[] The Final Brutality - Brutallax Pierce Trickster sub 7min Cruci 151-170 - 6:38 best run

It’s been more than 2 years since I started playing this game… I couldn’t even count the exact number of hours since I started as a pirate (Yarrr!!) and only bought the game when I got a job. Four days from now will be my 2nd birthday here in the forums, but sadly I can’t keep playing the same game forever and I’m kinda burnt out. I truly realized this today when all I can do is look at grimtools, yes I can still theorycraft but the act of playing the game itself is starting to lose its fun so I figured I might just stop playing the game now.

This will most likely be my final build. The last build I’ll post for this game at least for a long time. This concept is something I wanted to work ever since AoM and I’m glad it’s kinda okay now even if the main weapon still sucks and it needs a specific affix from an MI to even start working. Anywho, to the build:

The Build

Char sheet with all permanent buffs, pneumatic burst and 8 savagery charges


Build Explanations
  • Weapons - Brutallax is the entire reason we’re here. The slicer is kinda hard to find since you need to get a Sinister prefix that has an armor piercing of more than 87%, meaning you have to highroll to get full piercing damage on Brutallax. There’s no other way to get more than 187% armor piercing that doesn’t involve breaking Realm set or using shit gear or both so we need the slicer.
  • Realm Set - I feel like this is flavor of the patch for non set builds nowadays. The build enabler is the weapon so everything is very customizable. Realm set just sets up our defense quite nicely, enabling the build to have more offensive options in other slots. Also, other options for pierce aside from Belgo suck, and if we go Belgo armor, we might as well go full set with the AA. - I just copied this from my old BM post :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Devotions - Again, Thanks @Safarel
  • WPS layout - This is what I’m not really sure about since AQC has been known to be shit but with the mod I think it helps. Haven’t tried without AQC setup so I’m not sure.
  • 8/12 Primal Bond? - That’s the only exclusive we can pick (unless you seriously think Stormcaller is okay) and it doesn’t really do anything with our damage. Bleed is negligible since we don’t have RR for it and the absorb isn’t something to write home about. What I did was dump points into all the other skills and the excess ended there. At least we got 11% absorb and an additional 14% reduction from beasts. I do notice reaper not doing shit to this build.
Cruci Performance and Video

Cruci cleartime is usually below 7 mins, tho sometimes I dabble just above 7. The best run is shown in the video and improvements can still be made since that had a lot of healers doing their stuff.

As for safety this isn’t as tanky as BM, but it can hold its own. Just be careful of Kaisan cause with 2 crystals up he can solo you no problem. When he shows up kill the crystals ASAP. Other than that there’s no issue which is kinda not normal for a trickster.

Other Stuff * **Realms** - I don't like realms. I did have some spare realm sets back when I played it last patch tho. There's a shitton of them drops before it was moved to vendors so it wasn't a problem finding good rolled parts. - copied this from the previous thread again


I’ve already said this is my final build post but that doesn’t mean I’m gone from the forum. I’ll stay here since you guys are fun. Talk about builds, theorycrafting tho I’ll do less of that now. I’ll just be away from the game and maybe come back if I think it’s gonna be fun playing it again or I’m burnt out with whatever new games I play.

Thanks to the usual guys here in the forums. @Superfluff, @Chthon for the valuable knowledge I gained from you guys since the start. Dunno if these guys still visit here but @Drizzto and @JoV were the ones who got me into crucible. The guys who came in here around the same time as me as well as those who came in a bit later but became a big part of this community: mad_lee sir_spanksalot (which is inactive again), ya1, malawiglenn, Nery, Maya the birb, ninja editing in @thejabrixone cause I honestly forgot :frowning: . Of course @mamba the great creator of GDstash, a very big contributor of why I stayed in the game for so long. HAIL MAMBA. AND DAMMITT @Dammitt for the almighty grimtools.

Of course, this build, as well as my journey through the game won’t be comeplete without Mr. Z himself and the Crate team. Thanks for not making this game bad and having me stay for two whole years - the second most time I’ve ever been playing a game exclusively after DoTA (hard to top that cause it consumed my high school and college life). I got burnt out playing your game but it has always been great. Looking forward to more content I might come back to in the future!

Guys, don’t cry. I won’t be gone :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW I suck when warring at TW:Warhammer 2. I heard some people can win 25-75 odds. How to they do that?



@mad_lee @sir_spanksalot @ya1 @malawiglenn @Nery @Maya @Zantai

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So…how sad will you be if that weapon instead focuses on Bleed soon… :roll_eyes:


have you been watching this build a ll day to make us happy?)))


It’s wrong GT Link in the first post :smiley:

I though this weapon will be on bleed


I’d probably write a long feedback post while still raging from that change if it does hapoen, but then I won’t be playing anytime soon so there won’t be any benefut benefit for me if I do that.


Done editing GT link. If reaver becomes bleed I’d riot right now

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I like this build! Pierce Trickster :heart_eyes:

Btw Primal Bond ? Stormcaller have crit damage.

I hope you return soon with more builds posted :wink:


And phys to lightning conversion. You could argue the crit can offset the conversion but I don’t think with that OA it’s okay. Shaman OA really sucks.

I can’t believe I forgot mamba in the credits list.

Oh well…a lot of thinking coming in for me…

Great work. My 1st Bleeding built based on TzTz´s Bloody Assassin used this weapon for a long time. :slight_smile:

you obviously forgot Dammit, no theorycrafting without GT

Dammit and Mamba >> Zantai and Grava

Every good builder should pass a test of making a solid Trickster. Gratz!

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I guess we’ll double down on the Pierce instead. :open_mouth:

Starts Crying




Starts thinking which tricksters are left unexplored

Well, if you really want to suffer, try a fire or a vitality one.