[] Rancor vs Guillotine (Warder) (c+) (sr+) (g3)

Hi guys!

We already know that rancor how op is on tricksters. Did some test with these 2 on Warder. Thx to mad_lee for his help.


:hocho:Rancor Warder


:hocho:Guillotine Warder

Lvling: DS, WD, Vit totem, Forcewawe. Whatever u like.

Gear: Ensure you get as much stun resist crafts on items.

Gameplay: These are not facetanker, so u cast DS, stack savagery jump with ur medal augment and smash with blade arc, run back.

SR: I managed to do, but i died so many times. Cruci still better.

  • Rancor or Guillotine?
    Rancor: U gain 23% bleed RR, wich is huge and still i found out, it was a bit easier to reach SR 75.
    Guillotine: U gain 20% crit, ADctH, bleed duration. More tankier thx to the proc, but in SR doesn’t really matter, since it only proc when enemies die.

In generally Rancor is better in Sr and Cruci, but Guillotine is safer thx to the ADctH proc.

Guillotine need some buff. Get rid of the necro buff, since necro do not have any bleed dmg… Add a bonus dmg to blade arc or savagery, dunno.


Cross-Quoting myself. :stuck_out_tongue:

First thing I would do:
Change “on death” to “on critical hit”. And perhaps a little bit more Cunning for OA.

I am fine with the proc if add anything else than 20% Bleed RR to siphon soul, but yeah on crit will be better. Need to add and test again than. :slight_smile: