[] Bleeding Conjurer - I hit´em with an axe (SR 75; updated to

…which actually is a sword. :wink:

This is the next episode on my ongoing quest to make different Bleeding Builds. When starting this build, I really wanted to make a build around Mythical Guillotine because I like that weapon but then (thanks to inspiration from Saw and Shoot2033) I found “Rancor” and it fits nearly perfectly.

“Why Conjurer? And no pets?”

Wait and see. Sorry Maya, no birbs for you in this thread. :upside_down_face:

When she left the Black Legion, all she wanted was to live a quiet life outside this little hamlet. No more fighting, just the nature and silence of these woods.

I didn´t take long till the first whispers came. “Witch” they called her. Not openly, because everybody was afraid she could hex them. She didn´t mind and helped the few women and men who asked her kindly for help because she knew something of the and about healing.

And then the Grim Dawn came. She could have followed the call of her sister to the coven in Ugdenbog. But she had different plans; she opened the weathered chest and took her old armor and sword.

Let´s make Cairn a better world with killing the invaders…or die trying.

Grimtools: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/w264YJxZ
Alternative: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/mN44nQlN (recommended for Shards 50+, thanks Shoot2033)

• 51 % Physical Resistance and 17 % Damage Absorption
• 150 RR
• Crowd Control against nearly everything
• 400 OA and 70 DA Shred
• Healing with Blood of Dreeg and ADctH (nearly everything converted to Pierce thanks to Rancor.)

• Quite Energy consuming
• Don´t forget about Blood of Dreeg or you will die very fast even to some meager Rift Scourge. :rolleyes:

Old Stuff

Rancor is fantastic and fits perfectly. This is a really lazy build, you just press the debuff buttons and hit everything with Savagery. I even played it without “Wendigo Totem” because I didn´t have maxed skill points (not finished quests/SR yet).

I would rate this build “cr-” and “sr-” at the moment. I haven´t played SR with it because Warden Krieg still lives, but I finished Crucible 150 (4 buffs) without any greater problems. And if I, who never plays Crucible, can do this, then I think SR 50 should be no problem. We will see; I will update this build if things go differently.
Update: Definitely “cr”. No, didn´t finish it, because of dying to 2 Aleksander in Wave 170 (double meteors…), but any decent pilot will do it.
Update2: “SR”. I would always put in Wendigo Totem in the rotation, it was harder than I thought. Some combinations are really nasty; my new “Nemesis” is Mad Queen!

There a few things at which I am undecided on or where you can choose. As you can see, there are 2 open devotion points. You can put them where you want, e .g. Spider for Cunning/Spirit or Jackal for Energy and Speed or 1 point to Empthy Throne for Stun Resist, etc…it´s up to you.

If you have problems with energy (like I even had in Crucible with buffs), you could use a Prismatic Diamond. I don´t care about chain-drinking Energy Potions, so for the moment, Sanctified Bone is okay. If you want to overcap Aether/Chaos or something else, you can change the Health augments without any problems.

For Rune, I chose Wendigo Rush because of AdctH and to escape dangerous situations. As always, Displacement is an option.

This is no Speed Build. Just stand there, use your spells…and when something comes near you hit it fast to get Savagery stacks. That´s all.
Yes, Armor (Absorption) is not ideal but with 51 % Physical Resistance I will risk it. :wink:

Have fun with this build, if you want to play it. Any comments and suggestions of improvement are welcome. :slight_smile:

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Simple and nice build, I like it

Interesting,but did you try to use iron grip gloves instead of claws?(extra survabilty on this would be even better)

All this bleed build is really interesting.
I guess rancor version got an easier sustain because the pierce damage it got is still quite enough for leeching.

@ Safarel: Thank you. :slight_smile:

Thanks, never thought about it! Another 8 % Physical Resistance and 1 % Absorption. A little less damage from Feral Hunger, but for deeper shards or Crucible(?) definitely an option. But for Crucible I need a pilot…

@ thejabrixone:
I saw it on Saw´s build (strange sentence…) and on Shoot2033 Trickster video. Bat is really good with this build.

Have to add something about Runes…

Don’t forget for another 4%DA, if you spent 1 point to bonds too;)

Yeah…I need more Energy! Would definitely take Jackal 1st node in this case.

And for skill points, maybe Wendigo Totem/Blood Pact aren´t mandatory I think. Savagery plus Feral Hunger plus Bonds.

I don’t know why you need so many points in heart , but i can say, that rancor extremly lacks in mana regen(i say when i tested in trickster ,even with nodes with -%energy cost)

Could be changed. When I first built this toon I had a lot of points left so I chose it for Health. Might go to Wendigo Totem/Grasping Vines/Oak Skin.

Updated, “SR” viable.

How fast (or slow) is this build? In a scale of one to ten. xD I’m wondering it because though you have an extra RR, you still don’t have many bleed sources like Trickster.

Hard to say. Didn’t feel clunky because everything melted because of RR.
And then the procc will give you a lot of speed.

Bosses are a little slower, but again: More than okay.

Hey, Rhyltar,

How about adding Bloodied Whetstone? Build has very few Bleeding sources, I am sure adding another one would help quite a bit.

It could be a thing, though that 35% seems so weird…

Hm, the toon makes up for 600k ticks on Dummy.

Add the different racial damage boni and it should be quite good against everything.

Bloody Whetstone might be an alternative, but it would add one more button to press. I am not a piano player…:undecided:

Something about Mad Queen in SR. Absolute Nightmare…with all the Dots on her and the shotguns of Massacre, Twin Fangs and Falcon Swoop…I was so desperate, I thought about crafting a spare “Serenity” (found Blueprint on one run) to equip whenever she is there. :mad:

Have you tried to use the skeletons for flat RR?

What for? I already have so much RR. :confused:

One can not have too many bones. I mean, RR.

Well, more damage is always nice!

I would have to sacrifice Bat and/or something more to get Revenant.

I wonder how vital is bat since you have feral hunger.