[] Mortar Trap/Storm Box of Elgoloth Lightning Purifier

(with Deadly Aim)

GT: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/qNY54lWN (crafted with slow res)
Crucible 3+1 4:54: https://youtu.be/yuHzcCeheSw

For more tankiness: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/d2j3lEnV

Comments: Big nerfs to both Box and Mortars but we survive. In all actuality, this setup might be a tiny bit stronger than the last one - and I was very close to proving that (died last second). However, the lack of conduit is a big hit. Conduits provide unparalleled defensive benefits (res). No more easy SR 80, 75 should be fine.

[] Mortar Trap/Storm Box of Elgoloth Lightning Purifier

First, shoutout to @Nery whose recent build was a big inspiration (meaning I ripped it). Also, @x1x1x1x2 who already made a similar build few patches ago.

Without further ado:

(with Deadly Aim for those who say
that sorcerers have more oa)

GT: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/m23q6W9Z (crafted with slow res/physique)
Cru 3+1 4:44: https://youtu.be/T41Wupnnt6g (average 5:30-6:00 - very high variance with mortars due to aggro bugs)
SR: All builds can do SR75 but here is a nice vid with failed aggro abuse! Here’s 80 with full aggro abuse. Can’t go much further.

Q: Does it survive?
A: Yes. For as long as it doesn’t die.

Q: Non-mythical medal?
A: Yes. No bad conversion.

Q: Heavy armor chest? Not better to wear some Pyran or Fateviewer and do more spirit dump?
A: No.

Q: How does it compare to Pyran shieldbreaker?
A: Better on all accounts.

Q: How’s the energy?
A: Bad.

Q: What about nerfs?
A: :no_mouth:

Q: Would you say it’s the best Mortar build so far?
A: No. Because it’s not a Mortar build. It’s a Mortar/Box build. Never forget. :crate:
Serious A: Dunno about “best” but afaik it’s the fastest. Pyran was overnerfed and can only achieve similar times after stripping all defense. This has less problems with survival. Lightning devo route for demo offers better things than fire. But also it’s a fantasy g5. Pyran rolls purple and true.
As for sorc vs puri, Nery only posted 3+4 runs so hard to compare. This should be faster but the sorc is must be way more QoL.



So mortars don’t have conversion FX :frowning:

Last time I played lightning mortars was before the FX patch.

They don’t. Shame. Feels like Pyran with a Box.

So you want Storm Box and Mortars and Lightning Damage basically deleted from this game? I think you are on the right path so far :joy:

EDIT: Also you went back in time to post a build for patch! That’s not gonna fool :zantai::zantai::zantai:

Que sera sera. Next round of nerfs to Mortars was coming anyway, I think.

Lol thx fixed

Good God, man!

Put this fashion dawn travesty out of it’s misery!


It’s like she got ready for the night out sans make up

No amount of make up will ever save that thing.

That’s super crazy fucking fast. Dammit ya, only posted sub 5 minutes build now.

PS: I hope mortar is the one who will get nerfed… :kissing_heart:

Thx. Could’ve pumped it up a little with Wyrmscales or Tempest SG of Kings/Arcane Winds but this is actually pretty solid so I left it like this. Also tried Stormbearers but trap res from Grey Magi rules.

I also tried 2pc Pyran for hardcap on Mortars but this conversion from Dawnshard chest is very noticeable.

OK, that thing is absolutely crazy! It’s definitely way faster than Sorc and Box is nice secondary skill and good procer.

As you said though Arcanist provides QoL and no energy problems. But still Purifier is the best class.

This will surely be nerfed but dont care as long as it gets a proper lightning fx. How can artist not notice this?

Or maybe grim budget is grim :rofl:

Mortars and Box, eh?

I have a feeling box might take a hit in upcoming patch, as well as Mortars.

Patch came out 3 hrs before you posted :rofl: no need to hope.

Updated for and almost beat the record.

Nice time!

I think that found which build to update first. Hint-it’s my lightning mortars sorceress :smile:

It’s not really a brain twister. There’s only one amulet worthy of consideration - Halakor - and it’s damn strong, too. Problem is can’t get 24 in Mortars without the +1 from Conduit, and defense goes to shit, too. The former is fixable by Beronath belt (useless for you lol).

I am GD stasher, so can fix resistances hole pretty easy. Ofc will sacrifice +1 Demo and max resistances. But will gain extra spirit and crit to Mortars.

Actually because of the belt+number of resistances Inquisitor ease the pain of the lost conduit. Sorc lacks on resistances. But is very sturdy and have no energy problems.

EDIT: Serenity solves all of my problems. Time will be slower but meh.

Anyway, the conduit change is imo one of the biggest blunders by Crate as of late. I researched all possible - to my knowledge - options. Even some exotic meme 6-Mortar setups with Mask of Infernal Truth don’t need it. But can’t deny the aesthetic value of how it’s IN LINE with Devil and Totem conduits! :upside_down_face:

Right. Especially the problem of NOT BEING A PUSSY! :wink::rofl:

I don’t need Serenity for the proc actually. I need it to not lose mortar at 24 points and to not use another green like boots for resistances. I also could use Demo relic+green boots. But then will not be pussy but GD stashing rat. Anyway I have options. Build will return strong!