[] Storm Warrior- 2H Vindicator 10 minute crucible 150-170(No Greens)

With the amount of god-tier two handed builds I’ve seen posted since 1.0.6 hit, I had to try my hand at one, when i was done with this build and saw it’s on-paper results i knew it was worth leveling, and the results were satisfying as hell. The setup manages to clear crucible 150-170 consistently with 4 buffs in 9-12 minutes depending on performance and mutators/combos.

Old Setup: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/vNQzqYv2

Current Setup: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/O2Gw5JG2 (tweaked devotion bindings and masteries, dropping storm totem as well for more melee focus, thanks Avyctes and Veretragna! ;))

(Stats with self buffs, max savagery stacks and devotion/mastery procs on target dummy)

Crucible Suggestions:
Pretty straightforward approach to clearing crucible, on wave 159 i like to quickly take out Matriarch or dps/kill Lunal’Valgoth until Eketzul spawns then I kill him asap, ideally before he has time to cast ground shotgun spell. On that note be wary of shotgun casters (Mad Queen and in some cases Zantarin etc.) and ground aoe if you’re dipping a little too much for comfort. Keep in mind that attacking is our main form of health recovery, so if you’re running from a sticky situation and have no Word of Renewal or potion turning around for a few hits can save you, especially with Ghoulish Hunger active. Although not necessary Crucible of the Dead can make things a lot easier for you since you don’t have to move as much for Alex’s meteor and can cheese him under the spawner arches.

150-170 clear(old setup): https://youtu.be/05dVI8cd-ys
Was playing super face roll and brain dead here, better performance can be achieved.

150-170 clear (new setup): https://youtu.be/IFxZpBdkfPI
Sloppy piloting as usual, still works out lmao.

max savagery level is 26 no? uf ur build is based on savagery then u need to upgrade it to level max for the rest of the build well don :smiley:

Is Upheaval really worth it over Storm Totem or Feral Hunger? Also, if you are adding weapon damage to Savagery with a helmet, wouldn’t Eye of the Storm be a better choice? The result (would love to see the video) is impressive, but I don’t understand logic behind some gear choices or is it just Inquisitor mastery being stupidly op again.

Eye of the Storm is a strong (arguably stronger) choice for sure and im gonna have to test it in the future, i went with upheaval because of the constant crits which i feel outshines maxing out storm totem which i also haven’t tested, but i will. What gear choices would you say confuse you? Yes, Inquisitor mastery brings a hell of a lot to the table for this build so i wanted to accommodate that for sure.

Yeah, you guys have a fair point about max savagery, a simple rework would be able to fix that.
https://www.grimtools.com/calc/qNYDaOeZ what i came up with so far, gonna have to test it after i manage to craft Eye of the Storm

I made a version that I would use, it has different skills and devotion bindings: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/bVARnLDZ

  • no storm totem, soft capped it’s just losing you dps because you aren’t swinging that huge axe while you cast them, you need to get these (near) hard capped to make them good

  • moved points from lightning tether to storm box, the -DA is much better than tether (the original point distribution in this skill baffled me to be honest)

  • soft capped steel resolve

  • one pointed upheaval because I don’t believe in this skill without avenger set

  • hard capped tenacity of the boar

  • redid devotion bindings, hand of ultos to savagery, elemental storm to wind devil, hungering void to feral hunger (this may seem weird, it works just fine though and you won’t have to bother with another button push to trigger it), arcane bomb to storm box

Thanks for the input ill try this, but really the storm box skill allocation you found baffling? I always felt the DA shred from it was underwhelming as hell to be honest and the damage of tether was more significant can you elaborate please?

Since you have hard capped savagery, this is your main source of damage. Everything else is just support for it. DA shred helps with this more than you think, and certainly more than a few thousand dps from a support spell. By removing 150 enemy DA you effectively get more and bigger crits, which trust me deals tons more damage through savagery than tether ever could. It also helps with triggering hand of ultos consistently. Finally this is the stacking kind of DA shred, so it’s never wasted.

Hi! Nice Savagery Vindicator, I can say.
But why Feral Hunger is not maxed?
My suggestion is to leave Upheaval and Storm Touched at 12/12 but hardcap the Feral Hunger to 19/12 to hit with additional 118% weapon damage, you’ll receive better damage output.

That seems like a much better way to allocate points, much thanks man!:smiley:
Didnt max out Feral Hunger initially because i sort of half assed the weapon damage optimisation to throw in storm totem lmao, but in the end i guess its a no brainer to go all in with it.

Uploaded clear with new setup.