[] The Speed of light! 6 Mortar Traps Sorceress *5:25 on average

  • My lightning Sorceress, actually no but nice art. And she’s fast like the speed of the light!



So some builders tried to place 4x level storm beacons in Crucible and that lead to decrease of time. For some build is noticable, while builds with low OA for example are way better to stick with Vanguard banner. But I wanted to try build specifically aimed to utilize fully these beacons. So here it is, lightning Mortar Sorc.

So credit to @sir_spanksalot for suggesting beacons and @x1x1x1x2 for his lightning mortars Purifier.


  • permanent buffs only, DPS for Chain Lightning.
  • note craft everything with physique.
  • also forgot to put component in pants, use ancient armor.

GRIM TOOLS - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4VxlWylV


Idea is to have few defensive layers, that allow you to stand in the middle and hold your ground, then to splash everything with that monster AoE.


No sets or set parts here. Few items have bonuses to mortar traps, so there are must. Pants it’s close between this and Harmony. But Stormcage allows me to hardcap Heavy ordinance, which should reaps benefits. Chest is covering resistances, shoulders for damage reduction proc, relic is combining well with Star pact and big CDR. Boots for spirit. Just everything in sync with my ideas.

Note that affixes on the off hand are unrealistic. Sandstorm affix is the one that’s important.


Decided to skip Spear, since it’s not very useful here and I need more defensive procs. Also beacons provide flat RR, no need in Crucible for RR proc. Decided to use Tempest here. Isn’t great constellation but here fits like a glove. Almost as 7th mortar.


6 mortars, chain lightning as spamming skill, Ultos+Tempest devotion procs. Also decent OA and crit damage. Everything is boosted by high spirit numbers and low CD.


Like most casters, multiple small layers of protection leading to overall safe build. Actually Sorcs are on the glassier side of builds, so I need these layers.

Bat on BwC ticks, Ghoul, big health regen+Giant’s Blood. Also some WD from Chain lightning, which can steal life. Damage reduction from shoulders and physical from BWC, mirror and null. Also damage absorb from maiven+some extra on CD from Blast shield, also Phoenix proc and prismatic diamond. Every form of defense is boosted by big CDR.

Note, if you find DA too low, put back some points in physique.


In this new way of playing Crucible fielding 4x level 1 beacons and 3 buffs, it’s faster for this build. Tribute cost is also cheaper by 5 than level 3 vanguard banner. So no reason for now not to buy these beacons. Time with them vary a lot of course, so I am writing 5:25 on average, bad mutators can push your time to almost 6. Here’s my fastest recorded video, crazy time of 4:56!


Impressive work Nery! I think the DA police are going to be coming to your door though.



By the way your builds usually have lower DA :smile:
Hopefully Inspector Lee will not bust me.


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Great build nery! I had experimented with a lighting trap purifier, but I never got it to where I wanted it to be.

Side note, where is the lightning mortar FX? :angry::angry:

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@nery go non myth medal


No conversion, no FX party :smile:

@x1x1x1x2 non mythical proc damage looks nice but CD is too long. I never try it if it’s worth it :thinking:

no the main reason is to do more lightning damage… using non-mythical nets like 150 base flat lightning. You are currently only converting 66.6% physical to lightning and 33.3% to fire. Which is almost double what the skill mod offers in terms of flat, and it is your primary damage type. :smiley:

Maybe you are right. I didn’t want to lose physical to fire conversion. Actually fire is still playing big part in my damage. Good thing that mines RR still support both damage types, weapon too.

The biggest loss is not in dps, but in the FX. Going non myth means no phys to fire conversion and you’ll have lightning mortars fx.

i did the napkin math… should net about ~2k damage base per shot after damage % increase by going non mythical

Damn, just noticed that. Actually damage might be higher with myth medal but I have never seen before lightning FX. Saying lightning mortars and showing fire is sad! :cry:

It for sure will be higher… besides doing more damage in general (2k per shot), it will be nearly 5k more lightning damage per shot. You have 43% more lighting rr than fire. Plus you get the proc you can leech life from :smiley:

So doing 5 minutes runs with massive blunder :blush:

I am tired of running specs now, but maybe some day will test it. After giving this one thought, you guys are correct.

I like that you put a pic of a graceful fighter but in game you pound armies with artillery :smiley:

I also like the build :stuck_out_tongue:

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You rarely comment on builds, so I take this banter too. Yup, the heavy artillery isn’t that gentle :smile:


Zantai: That’s it, I am removing Lightning damage and Mortars from the game

sick build and sick results, why Ancient Armor tho? Just for that extra tiny bit of DA?

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Ancient armor is for that, yes. 8% absorb on low armor build doesn’t make much difference. Also I have good phsical resistance.

Also using scaled hide on your leg armor will net more effective armor… although you lose a small amount of da, it probably would be worth it to pull some of the spirit dump to physique.

I also would be tempted to see if cdr’d vindictive/ulzuins would be enough to pull this maxed dps version out https://www.grimtools.com/calc/D2pbDOLZ

Why not?

What if Ulzuin’s chosen affects Mortar as well? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Zantai: Nery, that’s enough!

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