[] Princess Octavia

[] Octavius AoM/Fw Internal Trauma Warlord

(with Justicar proc and Ascension)

GT: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/m23ddL7V


[] Octavius Aegis of Menhir/Forcewave Internat Trauma Warlord

This is a continuation of [] KING OCTAVIUS (everything++). I decided to make a new one because Octavius is one of the builds that was hit the hardest in and it’s basically a different build now.


And imo it’s in a very good place now. It’s a proper S&B tank that does pay the price in dmg. However, what Crate might not have taken into consideration is that halving Octavius’ damage also affects its tankiness. And to a great extent. Despite not being a classic autoattacker, this build uses adcth for sustain and the previous 7% is just not enough with the new dmg values.

There were 2 ways to deal with it: a) increase adcth at the cost of shield stats and/or increase dmg at the cost of tankiness, or b) leave adcth as is and increase tankiness. For the longest time I tried option a). I tried maxing Laceration, putting Seal of Blades on the shield, dropping all shield stats to minimum, using only offensive augments, etc. But I failed. Octavius became squishy and the dmg still could not compete with other builds at the same level of tankiness. Only option b) remained and that required a completely new devotion setup.

NOTE: I did not explore the new Dryad due to lack of time and this might be another option increase survivability of S&B phys builds.

S&B in

With nerfs to Overguard and Shield Training shield stats seem overpriced now. If it wasn’t for two very important procs on block - Stone Form and Targo’s Hammers - I would have probably dropped Overguard and Shield Training to one point. It is quite possible that this is the way to go with S&B now. I’d love to hear what some other players have to say about this.


Unfortunately, the era of one Octavius setup being able to do everything
at top-tier level is over. I was forced to make two different setups - one for crucible and one for SR. Both setups work in crucible and SR but the difference in performance is notable.

The culprit is oa. Phys and pierce builds cannot allow themselves to compromise on oa because Assassin’s Mark - one of their main sources of rr - procs on crit. The easy way around it is Open/Closed rings. But they don’t always work well in SR because they proc on kill. Lack of easy source of oa from Open/Closed rings in turn affects the choice of exclusive - Oleron or Mandate - and a couple other things.

UPDATED SETUP: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/8NK7A9JN

Crucible setup and 7:10 4b/VB CoD run

SR setup and No aggro abuse SR 75 run with Grava


I haven’t had enough time to try and test everything. If your build is better than this please feel free to comment and share your gt and vids and I will gladly put it in op.



Hello darkness my old friend.

Tanks for improving this build. I haven´t got so many chars to choose from and so my princess is still able to farm items in SR.

Yeah compared to the prenerf it seems stone cold dead. But I don’t think S&B should have more damage than this.

It’s just a shame that 100% recovery now requires Overguard transmuter.

So,that’s new face of Octavius Warlord,it looks human,not overpowered,but not dead either.Btw you probably named your char Octaviana and not Octavia,cause you don’t want your heroine to have same name as car:D

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Thanks for the rework. I’m still playing the original build in campaign & she’s fine so far in vanilla Ultimate game(just got to the Grove–we’ll see. :wink: ) I can feel the nerfs tho; the build is def not as rock solid, so if and when it gets crazy or I decide to try the higher shards, I will be revamping and this will really help.

The original setup is also ok for main game. For shards and naked crucible, though, you gotta tank up a little so I had to drop Vire. Oleron belt was nerfed so now the build can’t afford Doom relic.

Thanks for the update Ya!

Im still following this build since im at lvl 65 now, im gonna push through :slight_smile:
Looking forward to furthering updates on this build :smiley:

Since I already have a lvl 100 warlord, I thought about trying sth different. A trauma commando. What do you guys think about this? Any corrections? Wherever I don’t use mythical versions is because I don’t have them.


Yeah, three things so far. Can’t see everything, like augments, on my browser at the moment.

  1. Wouldn’t completing Assassin devotion save you some points for better devotions?

  2. You didn’t assign all the procs. You might run out of active skills to proc all that stuff efficiently

  3. Seal of Blades on the shield. I used it sometimes on a warlord. But warlord also has Aegis with off-hand damage. Forcewave alone won’t give you much sustain from that Seal of Blades.

  4. Do some cunning dump. Your da is high. Health is kinda low but oa is even lower, cunning gives some health now, and there’s no such thing as too much %dmg.

Thank you very much for your answer Ya. Advice especially from experienced players is always very welcome.

1)I tried that, but even with that point, my pathing wouldn’t change anyway.

2)I just forgot to assign them. Plenty of skills to use so np.

3)You are right about that. The seals just need swapping on the weapon and shield.

4)Keep in mind that with the Flashbang debuff my OA is effectively 2928. Not terrific ofc, but not that bad either. I tried to dump some cunning, but as you stated, health is already kinda low, dropping under 13k puts you in the danger zone imo.

My whole issue is no matter what I try, just replacing demo with OK makes the character better in every way even after the nerfs. Oh well :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey just wanted to say thanks for this fun build. Wish I could of tried it before nerfs but if I can kill Korvak while drunk it must be pretty good, thanks.

builds is just okay, Korvaak is just awatered down final boss by Crate :smiling_imp:

watered down how? curious

I haven’t updated it for a while. Warborn mace and Spellscourge amulet is better than Pummeler and Eye of Beronath. Pummeler was overnerfed.

because he is no longer at full power just like loggy the tentacle… any decent build could kill him, even when half asleep :smiling_imp:

Well, endgame builds are… endgame. They got nothing to do in main game. Except Celestials. And Korvie-boy is a Celestial only in name.

There, build updated.

awesome, thank you!