[] Malakor's Denial: 4:30 Crucible 150-170, SR, Celestials, tanky melee elemental Tactician [vid] [c+]

*Inquisitor Malakor as seen by DeepAI


Malakor was a man of simple taste. “Simplicity and homogeneity” was the slogan of his house and more than everything Malakor hated mages. “Those dirty pesky weasels, always coming up with their petty little tricks, can’t they just take blows like a real man, without those witch spells that make them invulnerable”. Malakor also liked when certain things took certain amount of time to happen. You couldn’t convince him that with certain artifacts you can make things happen faster, just a thought of that made his face (that for some reason could never grow a beard or any kind of hair) purple like his two favourite maces. He also never married and some naysayers made jokes behind his back mocking his rainbow attire and his colourful mastery of melee combat.

The Build update

Decided to revive this classic. This guide is really from a whole different era. New spec is a pretty solid build with emphasis on consistency and tankiness.


**Craft for slow resistance Update

Decided to rework this “used-to-be-cookie-cutter” into something decent after all the Inquisitor nerfs, nerfs to Malakor weapons and some Soldier nerfs. Obviously build took a huge hit. And on top of that, I think Cadence’s transmuter works in a weird ways (i.e. just on “cadence hit” not on other 100% weapon damage hits). Nevertheless, I could somewhat replicate the tankiness and general easiness with Bonemonger set. But damage dipped, build is not 7-7:30 Crucible build, so lower end of top-tier.

(if you come up short on Pierce res, cover it with one of the craft bonuses)

Build can farm Shards 64-65 very comfortable with almost zero risk of dying. I think 75-76 is possible, but might not be as consistent, haven’t tried myself (didn’t have the waypoint, lol).


Green free and efficient. Enough said. Weapons could use a buff though.


Drop a seal, say your Word of Pain (usually it’s “I hate all casters”) and hold mouse 1.




Cadence damage standing in Seal with deadly momentum and weapons proc up


Videos: Melee dw Tactician vs. Crucible 4:12 run Melee dw Tactician vs. Ravager 1:31 kill

My 7:26 run
Mercymaker’s run 6:43 run

Mercymaker’s 7:48 run

Almost dying to Lokkar in this slow and deadly fight

Barely making it to the finish with MercyMaker with 6:33 run

Very slow 7:13 3 blessings/1 banner run (should be 6:30 on a good PC, really slow, Tactician could use a buff)

Unbearably long 11 seconds Mad Queen fight (build is literally unplayble)

In Conclusion

Some witnesses who knew Malakor more closely claimed that he had a simple three letter tatoo on his inner thigh that said “CDR”. Nobody knew what it meant or was brave enough to ask Malakor. He died burying the secret with him.


Malakor is my love, sweetheart
i am fap fap fap now
u a the best mad lee

Oh man, look at that face in equipment view :smiley: Dat mask :smiley:

I’d be ok with this if it wasn’t for that transmogless helmet choice.

Malakor wasn’t known for his fashion sense although he himself was pretty sure that his taste in clothing was the best there is.

First time I had so much fun reading a foreword and conclusion :smiley:

Overall times for the 3 runs:

6:33 run vid:

So Mercymaker, after playing this non-spellbinder build, would you suggest some buffs to Tacticians maybe?

I think both inquisitor and soldier needs buffs. Maybe make Cadence hit on every attack and work with WPS, and maybe add some phys res and OA to word of renewel would be a good start. So many tacticians have so low OA need more :frowning:

Nerf Tacticians you say?

Add Fire>Pierce conversion to censure.

No mages! Soldier soldier soldier forever and always!

Hey mad_lee? Is this a legit char? Cause I thought you won’t be playing any legit soldier.

Edit: i just noticed the name. It’s veretragna’s save file :stuck_out_tongue:

very impressive non-set and MI item DW build, needless to say one of the top-tier DW build, gratz

Of course not, I have assembled it in 10 minutes as soon as I saw the hotfix just to spite Crate, lol.

Right now it is THE best DW-melee char and it’s not even close.

Who would have thought time will come that someone could say this to a discord build.

Have you pondered infiltrator/purifier/vindicator spin-offs?

Lol, I build my discord Gunner really hard before to make it a reliable cruci farmer, and you just make this one in 10 minutes by funnily using all the equipment that crate just put +3 cadence into… :smiley:

That malakor’s censure modifier doesn’t feel right indeed. -15% RR and 100 elemental damage to censure is too crazy. I think crate just revise this one without proper thinking and testing.

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