[] Cyclomentalist (Crucible Max)

No, I get it. But if you played THIS setup before the nerfs, it would have been better than the one I made before, right?

Yes, DG in latest setup much better than aeon

Nice to see the use of a classic lightning devotion (i.e. DG)!

And phenomenal piloting by @Shoot2033

Maybe stop posting in this thread, guys. Maybe there’s still a chance Zantai didn’t see this…


In your drreams. That all-seeing eye sees EVERYTHING.

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  1. Know what’s Z’s point on 5 minutes build
  2. Post 5m build hoping it won’t get nerfed
  3. Get it nerfed
  4. Cry


4:09 Elementalist with Caniister (not so good 170 wave , so possible achieve around 4 minutes in best condition)


  • Mines still OP, especially with Cyclone’s modes, so maybe reduce base damage skill by 10-12%(~25-30% to cyclone’s mods)
  • Reduce RR on arcane bomb to 30%(Reason : (Lightning>fire and cold) ~30% better than other elemental damages(better gear,better devotions,better items)
  • Aether corruption very powerful curse both in terms on damage and RR, so maybe reduce a bit too.


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Can i get the file of this monster please? I wanna give it a try too :D.

  • You go full offence by sacrificing lots of viable stats
  • Mines are supergood when you can facetank enemies (what is possible only in Cruci). In difficult SR fights you need to move around a lot, losing most of the mines damage

That’s why it shouldn’t be the reason to nerf mines. At least not in the current state, when retal builds does 3 consistent runs in 25 min NACKED.

Fire is fine now and needs a ninja improvements on some gear, however cold is underperforming except a couple of builds.


@Shoot2033 I was about to test Stormseer Saphire on this. If you don’t care for resistances might be worth a try.

Good to see Cyclone keeping at it. Still top 3!

Pretty sure it can outclass my binder without doubts!

Yeah, I just watched the vid. Only one time Tainted and one time Exposed - no other good mutators. And at 170 Moose and Zantarin didn’t go out.

_Marentalist.zip (435.9 KB) if you want to test @ya1 @romanN1

Thank you! Will come back as soon as i test it!

Though curageous tincture :smiley:. I agree with 4 beacons + 3 buffs instead of the revert, but tinctures are too much.

Agreed. Arcane bomb is also the most unreliable of the 3 ele RR’s.

perhaps a better nerf to mines would be to remove the %fire/burn damage on hellfire mine? (Give it %chaos damage instead!!!)

What do you guys think?

I think that Elementalist should not be ground for nerfs. It’s a glass cannon kind of build with little to no means of sustain. It’s also a huge piano that uses SIX (6!!) offensive skills with ~50% Fire to Lightning conversions, two of them are buffed by gear. What I mean is that it’s fucking hard to play a char like this.

Cyclone has been nerfed enough. Cyclone Vindicator used to be a 5 minute build, now it’s a good one minute slower.


I agree to Lee. This build is meant for highly experienced players and it also takes a good pc to pull off that performance. A slower framing pc would bring up big issues when trying to cast all those spells fast.

Too difficult for you? :smile: Though it’s quite understandable situation for almost all my piano builds,that uses around 9-11 buttons

Im not 100% used to pianos and not used to GD’s engine that sometimes refuses to cast spells although you hit the button 3 times, and yeah i dont have a very good pc either xD.

4:04!!!(changed kaisan amulet to stormseer). (Thanks @ya1 . Really good dmg boost)