[] Justice Sisters (Commando, Warlord, Witchblade) (c+) (sr+) (g3)

Hi guys!

Fire? Forcewawe? WUT?

After the Pyran week, i decided to check Justice set.

First, thx to Shar’Zul to support this. I couldn’t have done it without him. :joy:








I am not that good pilote and has an old computer, but as u can see with better piloting and computer it can be doable the c+.

Lvling: Forcewawe.

Gear: Ensure you get as much stun resist crafts on items.

Rings: So far u have 3 choice.

  1. Mythical lifegiver signet.
  2. Mythical Seal of the Light’s Oath.
  3. Mythical Signet of the Damned.

First i speak in main and SR spec, no cruci. In Curic, u will see Orange numbers, thx to the OA.

Commando: i choose the rings cause he don’t relly need any more OA.
Warlord: He needs OA, so i drop combustion.
Witcblade: He needs the most the OA, so i had to “sacrafice” the lifegiver rings, but u gain +2 wasting and ADCTH still.

Gameplay: Cast ur debuffs and smash everything.

Warlord: Rotation: After fighting spirit is expired, use ascension, after ascension expired, fighting spirit is back. This gives u a “permanent” OA buff all the time.
For cruci: U can change Oleron to Mandante.

SR: I didn’t tested, since if u get the desert map u begin 3 meter ahead and noway u can defeat 4 nemesis, bosses, but it capeable, after the fix i will test it.

  • How physical to fire works?
    First more than 60% physical dmg converted to fire thx to the weapon and amulet, that means internal trauma bacame burn.
    Second the whole Forcewawe line became fire and burn.

  • Why is pierce not overcapped?
    In game i have 15% more. So it is 84% (15%). Anyway the stonetread always on you, so u won’t feel anything. Further forcewawe is a range attack so the duration can be permanent. If u lucky it can be permanent. Before expire it can recharge.

  • Why Doom/Doomforce, Bear King/Bear Claw?
    These proc thx to weapon more than 60% of the dmg became fire and burn.

  • Why not Chausses of Barbaros pants?
    I need the resist, slow resist, OA, spirit from tranquil.

  • Why not Blood Sigil of Ch’Thon?
    Still after the conversation the dmg is better of the Bear King, than Ch’thon.

  • What about Warder?
    I tested, but he was the weakest and he died 2 in row, so i dropped.

  • Why not Kraken?
    Kraken is the best 2H devotion, but Blind Sage gives everything that i need for these builds. The only downside, the 8% cast speed on warlod and witchblade.

Cruci: Parameters with permanent buffs.

With flashbang OA 3500.

With Judgement OA 3750, that’s why u don’t need Oleron in cruci. If fighting spirit proc too in the same time than higher, but as i said above use as Rotation OA.

With fight spirit OA 3500. Thx to Bloody Pox/Wasting OA debuff, the enemy OA will be much lower.

Conclusion: These are amazons, if u faced them, u will die in seconds. In cruci even nemesis has 70 - 75% chance to hit u. I didn’t sweat in cruci. We already know fire devo is full of OA. Poor octavius is need to be like this…


This is for u @malawiglenn. U want sisters u got it. Be careful, they can be deadly. :joy:


For warlord I may recommend to invest some points in cunning or use purple Beronath and of this ring (1 and 2)

If u checked the pictures i already have enough OA. Cuning is usless right now, i already use the mythical blazing inferno, instead of i can use th Oath ring.

I almost forgat Oath ring, thx. I changed them.

I will check out your sisters later tonight and see if they are hot or not :wink:

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Oh,three sisters that love to play with the big Shar’Zul…weapon.I’ve played before some time Tactician,so I can imagine being strong.


:joy: I would love to make a purifier but on papar even warder was better. No OA on Tactician.

one point too much in Forcewave for your Warlord, literally unplayable.
jk nice build I thought of playing something similar :wink: