[] The BoxMan - Allagast's Apostate, Cruci viable [g3][c+][vid]

Hello, guys!
Today I’m going to share my thoughts about Allagast set place.
Main feature of the set - aether Trozan’s shards don’t work. They are very, very, veeeeeeery bad. Literally, the worst build I’ve ever played. Lightning either isn’t going to shine. So, I’ll show, how I see it.



[COLOR=“RoyalBlue”]>>>GRIMTOOLS<<< [/COLOR]
>>>grimtools<<< old version 0 green items

with permabuffs

About build
I don’t know why I’m doing this. I changed helm to Ravager’s because of Clair rework, changed relic, because mogdrogen’s gives nothing, changed pants for barbaros’ for more OA/DA phys res, changed Magi to Phoenix. All to be just more tanky. As in previous versions it have some troubles with damage, now dmg became even lower. It is difficult to manage. 76SR it rarely passes without death. For what? Because I can. :cool:

Main feature of the build is to spawn many stormboxes, which would spawn many Imps. This feature works, even without other devos and Albrecht’s ring it showed ~7.30 in cruci, video with 1st version will be below.
Build is very weak going 1*1, (38 sec Lokarr, 15 sec MQ), it need 2-3 or even more enemies staying close to stack imps, boxes, and to proc fissure.

Can use 2 MoT one by one, if first was used with DA buff.
I’m not sure that works exactly that way, but it lloks like on hard waves with RR MoT reflects dmg very well, so use it on Anasteria, Reapers or Valdaran to melt them down.

In cruci runs I used 3b+1b as usual


crucible naked cruci naked 9.50
SR75-76 SR75-76 full run 14 min
SR75 SR 75 alternative version with Korvaak instead of phoenix

crucible3 runs, problem with last run, MoT malfunctioned on 169 and I almost died
crucible first try without offensive devos procs and Albrecht’s ring
main campaign pay attention to it’s weakness 1*1, I put Kuba first so you can see difference between first form and situation after splitting.

The end
Special thanks to sir spanksalot for idea.
Thanks for your attention and excuse me for mistakes.
Other my builds you can find in russian-speaking comunity compendium. Thanks to Safarel stream discord comunity for support.

Very very interesting build John.
So you choose to utilize the reduced CD from allagast set and leave tether to one pointer. Then cast storm box to each enemy to stack the damage?

Also interesting that you use flame torrent bound to seal for sustain. I’ve tried that and I thought it’s the most horrible thing ever, but now with the increased torrent CD, it should not matter.

Love it John. Congrats!

Nice Allagast build dude!

If I may ask why the Wardstone on the medal?

Thank you!

Unfortunately, I’m not good at game mechanics, and this builds raises many questions for me.
Sir spanksalot showed me build with Allagast and new “Chosen Mask”, which give 0 cd to box. And theoretically, box haven’t limit like tether, and clicking every enemy on the screen could stack almost infinetly, but I don’t sure it have no limit. But it stacks, and spawn a lot of imps,that’s for sure.

About devotions. Tried different configurations, fissure+box, demon+WoP -don’t work. As I did in the build - best combo.

for better res overcap

This is a great build and I was witnessing live how John was working on it - trying out all the possible things and polishing out details.

It’s a bit surprising that set that Crate meant for Aether Mage Hunters was utilized better by Apostates. But it’s a great things for Apostates, to be fair, it’s the the strongest Apostate build so far. It’s also very consistent.

8,5 Ghouls out of 10

I thought so but isn’t 15% vitality res more important than elemental that you got 50% in the least or bleeding that you got 60%? Simple Tainted Heart will also give you some oa and crit which seems to be needed too…

Personally, I think I’d put a Runebound Topaz or another Bloodied Crystal to do something about that 2.7k da (I found I can’t play with da that low anymore in 1.1). I just wanna know why you chose differently.

Beautiful build looks ~perfect, that kupa fight is too good xD Imp is so sexy when it works right, be ready for lightning aetherfire in fg :slight_smile:

My only bone to pick is using mythical tome here. You gain like 15 oa and 20 all damage or something, but gotta put bunch of points into spirit to use it. I’m all for max damage, but it doesn’t add much :stuck_out_tongue:

He tested second Allagast stick and survivability just dipped big time. Casters do need that 19% CDR. And other stats are very solid on this Tome. He even tested that Aether tome iirc (that gives +1 to necro and rr proc) - turned out worse somehow.

Very nicely done. Glad to see that you finally posted it. Was agrivix relic beneficial?

Perhaps I worded that poorly. I just meant he should use the non mythical version :slight_smile: Seems like a pretty free 80 DA or something

Sir spanksalot showed me build with Allagast and new “Chosen Mask”, which give 0 cd to box. And theoretically, box haven’t limit like tether, and clicking every enemy on the screen could stack almost infinetly, but I don’t sure it have no limit. But it stacks, and spawn a lot of imps,that’s for sure.

I just read this and laughed. Just use an autoclicker and move the mouse everywhere. :smiley:

3 enemies Limit and non stackable tether are what makes me given up on allagast mage hunter. Also the non existent of casting speed in the set which is weird because tether scaled on it.

John research on storm box and make it work as apostate is beautifully done. Suddenly only one pointer of tether is all make sense because the set has no casting speed, tether doesn’t stack, and its damage can’t be converted by the transmuter.

This build just make way to more storm box build in future. Really love it.

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Thank you :smiley:

I armor augument gives 20-21 elemental resistances or 12 vitality res (aether res not so critical for me). Wardstone=45 res=2+ auguments, tainted heart=12 res=1augument. More da or crit wouldn’t help, if Moosi one-shot you. For da I invested in Blood Boil.
It is already just a matter of taste, this set and gear brings a lot of problems, and it’s impossible to solve them all :cry:

Energy regen from spirit and myth book is needed.

Agrivix failed and dmg, and survivability(unexpected btw). Impurity showed ~same dmg and worse survivability, so I left Moggy’s relic.

Prepare autoclicker and energy well, because maxed SB costs 115 energy

Another creative and interesting build!Do you think Serenity in FG is going to be BiS for relic,also how is Apostate compare to Mage Hunter?

Yep, I think Serenity would be better. And I think Lightning box Allagast would be better then aether.

I like MadLee’s Panetti magehunter, if you means Allagast using - for aether Apostate will be better, for lightning - Vindi/Puri/Deciever.
I like Arcanist’s utility options, but without dmg it doesn’t work.

I tested lightning Vindicator like two months ago,before the buffs and huge RR and also support damage from procs,storm totem and devils.The box however deals too little damage vs single target and my time was around 9 minutes for 150-170.Also Reaper was pretty tough and without much life steal is hard to survive against AoM nemesis combo.From gameplay perspective charging Savagery just for buffs is not very convenient.

What an out of the box build, man! Seems fun to play too. Cheers!

10/10 Ghouls (if sacred strike rating is out of fashion :rolleyes:).

How “worth” is Fissure proc? You only have 25% or so average fire > aether coversion