[ -] Let Us Burn - Pyran Sorcerer [c+][sr+]

Pyran’s set, imo, is the finest set of the recently released five.
So I’ve decided to make an obvious and powerful sorcerer with it.
Here we go.






  • Very high both AoE and solo-damage;
  • Rather nice survivability but the build is still not immortal;
  • Very easy to play in Crucible.


  • Not very comfortable to play in MC and SR as mortars need to be constantly replaced;
  • Low phys resist.




Special thanks to all Safarel Discord Community.


Good use of Pyran set.I agree it’s the best front the group of new sets.

But how is possible to have 3 minutes difference between players,Idk.

It‘s unfortunatly not hard to Beat the other sets, which damage types are all over the Place… i tried everyone of them vitality aegis being the least shitty… lets just not talk about doom bolt of weakness or dreegs evil eye of Zero dps…

I think it’s about piloting skills and having a good&fast computer :wink: 'cause I’m a bad pilot and my machine is old&slow :smiley:

I tried Targo on blademaster and that was a shame. The set now works well on Warlord and Battlemage (mace&armor). The other sets have also been criticised and it’s obvious that they need improvement.

Cause this is a sorcerer wich is nice with that time, but 50% RR from gaurdians is missing here… and that is huge dmg loss…


This would be better. U don’t need the flint and resonance. I changed the rings, augments on armor. They were over pumped. Better Oa Da, proc.

U won’t benefit any flat fire, Those augments on rigns do nothing. Flat dmg only benefit with skills that has weapon damage.

I add BWC 29 Flat rr wich is huge. Give up big one i have seen only 1 or never, so that is just 1 point wonder. Heavy ordnance just for stun nothign les 12/12 enough.

Maxed Flame touched more OA.

Devotion: Latern and Bat is better then behemoth witch has 20 CD.

I would say this could do under 6:30 min.

Well tnx for that, surely I’ll try your spec soon :slight_smile:

He meant how is it possible that afanasenkov can only do 8:20 while shoot can do 5:30.

My only answer is lag and piloting

This is sorcerer… lost - 50 % rr on gaurdains still. We will see if he trys my spec or at least my skill choices.

Both times mentioned are about sorc. There’s no conversation about shieldbreaker here.

@x1x1x1x2 Can u link it? I didin’t find that one.

@Nandi There :slight_smile:


Ok,we talked with Afanasenkov and understood the situation.

My machine is also weak and I am not great pilot,so my times are also slower than top players :sweat:

I was hoping to post my own version, but will not do this due to almost similar choice of gear. But I must say that my version has flat 2000 health regen and 5800 with proc (I choosed passive regeneration because set gives a lot of bonuses to it), and it does a lot of deal to live happy and long. Also I concentrated around RR more carefully and I think have best result just a little bit more from Thermite Mine. Last one thing I see if compare to my own version, is there my build has more overcap to resists and in the same time equal level of damage.
I just leave my grimtool link here, if someones wanna compare: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/mN4aedr2

build updated to version added new GT, videos and save file.

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How come your Conduit of Destructive Whispers does fire dam in your videos while the item in your GrimTools has the Thermite Mine buff prefix that converts dam 100% to cold ?
If it does cold dam and has a global fire → cold conversion of 21/29% than it must hurt the damage output of the build, no ?

Could you explain your choice here to me, please ?
FYI, I really enjoy all the builds you’ve made and posted online. ^^

This conduit was changed in one of the latest patches, that’s why :slight_smile:

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There’s even a changelog here: Unique prefix
@Crocodeye Cool avatar :sunglasses:

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Ah man, that’s too bad :frowning:
I thought the GrimTools version changes would list that on the item :

Game Version Changes
Version : Attribute scaling changes
Version : Added

If anyone knows any decent alternatives, don’ t hesitate to share ^^

Well this is a bummer.
Thx for the quick reply WhiteWalker !

Oh I missed that, I checked the items page. My bad here.