[][Ranged] Dual-ranged Barrelsmith Commando: 100% Lighnting Grenado/Canister Bomb (Belzzzz)

Dual-ranged Barrelsmith Commando
100% Lighnting Grenado/Canister Bomb

I was so tired of my Beronath S&B Commando and wanted to play something fun instead. I took notice of the changes in the Barrelsmith set quite recently. And to my surprise: 90% fire damage converted to lightning …hum… interesting. And I’ve never played a build with Grenado and Canister Bomb yet . So Barrelsmith Commando it is !


Barrelsmith Set.
100% (almost) conversion to Lightning to Grenado and Canister Bomb.


[b]<<<<<<<< GRIMTOOL LINK >>>>>>>>[/b]

With toggles only (pic. below)


LMB Firestrike
RMB Grenado
K1 Canister Bomb
K2 Thermite Mine
K3 War Cry

Pretty simple gameplay, though Grenado and Canister Bomb can be a bit tricky to use properly. They are really slow projectiles and can be intercepted by another enemy projectile, (edit this isn’t true anymore) resulting in an early and unwanted explosion. Thus, it’s easier to consider them as a mid/close range ability.


A typical path for ranged lightning: Ultos, Arcane Bomb and some RR and attack speed.
Elemental Storm was chosen despite Canister Bomb’s flat RR mod.
Spear of the Heavens could be another sound choice.


Besides Barrlesmith Guns obviously, the Ulzuin Set.
Note on the relic: Eye of the Storm offers better numbers but feels less safe overall.


  • Not green MI dependent.
  • It’s not a Purifier.
  • Fun to play.
  • Well balanced but …
  • No heal nor « oh shit ! » button.


This is my benchmark. If a build can’t kill him, it finishes in my excel doc as « too bad, seemed good but it’s trash » .
This Commando can not facetank all the fight but 2 or 3 dances (to wait for health to comeback) does the trick. Its damage is quite good.


  • Some good MI Pants and Boots.
  • Devotion path.
  • Cutting points in Thermite Mine for Flashbang (?)
  • I wonder if an Elementalist version could work (better) ?
  • Any suggestion is welcomed …


I don’t play it. So tell me how this build feels if you try it there.


This is not Akdong’s Purifier level but I feel this build is promising.
I hope you’ll like it like I do !

Edit #1: Elemental Storm (Rhowan) included; changed Gloves to Cindertouch. Thank you everyone for your precious advice.

Just one thing.

You forgot to put in and hyperlink the actual Grimtools link :stuck_out_tongue:

oops! Thank you :slight_smile: corrected.

Looks like you also forgot an augment in the shoulder slot :wink:
Nice build though!

edit: did you try Eye of the storm? There’s so much lightning in it that i feel it could probably worth some SP and HP loss.

Also, you can still color your hyperlink btw, if you put the color stuff inside it like below :smiley:

<<<<<<<<<<<<< GRIMTOOL LINK >>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Augment added on shoulders (that means I need to remember to check that IG)
  • Thanks for the color tip.
  • Eye of the storm suggestion: I’ll try but -1 all skills will hurt (?).

It seems better on paper indeed. Something like this. I had to trade some RR from Thermite Mine and some OA from fighting Spirit though.

I don’t know about that rr from CB’s mod… :eek: 1) less than half of Storm’s, 2) less than 50% uptime (3s duration on 5.5 cd with CB falling down for 2 seconds or so…)

Also, pretty sure Cindertouch would do a much better job there if you’re not looking for attack speed on gloves.

rr on CB: correct me if I’m mistaken but any flat RR just erase the previous one, right ? Same thing with Agonizing flames ?
Cindertouch: good point indeed. I wanted initially to use BWC/ThM for damage and forgot to check for better options.

The highest ‘reduced rr’ always applies no matter what.

My point was that this mod to Canister Bomb is kinda useless, imo, and I’d still feel like I should take Rhowan’s Crown. I have no idea why devs put it there like that. 3s duration on a 5.5s cd skill? And just 15 reduced? Kinda useless… but it’s just my opinion

Then yes, you’re right, useless mod. Elemental Storm should be picked.

And something that bothers me in CB (and Cadence mainly): why 3 points for the conversion nod ?

Guide updated: Cindertouch gloves added. I tested with and without Eye of the Storm. You get better visible damage but loses QoL: less OA, less life, less stun res., a little less attack speed etc. Mogdrogen feels a lot safer. The build is of course very playable with the Shaman relic.

if and when ultos ammy drops for me in hc i was planning to build an elementalist using 4/5 ultos and savagery variant of this build.

Be sure to let me know if you do. I theorycrafted a little but I couldn’t make it work for the loss of OA/DA from Soldier.

I’m still waiting for that silly amulet to drop ��

Edit : The oa/da gap will sure be filled by tenacity of the boar . The real loss would be all that armor and armor absorption from soldier, along with some res and %phys.

Something like this ?

Barrlesmith Elementalist

i would change something in skills and devotions. I’m too lazy to get into details right now but devotion wise i would change a lot from your setup (my build has to be hc so i would go a more defensive plus i don’t understand some of your choices)

OK, if you play HC I understand. (I can’t because I play on in-home-stream from steam and it has some disconnect issues => unwanted deaths).

My devotion path is max RR and attack speed, then max %OA/DA if possible.

Looking forward to your build.

Any “my build is better than your” tone in my post was not intentional. I just build following my preferences, which are often different from others’ ones.

Don’t worry, your tone was fine and I didn’t understand it like that.
We’re here to share ideas and concepts and I’m always open to new ideas, correction, min-maxing options and endless possibilities in deckbuilding.

That’s why I love this game and the community here. And I’m so hyped for FG and the new items to come :slight_smile: