[] Max CDR Vire's Might Skater Templar - Cruci Farmer - SR 75-76 Passed

skater templar

If you asked me before FG release what class I would play first I would never answer Templar, but as release came closer I got more excited by what maximized CDR would do on a movement skill so here we are.

The Build

Char sheet with all permanent buffs and Ascension - cause that’s almost permanent in this build.

GRIMTOOLS >> click here

Grimtools (one green) - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/nZoxkkkN - You can’t go greenless with this since the book is a core item just like Vanquisher

As title implies, the build revolves around getting maximum CDR on Vire’s Might. This is mainly done through Vanquisher Set (-0.9s CD) and Zarthuzellan’s Archive (-0.5s CD). Add Star Pact to the mix and you’ll have a total CD of around 0.6-0.7 seconds on Vire’s Might. In practice this is basically zero, due to the delay of your clicks and the travel time of VM.


Basically this (that’s on an older version without judgment but you get the idea):

You just zip in, Cast Judgment for RR (eldritch fire bound), CT for burns/meteor activation, and then zip more with your unli Vire’s might. With Volcanic Stride, you’re stacking a lot of burn and if I’m correct, the fire trails also stack the same way BWC does, so it can do a lot of damage. When there are no enemies, just zip zap zip zap and never walk unless pathing gets dumb (it happens)

One more gameplay video

I got in trouble with the arcane hero but you can see how easy I got away once I couldn’t understand the clutter with 3 nemeses. That superb mobility was really put to use. Anyway, you can notice I can still zip almost as much without star pact but it is still picked for more ascension and mirror.


The gearing shown in the grimtools link is tailored for SR, hence all the greens. If someone wants a more casual setup for campaign or cruci (i.e. no greens except book) I’ll do it later when I’m free.

Core Items:

Vanquisher Set - Don’t ask me why. BTW, this is easy to farm cause each of the roguelikes drop 1 piece of this.
Zarthuzellan’s Archive - Again, don’t ask me why the item. For the affixes, I believe the suffix in the link is BiS, and best prefix would be anything with phys res.
Eternity - Max CDR

Other Items:
Green Sword - Chosen for more Ascension uptime. It’s not an easy item to farm, but there are a lot of alternatives: Herald of Blazing Ends (Great burns and good proc), Ortus (Nice Defensive proc), Warpfire or Flamebrand (RR), or just any generic green sword with good affixes. Look for Fire-related affixes on greens or Earthbound (VM bonus and phys is converted).
Blue Gloves - Justicar can be used but I like the burns more. The HP and armor didn’t make much difference on SR when I tried Justicar.
Rings - Generic fire rings. If you can find something better, do tell me :stuck_out_tongue:
Belt - Chosen for +1 OK and burn duration. If you play self found and don’t have this then use anything that gives fire and caps res.
Medal - Chosen for capping resists while still giving relevant damage bonuses. Star Pact bonus is also nice.
Pants and Boots - Resist capping. I think Featherstep is necessary for realms. The stats on that suffix is just too good for this very mobile build. You can opt for a no green setup but that’s not very realms friendly, I guess.

Skills and Devotions

Pretty self explanatory. 1pt CT only because there’s not enough points. I’d love to max it tho. Devotion setup is the usual fire except I didn’t opt to get more procs due to the lack of activators. And getting more skills for activating devotions means I limit my mobility. Might try bat instead of Fiend if it makes SR runs more consistent.

Shattered Realm - no video cause I didn’t record any.

Shard 75-76 (Pics not the same run cause I forgot to take more pics):



SR runs are pretty easy up to 55+ where you encounter that arena which just doesn’t give you space (thus limiting mobility, which is why you play this build). Once you get to 60 it becomes easier until you reach the 70ish shards where some combos just don’t let you clear the room. Things to watch out for:

Grava (+Reaper): Everyone hates this. You hate Grava more cause he disrupts your skills, limiting your mobility. Reaper alone is kinda easy cause you can zip around him and he gets confused a lot.

Ben + Moose + Kaisan (and sometimes + Valdaran): You’ll think this is a good kiter until you see these guys tagging along together. Control your dashes with these guys around cause they can turn the entire arena into a minefield and we all know no matter how good you are at Minesweeper there’s always that 50/50 that says fuck you.

Maiden: every fire build hates this girl. Nuff said.

Zantarin: Guy’s the easiest boss but be careful when dashing. You might not notice him cause he’s small but the next thing you see is you’re dashing right into the shotgun.

Other than that, build plays like most kiting casters at high shards. Kite kite kite. The advantage of this build is you’re basically batrider. Enemies die when they follow you because Volcanic Stride. And you have 3s of facetanking with mirror. The disadvantage is that dashing a lot causes some problems. The biggest one is that you usually can’t isolate one boss due to the distance you cover. That can be mitigated by practice tho.


Video: Uploading while I’m sleeping

Updated version can now do 6 min cruci (3buffs+banner), but the cleartimes vary depending on mutators, spawns, and if you zip too far away you can go upwards of 7 mins which is still really good for farming. It’s a really safe farming build tho. You’ll only need mirror on nemesis waves and if that’s not enough then kiting is too easy with all the zips.


Thanks to this certain Singaporean named spanks for convincing me to try phoenix. At first the impact didn’t seem noticeable but once I got better at piloting the build the proc also got more useful. Also to Crate for Vanquisher set.


He was a skater boy, she said seeya later boy

Love the guide.

EDIT: Did you ever try annihilation just for the meteor?


And no. Eternity or bust. I remember you suggested Iskandra’s Balance but no. Eternity :stuck_out_tongue:

I know. I just think the meteor is so cool.

I really want to do a thematic build revolving around herald of the blazing ends, herald of the apocalypse, and annihilation on a sorc.

Maybe give myself 100 more skillpoints just for mortars too. coz why not. :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty sure someone did that on AoM when they gave the aether to fire conversion to herald. You can just totally skip BWC tho for mortars :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s quite an original concept. Great build, I like it!

I could…but I then I can’t create Lina.

‘Burn baby, buuuuuurn.’

Hey, this Mythical Flamebrand is the first worth epic weapon in game :cool:

Vroom-vroom :rolleyes:
Nice build!

But Mr.Z, we have to do smth with it

give some points to volcanic stride on different items, pls pls pls

2nd. Mythical Gorefeast. :wink:

Really nice video. :slight_smile:

Did not expect another from the bleed fan :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice one! I am yet to play with the new mastery, but is there no way to cap Vire’s Might? Also, is there no way to use a better weapon?

I still lack the shoulders… do I need to make more Ancient Groove runs or can it drop in cruci/SR ?

I did something kinda similar with this MH: http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?p=705990&posted=1#post705990
Making a Sorcerer with quadruple Deva + Meteors everywhere … yummy!

And will surely try a mix of Vanquisher + 4-Deva with this build in mind (after I’m bored with my Paladin and Sentinel).

I’m glad Vire’s Might is viable as a main ability for endgame content. Both fun and efficient. Thanks for the neat guide @x1x1x1x2.

I just searched “burn damage over” on grimtools and this yielded the best result. I really don’t know why 1h fire weapons had to suck.


And I’d love more points for volcanic stride too. Atm, the items that give it don’t really support this build well.

2h versions cap both VM and CT, here there’s just no way to cap VM while maintaining the stats you need for SR. I really wanna cap Volcanic Stride more instead of VM tho. And there’s no better weapon. 1h fire weapons suck. You can go for that MI which extends Ascension and make it have gg rolls with stash, but you lose RR. Flamebrand is the best all around, but still not impressive compared to what other damage types have.

You need more grove runs :p. Tho I’ve seen Alkamos rings (blue) drop on SR, maybe this can drop there too.

Handguards of Justice (for IT convert to Judgment) was not worth it? I suppose not with so few points invested.

Great job x1x1x1x2! Looks like it definitely has the survival for high SR and crucible. I’m not sure that Star Pact works very much on Vire’s Might cooldown as my Templar I posted below has a 0.7 sec cooldown using Divine Mandate. The crit damage and Fire/Burn % is too helpful, plus the IT is converted to Burn on VM! I do get the use for Star Pact for the CDR on all your other skills/Devotions, so it’s pretty helpful for Crucible/SR.

For my campaign-based VM spam Templar I focused more on Burn damage with over +400% Burn Duration to make those burns last. I capped Volcanic Stride with Mythical Volcanum and I use Serenity for my relic. The heal, +1 to all skills and the +% DA is invaluable. By the way, Warpfire isn’t so bad as the Vanquisher set converts over 50% of the Aether damage to Fire and the burn is great on it.

This build is tough to get a decent DA on it plus the skill can be defeated by a rock or bush or crevice if you aren’t lucky. The animation lock can be a bit frustrating to if you are trying to pop Mirror or Ascension.

All in all, it is very fast and fun. I managed to get super lucky and got the Gem and Serenity blueprint from my first BoC run as well! :smiley:

Here’s the grimtools: HERE

I’m not sure what my Zarth’s Archive is, so I put it blank - just goes to show you don’t need any specific combo to make a good character here. Just thought I would share a campaign version that’s pretty cheap to build (except the boots…).

Judgment is only.picked to activate eldritch fire :p. Also mu survivability didn’t change anything when I tried justicar so I sticked with burns.

Anyway, added cruci video and a video of one chunk at shard 76.

@RxJunkie. Outside high shard SR Divine Mandate is better, but at high shards you want that mirror and ascension as much as possible, which is why star pact and eternity are there. I highly disagree with warpfire tho :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice build!

Templar is my favorite combo right now too, been running a Soulare aether EoR Templar very similar to one I posted in the theorycraft thread and certain things just make this combo very good:

Phoenix + good CDR + Eternity + Ascension = crazy good flat damage absorb with basically 100% uptime. Like a high rank Inquisitor Seal you don’t have to stand inside. Add Maiven’s on top for more % damage absorb.

Judgment is hella good for proccing your RR devotions with lower % proc chances.

Access to CT and/or Devastation for chunky nukes.

Vire’s Might is the best movement skill in the game.

A guerrilla tactics well performed.
Guess you absorb all the knowledge that Korinia has to offer.