[] Electrocute Brothers (Elementalist, Warder) (c+) (sr+) (g3)

Hi guys!

This week I bring some 2h op builds. Not much, but these are one of the best.


:damage_lightning:Elementalist(DMG 633400) If u don’t mind to die sometimes for the ultimate melting, then this is ur char. (This is an update version of this build.)


:damage_lightning:Warder (DMG 511568) If u need some tankiness, then choose this one. i didn’t feel the 100k gap.

I usually don’t share the dmg, but as u can see these are beats. I have seen even 300k DoT dmg!!! All the secondary resist are crap, but this is not about defence. It is about pure dmg. Even if u got stun or whatever everything die in secs.

Lvling: U have so much choice. (Primal strike with 2h ranged, caster with storm and totem, Devoriung swarm.)

Gear: Ensure you get as much slow resist crafts on items.

Gameplay: Cast everything and hit few to stack OA, DA, savagery. If u see trouble makers grava, arcane u just cast still everything die, like butter melt on the sun…

SR: Moskito is ur worse enemy he can freeze u all the time, so don’t try too facetanking him, just cast. Even if u cast still u can do 150k DoT.

  • Savagery maxing?
    Doesn’t do anything with ur dmg. Even if u maxed u gain 15% cause the stacking, but this is just temporarly u won’t stack all the time, that much to worthy.

  • Vindicator?
    Ya_ did one and it is the same or almost same setup so u can use it if u want.

  • Conjurer?
    Tried didn’t worked very well. Even i got 2 RR skill, still the dmg was half of warder or elementalist. I didn’t why i checked everything.

These are just pure dmg, if u looking for "brainless” mod u find it here. Even if u die u go back and everything die with u, cause the DoT dmg.

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Interesting approach with not bothering with Savagery overcap. I would recommend Korvaak’s medal for that thing - it will boost Storm Touched and as a consequence your overall Electrocute stack.

Another thing that I have noticed when rebuilding my Conjurer with similiar items is that Revenant fits it so much better than Elemental Storm. Here is the video and here are grimtools for reference.

I tested savagery first attempt was with it, then i droped and surprisingly i didn’t lose that much dmg.

Revenant a good one, but elemental strom still gives RR and solemn watcher DA. Ur conjurer need more dmg to survive, and u can get the relic, wich has bad resist, but u can afford thx to BoD. Don’t have to bother to cap poison when u already has. I can’t get it, i lose to much aether and racial dmg still good.

Nice to see some primal strike build, cause i was aiming to one for a fresh start, after watching some video of them on youtube.
I’ve never played grim dawn past level 30 (and it’s been years since i played it).
I bought the two expansions and will try to give it some love.

What would you guys recommend for a grim dawn newbie? I’m a avid ARPG player (used to play D3 and POE alot)

If i choose to play as vindicator, what would be the skills to choose?

One last question, is there any chance i could play this build (or another primal strike build) using a 2H ranged weap as vindicator? Meh, i like to play with ranged builds, but i loved the primal strike skill on grim dawn…


This is not a primal strike build. PS in this case isn’t really good. mad_lee druid is one that is good, but i didn’t find any other updated one now.

All of them good, u can choose what u feel to play with it. I would say that conjurer and elementalist a bit squishy, but still op. Warder and tactitian is more tanky.

They are lvling skills, that i mentioned here too. So u can use them they are really good or find a lvling guide. There was a thread about lvling skills. Some times lvling skills are different skills, then the end game skills, so don’t be suprise.

Could you look into a YouTube video i was watching and planing to follow as my character build, and tell me if that would be a OK build for a starter?


I think this build is not updated to FG

I haven’t seen a long time a week build. U won’t even survive the campaing if u use this. If u really want to play with Primal strike, then i suggest u check mad_lee profile or message him for the build.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

btw, I was checking mad_lee one, and it seem to be similar to what i was aiming for… I want to use primal strike and want to cause havoc with the procs of energy dropping everywhere :smiley:

What i don’t get is, when to start using the “savagery” skill… Single target skills on early game is just slow and clunky, since you’ll be killing monsters in pack for levelling and not on a end-game “boss bounty”

Also, the weapon damage tooltip is just so messy… Sometimes it says +xx damage per second if equiped, but in fact, the character window will show the (for example) primal strike damage to be lower with that weapon.

Maybe I should stick to energy damage ++ weapons, instead of physical, for example, when using primal strike, even if it says my DPS would raise wearing that weapon?

Can you make “sisters” next? :smiley:

For PS u need 2H. if u go for caster just find a off hand with energy regen flat and % and ur energy problem is gone.

Item tooltip:

  1. U need lightning, electrocute dmg.
  2. Attack convertet damage to health.
  3. Attack speed casting speed.

If u looking item tooltips u need these to be good. If u don’t find any for long time, then just get what has the better dmg.

Sure i do, than i send for u to just relax and enjoy life. :smiley:

Excellent builds,Nandi!

It’s nice to see the Elementalist.Clearing SR 75 is a good accomplishment for that class!The electrocute damage is monster:rolleyes: I wonder how is the QoL?

The whole point of taking Revenant instead of Elemental Storm nowadays on weaker class combos is to get similiar RR but better stats for both offense and defense. Korvaak’s brand is great for capping Storm Touched (although I end up one point short thanks to lack of Storm Touched bonuses on relevant gear). For two-handers Korvaak + Revenant give you up to 11% more attack speed and 6% more ADTCH.

The effectiveness of that Revenant instead of Elemental Storm setup is something that I have noticed thru tests. Surprisingly, damage output was the same despite losing 7 rr and some % elemental damage from Elemental Storm, but much better consistency and survivability.

Thx Nery! What is QoL?

I understand for the first time, but i don’t has any problem with ADctH, but that 5% Da is i think really good. Ovarall same setup. For the attack speed is really depend on sitution, where i can’t facetank or i can. So if i see grava no matter what i will just cast thing and he will die, same as arcane.

i don’t abuse revenant, cause i already did on my AAR and FoI builds and i will on the future builds. i don’t want to be nerfed. :rolleyes:

interesting :smiley: Can I play HC with this :smiley:

If u don’t go SR than yeah. As i said these are pure dmg dealers, not like shield ones. Still if u have problem to melee something, there is the casting. The only really foe is moskito (cold nemesis) never ever melee him. Hi all the time freeze u, and u can’t do nothing. As cruci i think u are good too, if u play carefully.

And don’t forget these are DoT ones u don’t need to melee, just stack the electrocute and run back and wait. Still thx to life leech, u can facetank some enemies.

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Interesting setup, the elementalist. Some ideas.

For points in Upheaval and Blood Pact above 1p (maybe also Mines above 10p) I’d get that Flashbang or try to figure sth out with Stun Jacks.

Thanks so much for putting this together, it’s extremely helpful! One quick question for your warder build is how do you traditionally play with the build, rush the enemy with savagery and then cast wind devil and storm totem? I’d love to see any videos of gameplay if you have them.

Thanks again, awesome build!

It’s depend on situation. U can cast or hit or u can just cast if u face enemy that u can’t melee. I finished the game.

How can i find this link https://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=79204 on new forum? (if it even exists…) Wanna check this build. Thanks :slight_smile:

Search for the build title if you know it, if not use some keywords.