giving him an instant reset

> BH + Shepherd

The second best skill behind Reap Spirit to proc Shepherd’s call to guarantee a high proc chance. Since RS procs TD, he went with BH

> Giant’s Blood + MoD

Any aura works here

Damn, thats a sick build. Always been curious to try a build with guardian of death’s gate since i first saw it, but i’ve always found pet builds tricky to optimize for crucible props man.:smiley:

I know all of this. I just found it interesting because usually any pet build want something assigned to the skeles.

Anyway, congrats for the pet build graduation fluff! I have made cabalist version for guardians of death gate + spectral crown + conduit skeles, giving like 2.2 sec CD for skeles. It can farm 150 crucible but using so many green though.

This build give me inspiration to polish mine. Again, congrats, really nice build overall…

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Since DaShiv has been MIA, I’m glad to see a new pet build with incoming guidance. I look forward to your write up.

Yeah I wanted the crown too but for Ritualist Necrolord is too good especially if you want to keep Primal Spirit Relevant for more time. Specral crown is probably BiS for a Guardian Cabalist though.

Looks like some one has just dethroned Night’s king

If you know what I mean


Nah man. In my humble opinion, Dashiv = The 1st GD Ash Ketchum.

His builds may be outdated (if only because of patch updates) but he did pave the way for most, if not all, pet builds.

EDIT: That being said, Fluff never fails to churn out great builds.

But Ash was never the best…