[] ZAP CANNONS! - Lightning Mortar Trap Purifier - 6:10 150-170 4b/b

No offense to birb lovers

This is the product of feedback from the people who were in this thread as well as some who provided tips on PMs. Thanks to all of you guys. I had this idea of using lightning themed mortars and damn it’s a really good concept without being a braindead build. Posted this before patch cause the only change I saw related to this build is a 3% nerf to censure RR and that’s minimal. Gd has also been crashing a bit frequently as of recent times, tho I’m not yet sure if it’s GrimInternals or GD itself.


The Build

Char sheet with all permanent buffs and Word of Renewal

Grimtools >> Click Here

Some things to note in the build:

100% Phys to Lightning on Mortar Trap - The keystone of the build, found on the mask. I think it’s obvious why this is here.
No The Big One - TBO is a DPS loss. overall damage is lower than base mortar and I don’t think the conversion applies here.
Gloves, Amulet, Offhand - to get max number of mortars. We can’t get 7 mortars as in a fire build since the head slot is already occupied. If you just wanna play campaign then Codex of Eternal Storms might be better since you won’t need 6 mortars most of the time. For cruci even a mediocre Terrnox’s Arcane Tome is better than any other offhand.
Capped Vindictive Flame - Credits to feelgodstoya and his (or her? the only stoya I know whose face I’ve seen is a she :p) Fire Mortars build. This is to increase regen. From 1 pointer to maxed, the regen increases by 200 per second in this build which is valuable.
Giant’s Blood - Credits to ya_, Honestly the whole devotion path is his suggestion. I used to have it more offensive with panther and stuff but 1k regen with Giant’s Blood up (half the time) is very helpful for consistency.
Maxed BWC - Credits to Cmak414. Helps a lot when holding ground. Not much to say about this.
No Flashbang - I’d take it if I can but it’s too much piano already and it would only make my runs less consistent.
Chest and Shoulders - Picked for phys res. No Fateweaver’s Mantle cause I hate that item. It’s almost universal on non-set casters :stuck_out_tongue:
No Fire>Lightning conversion - No cindertouch cause gloves is core. No Dawnshard Chest cause it felt like it made my runs less consistent. I haven’t tried Barrelsmith but it looks like you lose a lot of stats just for conversion.
Non-myth medal - Make sure you use non-mythical :stuck_out_tongue:


6:27 cruci video including preplanting mortars. 6:10 is the run from pressing go on Lokarr


You basically just stand there, move around the seal a bit while spreading RR, new mortars and new seals so your safe area gets bigger. Even on nemesis waves you can just stand at mid unless there’s Alex since you’re forced to dodge meteors. Double Alex is so annoying since you’re forced to use the arches for cover which greatly reduces mortar DPS.

Note for 169: Dravis is very dangerous, especially if he’s with Korvaak. His RE has built in RR and it can oneshot you even through seal if Blast shield isn’t up. Make sure to focus him first if you spot him. The problem with focusing Dravis is that Korvaak might survive till 170 and that’s a big problem. This isn’t a problem with Theodin cause he’s so squishy and dies with splash damage.

Another note for 162 Mad Queen: Use the arches for cover so you don’t worry about her PMS like in this video:


So which is better, lightning or fire?

Imo, minmaxed fire is better for cruci because 7 mortars and you have a lot less piano since you’re not forced to take box for RR. It can be brainless tho. Lightning is much more exciting to play for me.

In campaign they’re pretty much equal since you won’t need that much damage and the extra mortars there.

Realms? - No I find realms boring nowadays.


Thanks to Cmak414, ya_, feelgodstoya, spanks, and all the people in my previous thread for all the feedback. Thanks for reading!!

ayos bro


But, actually, credits should go to feelgodstoya. I copied the idea from him/her(/them?). If it wasn’t for his fire mortar build, I’d still be laughing off Behemoth and getting pissed at Bat not proccing fast enough.

Anyway, health regen is back. It’s not as pricey as it used to be, and you don’t have to sacrifice too much to get a decent amount. Vindictive Flame on Mortars is much better than forcing some weird Firestrike hybrids just for the sustain.

BTW, have you tried Fateweaver chest? Also, Ulzuin Wrath seems cheap for 1p for extra sustain.


is a bitch for this because he might stop under the arch. And against bunkered enemies then you’re as impotent as Alex. At least this was the case in AoM.

Wait, so health Regen can finally compete to ADCTH now?? Can someone explain to me how much Regen worth to stack?

This will change how I theorycraft on some masteries a lot…

I have no idea how mortar trap build should work. BRB, proceed to read the threads and GT in detail.

BTW, agree on Dravis being dangerous. Wave 169 become more dangerous then ever if he comes.

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Did they fixed -%health regen dubuffs? I tested 4.5k health regen druid recently, and regen dropped to near-zero against sertain combos, so I trashed it.

Lightning is much more exciting to play for me.

Dare I say…electrifying even?

I wouldn’t say compete. But stoya did naked crucible with it (and one Reign of F&I proc) as his only sustain. So it works. But…

…this is a good question. So, I’d say you shouldn’t be putting all your eggs in one basket. Stacking health regen to crazy 4.5k means you probably can’t afford much else. So, some regen, some Bat, some built-in adcth procs like RoF&I and Ulzuin Wrath is the best deal for casters, imo.

It’s not that you rely on regen for defense. This build has bat, ghoul, maxed BWC, censure, blast shield. Before I went with the regen route the build still had more or less the same defense, just less consistent. If reaper hits and you only have a sliver of life left, that 1k regen means so much when waiting for potion cooldown to reset.

Stoya also had soldier levels of armor and phys res, so it’s not like he needed all the sustain in the world.

Have I mentioned, IRL I have a phobia of electricity?

Looks good - you should note that the loss of a mortar and fire conversion is partially offset by having more -rr with a lightning build than fire (-35%?).

Also, yes, HP regen does work for a mortar trap build, my fire mortar build has 4.5K hp regen and can do 85+ SR. I’d suspect this build can at least farm 75-76. I’ll respec my fire trapper and try lightning to test it out. You can probably even use almost the same same devotions from my fire build to make a lightning build - just switch witchblade for widdow and you may able to do very high SR. The main thing you lose is your devotion procs, most all else can be the same. But to be honest, the devotion procs do much less damage than your mortar traps, so to me it is well worth to drop to get the extra 3K hp regen and multiple %hp proc heals. Also - i just use 1 pt vindicative flame for hp regen build, i dont think +200 flat regn is worth 16 skill points. You can get more worth from a single 40% hp regen devotion node vs +200 flat regn when you are at high lvls of regen.

Also, a quick tip, you can have andreos and a trash/spare arcane tomb on your switch and just prelay mortars very fast and switch back to your main.

HP Regen Lightinig - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2M5vaW2 (no item changes, just devotion changes, a couple augments for change in resists)

HP Regen Lightinig - Spear of heavens instead - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/O2GXyOnV

HP Regen Lighting - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/qNYxwXJZ (A couple item changes to include tinker belt (which is gg regen belt - doubles HP regen to insane amounts). sry i had to include 1 green item to work. Has to have at least commando/elementalist prefix to work. Second mod can be anything. This item is pretty easy to farm though.)

Just noticed this. Already answered in the OP tho.

This is why I hate realms. You’re forced to go too defensive :stuck_out_tongue: Great tips tho, Maybe Spear + Tree is better? Because it’s an easier route with all the blues.

Also, a quick tip, you can have andreos and a trash/spare arcane tomb on your switch and just prelay mortars very fast and switch back to your main.

Never realized this. Thanks for the tip!

Yeah thats a good idea. Can do spear of heavens instead. I edited my above post to include the devotion setup. I had originally chosen hand of ultos for the -rr on the proc. You do however get more OA with spear.

I went dawnshard+barrelsmith, but I’m a sucker for conversion :smiley: This looks quite nice too

Dig the inclusion of bwc I may have to copy that. Devotion route is quite nice

cool build mate, glad its working perfect on the field.

Awesome build. Never got around to a dedicated mortar build. It’s glorious

Thanks guys!

@Tomodak - Rune of elgoloth just has so much stats and RR and that evens out the conversion I think :stuck_out_tongue:

That damage tho! So is TBO bad for fire Mortars as well?

Great build, mate! That Aether overcap is almost non-existant tho, 169 can get dicey with that. You can take last nod in Ultos to get 16% more Aether overcap.
Also, 1 point in Ulzuin’s Wrath actually adds some okay-ish healing (worth 1 point investment).

From stoya’s testing it feels like mods don’t affect TBO, so yeah it’s bad. And Ultos last node is chaos res, not aether :p. Full aetherial spawn is the lucky spawn anyway. They all drop like flies. The bad spawn is dravis + korvaak because they still drop like flies but korvaak respawn animation takes too long and it carries over to 170. Korvaak 2nd form is a lot more dangerous than any nemesis, imo.

Not sure if you are trolling but you have quite a few Coven’s 8% Pierce/8% Chaos augemnts on your gear. If you take Ultos’ last nod you can change them to Aether ones and get at least 16-20% overcap.

Probably just an oversight.

.also this helm mortar trap mod slipped past me… Never saw it added or I would have given it a shot

I am confused as hell what to do with my purifier. Shall I turn her into a mortar maniac or wait for the canister driven Ulzuin set?:undecided: