[] MIKE TYSON (Crucible Mega, SR+)

There goes all of Inquisitor’s attacking skill… :skull:

Word of Pain will rise up and lead the way.


Do you actually need slow res on this spec? Because that maelstrom pants looks mighty tasty

I thought about it. But I wanted to make this build balanced for both Crucible and SR up to 75, and taking Imp means no Solemn Watcher or Ghoul. For a max dmg no defense kinda setup, I guess the devo setup from my Cyclone elementalist (Imp and Dying God) would surely give better results despite incomplete conversion. Imp on one of vindicator’s superproccers is godly.

If I have time I’ll play around with a more adventurous setups.

I didn’t feel like I needed any more sustain. Bat is weak here but there’s other stuff. Problem is the big phys hitters but can always kite.

Hard to beat mh’s double dmg reduction/absorbtion and Mirror. But this vindicator is doing quite ok. Phys res looks very ugly but I had no weird stories like with Pyran.

They do. But Tranquils also happen to fix the res I needed.

Some degree of slow res is needed for Chain Lightning and Tether. I guess I could’ve made do with slow res boots only but Wyrmscales are too good.

Sorry for spamming the thread. I couldn’t reply in one message.

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Aura of Censure -37 Elemental resist, Raging Tempest - 39 Elemental resist, are both needed?
And why not Stormcallers Pact? Noob trying to understand…

damage reduction and RR

Burn the witch… I mean nice one! – said an envious melee guy.

I’m making (well, struggling to make) a DW lightning elementalist rn and i’ll look closely at some of your choices and piloting.

Only one exclusive skill is allowed and AoC is probably the best exclusive skill in the game because “-% RR” type of reducions stack. Very helpful at fightning resistant bosses.

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This has to be the ugliest son-of-a-mother I’ve ever seen.

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Common now. Nothing beats the bathrobe that is Light’s Defender chest. The Allagast chest is pretty smooth.

It looks like the thorax of a radioactive roach

You say it like it’s a bad thing. Roach is already rad-resistent. Imagine how powerful it is when it oozes radiation.

It can be powerful and still look like dog turd :stuck_out_tongue:

lmao yeah Hannibal Lecter meets 70’s Drag Queen Disco Halloween

Hey! It would’ve been 4:56:34 if not for the Valdarans! :joy:

Post it here or pm me. Would love to give you some suggestions. I can already give you a solid suggestion: KEEP YOUR EXPECTATIONS LOW! :rofl:

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@Nery posted a DW SR set Lightning Elementalist a little while ago. Might want to check it out:

Definitely worth a fashion dawn entry

It’s by far the most amount of time i’ve spent on a build so believe me i’m aware :laughing:
But hey! I was in 6 min graphic two times… before i died to Korvaak :upside_down_face:

Yeah i saw it. Usually i give up on my build when i see smth similar posted but in this case i want to push it a little further. Tried the last iteration only few times but it cleared in 6:25 two times

When you specializes the other end of the skill bonuses (ala stormbox instead of trozan) and still get 5min runs :rofl:

Build still kicks ass in Just did 5:20 with Resistant and about 10s lost on retarded nem combo at 170.

No changes. But I’d welcome some advice about off-hand affixes.