[] Lightning Runic Bolts Tactician - The Return - 6:35 151-170 ave., 5:46 best run 3b/b

It’s been more than a year since I posted this Runebinder Tactician that didn’t make any use of rune damage (btw, this was when rune was OP) and just fully focused on Runic Bolts, the autoattack skill given by the bow, while still using full set to get the RR on seal. This was initially just an experiment to see if 5pc sets were any good since most of them sucked during the time (Markovian and Iskandra were okay for DA meta cruci since the former was tanky and the latter made binders tanky. Deathmarked was a mess, Ulzuin was paper and Ultos didn’t have enough damage. Don’t get me talking about Dreeg. Uroboruuk wasn’t yet posted by fluff during this time too.). It quickly became one of my favorite builds and this is the only one that I still tweaked since the old times until now. The initial build was done during the DA meta, so of course I had to use a lot of DA. After the DA nerfs I used a variety of damage specs, tried Whirlpool+meteors, Ultos+DG, Seekers, all while making the build stay elemental. During the patch, with inspiration from an unrelated build (mad_lee’s lightning PRM), I transformed the build from elemental base (with seekers) to lightning base (with Ultos+DG) which improved performance by a lot.

Fast forward to current patch, the build suffered many nerfs as collateral damage to many of the OP inquisitors and soldiers of the past patches. Seal, Censure, Field command, Dying God, Storm Spread, Steel Resolve. This build got left behind by the new OP shit from FG…

But the Tactician finds a way…


Char sheet with all permanent buffs, Word of Renewal, Deadly Aim and Runic Bolts attack speed buff

GRIMTOOLS>> my main setup

GRIMTOOLS >> Budgety setup without the green boots. Less slow and stun res so will lose you some time.


  • 5pc Runebinder and no runes - This is literally what the entire build is about.

  • Shit attack speed - Must be a grimtools error. My in game attack speed is 148% BEFORE RUNIC BOLTS > https://youtu.be/QGi723jbUx4

  • Rings and Belt - 100% aether to lightning conversion made the build this good. 75% lightning aetherfire on storm box and full lightning spear gives the build so much clear.

  • Maxed Storm Box? - I’ve said it somewhere else. Box is the maker of current lightning inquisitors. The thing doesn’t do much damage but it ticks as fast as AAR while not restricting movement. The DA shred is a big help too and lightning tether damage becomes decent when stacked on different targets.

  • Devotion route? - That gave me the best results. My original lightning spec was Ultos + DG and various lightning rings but I couldn’t get anything below 7 mins. I then did this item setup, then Ultos+Spear+Aetherfire with Ele storm as RR and it was better on average time but I’d die on a bad 169 run where ghould would activate and I won’t have enough lifesteal at 170 when a nasty combo spawns. Did go Elemental with Seekers + Arcane currents (which I heard is good now with conversion) but it was worse on time. Arrived at current devo setup with worse RR than ele storm but better lifesteal, attack speed, racial damage. The fact that skellies go with you at the end of every wave is kinda good too since it’s extra RR without waiting for the next RR proc to happen. And skellies do half aether which is all converted to it’s not like they’re not doing any damage.

  • Why Tactician? and not deceiver or vindi or something? - Well during the DA meta in which I made this, Tactician was the best choice due to all the easy DA and stats. During AoM last I checked Deceiver was on par with this, the problem with deceiver is that it’s so item dependent you’ll need multiple greens so if you’re a green hater it’s not for you. Vindicator also has OA/DA problem and getting tenacity is a PITA. Tactician just has better all around stats with the slow res and the stun res.


5:46 run below. 3 buffs1 banner

Cruci cleartimes are consistent at around 6:35, but that one run was kinda lucky. Dunno if it was a fluke but I couldn’t replicate it. Cruci gameplay is pretty much faceroll tho. Except on 169/170 where you have to take care cause Dravis+Korvaak+Anasteria can just pop ghoul instantly leaving you without it for 170. If that happens you can man up and face that there’s a chance of defeat if the next wave spawns stuff like double reaper or you can try to be smarter and use the environment to fuck Reaper’s pathing up. Btw, skellies are good at this since sometimes nemeses just run around the arena for a few seconds when they spawn trying to look for a skeleton. This loses time but it’s safer that way than with them directly slamming your face.


Thanks to everyone who has been a part of my life in these forums. You guys have been a lot of help in making this build evolve to what this is now. And no, I’m not leaving :stuck_out_tongue:

and to Zantai: STOP NERFING INQUISITOR PLEASE :slight_smile:

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So cool you revived it! Also, great that it’s working with that attack speed!

Also also, I have recently came to the Revenant setup when I was testing my Totem/Stormreaver Conjurer. It seems like it’s going to be the meta for two-handed setups.

Great job, x1x2!


I have 158 attack speed ingame after runic bolts. Not too shabby for 2h. Also grimtools atk speed might be bugged since it shows 131 before runic while in game I have 148. It can’t be the highrolls since I only have 2 items with attack speed.

2h wants Kraken, so with ghoul it’s not much investment to go for revenant. But the real dealbreaker for me is the lifesteal. If this build somehow had more lifesteal then ele storm is still my choice. It’s just better trash clear especially at 163 when you wanna kill healers asap.

Cool build,I like it!
Two questions,Is this your record time for any build?
How good is vlc for video recording?

Btw,I like your builds and forum posts,hope you don’t leave:)

I’ve made way faster runs using prenerf DE retal oppressor and prenerf binder (during AoM). Tho thisbis my fastest run on recent times. Note that I don’t play the established OP builds.

I don’t use vlc for recording. Only for playing vids. I use shadowplay and it’s quite handy since it doesn’t need me to download anything aside from upgrading drivers (which should be done regularly anyways).

Btw,I like your builds and forum posts,hope you don’t leave:)

Everyone will leave at some point :stuck_out_tongue: but I’ll be here until I stop playing GD.



This is great, I’ve just started leveling a Tactician with your old build yesterday. I’ve had the set for ages and wanted to do something with it. Many thanks for posting it.

Grimtools doesn’t show Runic Bolts bonus like it does it with Savagery. Same with all other charge AA. Need to report this to Dammit.

I’m glad to see another ranged build on the forum, keep it up, man :wink:

Lol, interesting. Storm box bound to aether fire provide your build with enough AoE for faster clearing? Really nice x1x2! Now I wanted to revisit my bonemonger again.

BTW, have you tried this in SR? I want to know when you dealing with the boss one on one, does aetherfire will proc also to the distant bosses?

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Even after runic it still doesn’t match. Thanks tho. I like ranged because it can be as mindless as possible if it’s a strong build.

I thought I got the idea of storm box aetherfire from your bonemonger? Or was it Valinov? Anyway it’s really good.

I tried SR with an old version with DG, got to 74 then slathsarr spawned so I noped out after so many tries them stopped playing SR altogether for all my chars :stuck_out_tongue:

I have used storm box > aetherfire back when I still newb In my allagast magehunter. I haven’t try it in my bonemonger because attak seru is surprisingly very good when bound to it. Valinov use it in aether bonemonger though.

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I heard a lot of stuff about Attak Seru being good when fully converted now. I’m sad it doesn’t materialize in this build. I like the proc and I had it on the very first iteration of this build back during DA meta.