[1.1.2] [SR75+] EoR Archon, Cyclone set (updated)

Hi guys, this will be my first guide on english, i do a lot of this kind of guides on spanish and i also have a friendly big comunity on facebook to all latino spanish players ( https://www.facebook.com/groups/580370355687800 )

Eye of Reckoning Cyclone Archon

Original campain, crusible and Nemesis speed farmer: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2dr3RdZ

Shattered Realm configuration (speed 75-76): https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RVvlXWJN

Shattered Realm configuration (push 78+):

Gear options:
(The other items i dont feel like you should change then)

Really important is to know this build have huge problems with stats, because the chest armor need high physique (1035), the weapon(MI one) need high cunning(529 kymon, 495 segarius) and the offhand of Cyclone set 724 spirit. I spent skillpoints to get more stats on the Oathkeeper skillbar with my current set up. Helps a lot get high physique Belgh sigil and 4% spirit shoulders. (don’t care too much about the HP, with my current set up i have 16+k life)

I’m using belgh sigil because have nice att speed bonus and +2 EoR and the Myth Eternal Band because skill bonus, burst of speed and skill disruption protection, but can work too the judicator set: (Open hand of mercy and closed fist of veangance) for good bonus OA and DA (the damage is really less).

Well, the weapon is the main problem of the build, because is a MI, but you have 2 options

Segarius’ Sacred Blade
Kymon’s Santified Blade


of Celestial wrath
of Fallen Skies
of Flame Caller
of Torrents .

If u run Segarius you will need to change some skill points on the skillbar. Segarius is easy to farm, because his drop is more generous, i was lucky with kymon’s father, so i use the one from the grimtools.
There is some options like Mythical Cristallum or Mythical Spark of Ultos (is actually really good) or the Mythical Empyrion’s Mercy (prob the best legendary weapon for the build)

The best dps is the back to glory Mythical Peerless Eye of Beronath, or the Shattered Realm Ward.
You can use too the Conduit of Wild Whispers with Wind devil bonus(not really necesary) or Conduit of Divine Whispers with Judgment or Ascension bonus.

Pants and Boots
Hard thing of the build, because i’m using GG MIs to get optimal life, resis and stun reduction (the big lack of the build).
Having the stun red problem in mind, you should run Mythical Stormtitan Treads
On pants is really hard, because nothing is better (lightning damage focus) than the Stonehide Solael’s, so probably you will run something that fix your resis and defense like Really Great Pants (helps on stats), Mythical Runebrand Legwraps (helps on resis), Mythical Legwraps of the Tranquil Mind (helps on stats and resis) or just the Mythical Chausses of Barbaros if you dont have resis problem and want to go really offensive.


I’ll talk about campain devs:
Tier 1:
Sailor’s Guide
Ghoul -> Any fulltime skill
Bat -> Wendigo(or storm) totem

Tier 2:
Rowhan’s Crown -> Vire’s Might (wind devil for defensive SR set up).
Widow -> Judgment or Vire’s Might
Solemn Watcher

Tier 3:
Ultos, Shepherd of Storms -> Eye of Reckoning
Korvaak, the Eldricht Sun -> Wind Devil (GG procs)

>>>>Game Play<<<<

>>>Video Tutorial in Spanish coming soon<<<

How to play?, simple, just whirlwind everything like a diablo barb… or pretty much. You can have 4 Wind Devils active that last 32 seconds (up to way more if u run Spark of Ultos and/or the Wild Whispers), so you don’t need to spam too much if you’re fighting a big guy.
Your main skill and almost the only big source of damage is the Eye of Reckoning, then you just use it all the time and you will see how everything just dissapears on your way (really fast nemesis and bosses kill time, seconds), having really good hp and movility
The MOVILITY is the key word here, and the reason of why this build is GG, because when you’re fighting hard guys, you can just hit him meanwhile you try to scape to get back coldowns or health. Also the reason why this build kill and clear that fast, you kill and move at the same time.
That reason is why i use Judgment too, pull enemies and reduce DA to kill they faster (also cancel animations if the monster can bu pulled)

There is some skill choises to survive the bosses on the Shattered Realm, like Ascension(hard guys you need to hit they with this active and scape when is over) and Wendigo totem(this is for facetank, sometimes you need to facetank some bosses to kill they in the split way)
You can use too Savagery stacks for more OA and DA or Righteous Fervor for iAS, ER and armor.

ATM i can facetank Grava up to lv 77-8 evading the nulli shot on the boss stage, after that lv i can’t survive very well on the 1v1. same with Rashalga using the speed farmer build.

Special cares with moosilauke (try to don’t get freeze) and Benn’jar, this guy can trap you and that can be rip if hard damage. Kaisan can be a problem too, you can facetank him, but if he summons his pylons, just run away from they.

I use to run the 75 and 76 wave, then get the treasure, is about 10-15 minutes, depends on the boss stage random, sometimes i fail, the important thing is don’t fail the 75, if you pass you get the loot, if you pass the 76 in time, you get 2 extra chests.

Video SR 76

HD video 75-76 full run in 14 minutes.
take care of the pylars maps, they do too much damage and a nemesis can kill you there. Pay attention to arcane afixes.


I did it only 1 time, started at wave 1 up to 170, and repeat the last 20, i recorded the first time from 150 to 170, was under 9 minutes with no issues, second time i got korvaak at the 169, so he survive for the 170 with kuba, reaper, valdaran and iron maiden, had to move a lot, but no big problems, not even close to die.

This build is crusible speed farmer, really safe, really tanky, and all the damage is AoE, that means you can clear really fast all the trash mobs without care about it.

I used Stonewall because i didn’t know how good was surviving, next time i’ll do vanguard and see the time, maybe will be 7-8 or less.


>>>How to Level UP<<<

I lv up this char using the new stone of start at ultimate and doing 5 times the 10 waves of crusible at the begining to get some drop, 17 levels and 5 devotions points. I went to normal and elite to active all the easy and safe shrines that was close to the way points, starting with like 20-25 devs points and lv 24 on ultimate.
Even with that was really hard, i had to drop lokarr set about lv 60, because i was taking too much damage. But if you don’t have all that i used to level up, i’ll explain a short guide about how to do it in the normal way.

Skill path:
Go into oathkeeper giving 1 point of everything you wanna use to kill mobs until you can get eye of reckoning. That should be about lv 15-20. On lv 10 you can go into shaman and get the mogdrogen pact, spend a couple points here. Try to put points on the EoR just to see you kill fast enough with it and try to complete the oeathkeepe skill bar to get divine mandate. Get points on jugdment, vire might and ascension as helping skills, presense of virtue and mogdrogen pact try to max it (energy regeneration to get infinite EoR) then you can max the EoR. Before the main skill, max the Soulfire. You can put some points on the guardian of Empyrion and his Secondary for more debuff)
At this point your build is Fire physical.
On lv40 you can try to farm Kymon Father until you get the MI, that change the skill into lightning.
After lv 60 you can start going for lightning bonus (you might be getting ultos at this point, below the dev path), put more points on shaman for wind devils secondary debuff. Helps on your lightning and fire damage.
The last lvs until you can use your end gear is always hard for new players, but this skill have lot of damage, try to get a good damage weapon and you will crash enemies.

As advice, try to lv up using a shield, you will tank a way more and is better than caster offhand on oathkeeper.

Once you hit lv 94 you can get back all the fire-phys skills focused and even get back the oathkeeper skillbar and go for end shaman to get the Stormcaller’s Pact (you can switch early if you go with kymon weapon from low lv)

Devotions path:
Go first for ghoul. then make the way to go for Ultos, this is viper, sailor’s guide, quill, rowhan’s crow(you dev proc for the first lvs) hawk, bat then ultos.
After you get the Ultos, go for widow, lizard, Sailor’s guide (maybe you will need to get some of this blue devs for ultos early) then Spear or Korvaak. If you didn’t hit lv94, Korvaak is really good, once you are 94 you can choose any between.

In my opinion this build have too much damage, you can kill really fast anything on the campain mode, any nemesis (grava always need to be tricky to play it if you’re melee) almost facetank, and kill Rashalga on facetank mode too.
Is really fast farm build, but can be hard to learn it for tank players, because the way to kill some hard enemies is not just stay and kill, sometimes is all about positions, that is why you run teleport rune and low coldown vire’s might.

Final words
If you don’t like judgment, is not mandatory on the build, i like it a lot because is a tool of control of density. If you want a build to tank everything and don’t move too much, this is not the set that you need to use if you want to EoR.
If you want to do more damage to farm lower levels of the SR, you can always drop some defensives components, like seal of blades get more points into Clarity of purpose instead of Ascension.
If you wanna run with me you can always add me, i do sometimes streams, i don’t have any problems with the english, but i like to do my stream on spanish most of the time:


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I have no idea which performs better, but there’s no need to go fire with demo. The weapon converts it to lightning, so either class will work with that ele.

I like my shield breaker, though I haven’t tried archon.

You’re welcome, i’ll change the color :slight_smile:

I feel like this needs a bump! Any updates? How is this build doing?

I’m working on an upgrade and on a warlord at the same time hahaha.

I’m trying to make new videos of speedfarm 75-76.

I went to 81 and got grava+zanta+rashalga combo, i don’t think there is any build that can beat that combo to be honest.

i’ll update with videos later night

Three double rares where two of them are MI… in order to get those items you need GDstash, and in GDstash you can level in less than 1 second :rolleyes:

I don’t know too much about GDstash, but the boots i crafted long time ago, and the pants are lv75 (pre mallmouth). The weapon i got it from trade, but there is a chance to farm it, i got a similar segarius, not that good tho.

Nice build, well detailed , good job

I did lot of changes 1 week ago, i’ll need to take my time to update all the changes again because of the server rollback. Be patient please :'c

I know for the change you made, playing this since a moment , no worrie and sry for that happens:mad:

Hey there, awesome build.
I’m a returning player and I never delved so deep in the game as now, so I don’t understand how and what to use between the devotions detailed on your build guide.
I’m currently level 82 and just starting ultimate.
Any help and/or explanation would be welcome.

Gracias, saludos de portugal. :wink:


the best idea is go for ultos, then if you have issues surviving, try to devotion path from the SR78+ build. Is tanky i have good resistances.

with 30 devotions points you should be able to get ultos and half of the path into korvaak or menhir.

if you can upload you profile into a grimtool i can try to help you in more detailled way.

Thank you again.
Here it is… https://www.grimtools.com/calc/d2jYM1lN

I don’t know if you have all the 55 shrines, but the way to get it is like this:


i change some skills too, vire’s might just 1 point always. the second skill from the wind devil is the most important. Presense of virtue is amazing too, haven not too much. try that way.

Yes, I have 55 shrines unlocked. Will try this…
Thank you!

Not to mention that the boots are basically impossible to craft on your own.

I like the build a lot, but it’s unrealistic to expect people who don’t gdstash to use 3 nearly impossible to find rares.

that’s why i posted variations, i crafted close to 20k boots since i play this game, i got those 1 month after mallmouth.

There is always trade too. atm i have 3 of those boots, 2 got from trade. (personally i don’t like the gdstash, but i respect if someone wanna use it)

The pants are really hard to find, but chausses of barbaros is the best option, offensive is better, the problem is you need to spend augments on resistances only.

Any gg stonehide boots will work very good btw. If you use menhir devotions you don’t need too much stun res, because you get 10 from ulo, 30 from mehir and 15 from scarab.

I already tested the build after nerf and is still really good dps, but is harder now to kill, because you heal less. 25% less dps after nerfs.

I think the nerf was ok, the avg dps from the build was 850k, after nerf drop to 630k, and still is a lot using the tanky configuration.

I’ll upload new videos doing crusible and SR75-76 speed runs.

What is a “Belgh sigil”? I understand your English isn’t good, but that doesn’t make any sense :frowning:

Belgothian´s Sigil for Ring slot, 3 % Spirit on good rolled Cyclone shoulders.