[ -] (Caster) Cloudy with a chance of DOOMBOLTS - Spam chaos DB pyromancer [c+] [sr+]

Rare picture from SR, spam chaos DB pyro incoming UPDATE: build got some more tankiness and damage boost, so the results now are even better. UPDATE: build finally got some face-lifting. Better damage, better survivability, faster clear times.





  • Helm, off-hand, gloves and pistol - BiS here, as they give -3,5 sec cd to our main damaging skill.
    Note that afiixes on the pistol may be any (although these are the best, actually), what we really need is the mod to DB.
  • Belt - important conversions, spirit and OA bonuses, cool proc.
  • Shoulders - have chosen these because of bonuses to Hellfire Mine and DB.
  • Conduit - for some extra toughness and for boosting our regen, which is the main source of sustain.
  • Rings - both with -%RR to chaos, which is important.



  • Very nice solo-damage and tankiness.
  • Fun gameplay - just raining down DB to vaporise your enemies.
  • High RR - up to -132%.


  • Though energy regen is high, in deep SR you still need to use potions sometimes.
  • Getting the proper affixes on green items may take a long time.

Note: this is not pros/cons point but just a fact: the build needs some skill and practice to realise its full potential.






@sir_spanksalot for helping with the build and giving some nice ideas of how to improve it, also for making the spam DB sentinel, Dementia and mad_lee for helping with the build and all Safarel Discord community.

All my builds are available here: Afanasenkov26’s Build collection


Nice Chaos DB spam build! What’s the CD on it?

:+1::+1: for being a Pyromancer :slight_smile:

The in-game cd is about 0,7 sec :slight_smile:


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Nice. I also am glad to see a Pyro. I was getting fatigued by Occultist often relying on OK cd, energy regen, and Ascension. Also nice to see MI weapon in use (and it looks like the MIs will do just fine with average affixes). And finally, nice to see the chaos version of DB.

I expect that with the next patch and the expected chaos resist tweaks to monsters, this build should perform even better.

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I’m also waiting for the chaos res reduction.
But in comparison with spam vitality DB sentinel, pyro is a bit weaker/slower (more slower than weaker) probably because of chaos DB has less AoE :thinking:

Nice to see that you’ve finally posted it!

I actually think that outside of acid builds, occultists don’t pair very well with OK for vit/chaos damage.

In fact, I can’t think of a single vitality sentinel which isn’t mine.

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how do you guys not pulling all 3 bosses being that close? when I do SRs I take a step from spawn and they charge at me

A cheesy method I’ll never use is to rotate your minimap so it’s facing backwards. For some reason, this severely reduces the AoE of enemy aggro.

What I do is step into the corner away from the enemies then open my map to see who I’m fighting. The aggro radius of different enemies varies.

e.g. Kuba can sense you a mile away, and zantarin is almost blind.

So I try to pull those with the greatest aggro range first.

And if that fails (which it often does), I just use mobility and positioning to try and outplay them.


holy fuck thank you I have been trying to figure it out forever

build updated to, feel free to check it out and comment.


build updated to new GT, download link and videos were uploaded to the OP.


привет, есть ли альтернатива пистолету или в данном билде без вариантов?
Просто маг (кастер) с пистолетом меня вымораживает…

Привет! В данном билде пистолет бисовый и альтернатив ему нет.

ясно, жалко

Any changes for

No, itemisation/devo path are the same, nothing changed.

Sorry for the noob question, but why the main skills is only level 1? I know it’s buffed beyond reason from itens… Is it this way to have “low” energy cost?

Can’t go above 22/12
Additional points would be lost

Oh yeah, it’s always the cap +10 right? Gotta remember this when crafting builds, THANKS!

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