[] Max CDR Vire's Might Skater Templar - Cruci Farmer - SR 75-76 Passed


have you tried this weapon https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/12479?

could be a good alternative for non green

still cant decide between warpfire, blazing Ends and cinderscorn.

love this build thanks for sharing

Was the Vire’s might mod added just recently or did I miss it? Cause that’s actually a very solid option. Probably even better than warpfire.

checked all Patch-notes after FG release , no changes to this weap. except they were hidden


First off, thanks a lot for posting this!

This is my first serious character, in FG at least. I had a lvl80’ish Cabalist before FG, but saves got deleted, so got at least some experience. But nothing end-game.

I’ve tried probably 10 different builds up to Logg now, and I feel like this is the perfect starter for getting to farming stuff for alts, cause you just zoom zoom and if you ever take damage you just Mirror and everything melts before it’s done. Plus the set is semi-farmable I guess?

Here’s my journey so far if anyone want some pointers. Definitely would max out everything to do with Vire earlier if I did it again though. So far it’s been a breeze though, everything just melts before hitting me.

ACT1 - Warden killed (lvl16): https://www.grimtools.com/calc/qNY4qEgZ
ACT2 - Up to Ulgrim (lvl27): https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lNkKQe4N
ACT3 - Karroz (lvl36): https://www.grimtools.com/calc/62a1Qek2
ACT4 - Logg (lvl40): https://www.grimtools.com/calc/M2glgaBV
ACT5 - Up to meeting Ulgrim outside Sewers (lvl47): https://www.grimtools.com/calc/1NX4wrON
ACT6 - AoM done (lvl51): https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4NOkL3eN
ACT7 (or 8?) All of Forgotten Gods anyways (lvl54): https://www.grimtools.com/calc/qNY4p3BZ

Then I went to Elite, and just rushed through everything up to Logg and killed him no problems. I’d say Elite was easier than Normal almost up to that point.

I decided after killing Elite Logg, to just try Ultimate, and it’s actually no problem to farm the early parts there. Just not sure if it’s worth? I rushed through Act 1 and killed Ultimate Warden. A couple of big monsters (Warden included) hit me for 70% of my HP, but with Mirror and the crazy burn damage I managed to get through it all without dying.

My character right now is: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/dVblGrON

So, to my questions. If anyone would be so kind to help.

  • First off, should I just continue in Ultimate? It seems easy enough, and well, purples are fun. Or is it better to go back to Elite?
  • Seeing as I have no end-game gear at all. What should I focus on now? Reputations are mostly Honored. I’ve bought the things that increase the gain.
  • I guess I need to be higher level to start farming any of the end-game gear pieces, so I was considering farming Malm rep. to max to get the exp-potions. But is there anywhere outside AoM content you can farm Malm rep.? I guess I could go back to Elite and just finish off that.
  • Any easy improvements you can see that would instantly help me (my only short term gear goal is upgrading the Off-hand in SoT)? If I’m going back to Elite I feel like I’m practically immortal though, so not sure it’s worth focusing on anything in particular (other than leveling) atm.


First of all I can’t give you any advice on levelling a VM build since I leveled this as arcanist before FG was even released. My only experience in VM is only endgame. Still I advice you to continue onto ultimate since there’s no use having it easy. Makes the game kinda boring. First priority should be to get to level 94 sp you can use anything good you find. You can probably figure out the other stuff by yourself, if trial and error is fun for you. If it isn’t then there are probably other people who love levelling that can help you here.

Ok, thanks!

Decided to go back to Elite and finish AoM. Got me max rep. with Malm without farming (just finishing quests). Then back to elite. Swapped some stuff around and managed to max most resists, and I just killed Logg there to with this: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/d2jlzklZ - not very amazing gear imo.

Died 2 times - once to a white Hulk, just stunned me and 2 shot me :rolleyes: And once to the boss right before Logg (got a bit to confident with Mirror down).

I’d recommend this as a starter (at least on SC). VM is absolutely brilliant for leveling imo. Coupled with a second movement like Vanish from FG vendors you can just fly through the campaign and the damage is crazy good. And even with terrible gear (like I have) you can start farming Ultimate for purples. Sadly the game seem to want me to play a vit-caster or pierce melee something, looking at the drops so far. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again!

how hard is it to get the right offhand book 2 drop?

@insaneredeye1 I haven’t had trouble with getting it to drop. It’s sort of a long walk to get to him, but I got one after a few tries. Getting one with great prefix/suffix will obviously take much longer. Grim Internals has a nifty option to teleport to the Skeleton Key parts of roguelike dungeons for a few thousand iron. Simply teleporting in, killing him and restarting (or running the roguelike and then restarting) speeds up the process greatly while still feeling mostly genuine :wink:

Edit: Droprate is around 15%

no its 34% for the base item, then you need good rolls on it.

Any general thoughts on a new player at level 55 with a pure Oathkeeper having fun skating around trying to choose a 2nd Class?

This build is a Tempest, but there are two others I found:

This one is a Shieldbreaker and the other is a sentinel?

This build is a Templar

You need to farm the Vanquisher set anyway, my shieldbreaker guide explains in detail how to do that. The Sentinel you linked to, that dude said he used my sentinel guide to farm the set with acid damage aegis build. Shieldbreaker is more flexible class than sentinel, when it comes to number of possible high-end end game builds. At least in this patch.

Any idea on the breakdown between the shieldbreaker and the templar then?

Seems like its Maiven’s vs Blast Shield?

Shieldbreaker has resistance reductions that works on bosses (olexra do not) and damage reduction on BWC. Templer can get some more cc resists and % damage absorption.

There’s a lot more on the skill trees of both classes than just maiven and blast shield. With vanquisher set considered… Well just look at the set.

Is this build still viable for current patch?

Define viable? I haven’t played this build since idk what patch it was so.

Viable or not, using Vire actively is lots of fun. I started using Vire + Volcanic on lots of builds for proccing dmg devos. Good stuff.

Yeah that’s the most important part of this build.

i know that this with required a lot of modifications on the devotions but i was wondering if using imp on vires might will be better in terms of dmg. notice the global conversion on vanquisher set.

Maybe. Maybe not. It needs testing. I personally only put imp on spells that hit super fast like storm box or drain essence.