[] [HC] The White Mage - cold Devastation/TSS Warlock (sr65, cr-, vids)

Alright people of cairn it’s time for another memer, the cold devastation Warlock! Still able to do some actual endgame content, not the hardest and not in the fastest way, but I managed campaign content, the four roguelikes, Lokarr, Kubacabra and other nemesis in Shattered Realm shards 50-51 on HC.

^ingame with Blood of Dreeg active

GRIMTOOLS https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RZRPePx2

Spectral Bludgeon grimtools: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/Q2zYBQvN

Trozan Starkeeper grimtools: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2mjXmnV


YT playlist

Gladiator Crucible:
1-170 first run 150-170 in 8 min 59 sec on patch

Celestials (except Lokarr): big nope


Tier 1:

  • Jackal: total speed, phys res, affinity

  • Sailor’s Guide: best tier 1 devotion (except for bat), res, MS

  • Eel: DA, pierce res, affinity

  • Lizard: affinity, better than hound here

  • Quill: DA, affinities, energy, aether res

Tier 2:

  • Watcher: huge DA, flat armor, pierce res

  • Murmur: must have for all cold builds, RR proc

  • Behemoth: HP, regen, healing proc is very good with Time Dilation

  • Rhowan’s Crown: %elemental dmg, flat RR proc, ele and chaos res

Tier 3:

  • Ultos: OA, chaos res, crit dmg, elemental %RR

  • Aeon’s Hourglass: nice defensive nodes, still has a superb proc even after nerf (perfect for resetting CD of Devastation, Giant’s Blood, TSS, Mirror of Ereoctes, etc.)


  • weapons: Trozan’s Skykeeper (vitatlity → cold conversion to Sigil of Consumption and +1 projectiles to TSS) or Spectral Bludgeon (lightning → cold conversion to TSS)

  • offhand: Terrnox’s Aether Tome (CDR for Devastation)

  • amulet: Conduit of Arcane Whispers (fire to cold conversion to Devastation)

  • chest, gloves, pants: The Eastern Oath set (skill bonuses, decent proc, poor man’s Trozan set, which doesn’t block helm/shoulder slots)

  • helm: Outcast’s Secret (for more Devastation fun)

  • shoulders: Harra’s Shoulderguards: phys/stun/slow res, aether to cold conversion

  • rings: Band of Eternal Haunt (casting speed, RR proc) and Screams of the Aether (+2 Devastation and racial damageto aetherials also via +2 Fabric or Reality)

  • pants: Mythical Runeplates of Ignaffar (phys res, skill bonuses, %fire dmg)

  • relic: Eternity (+1 Arcanist, global CDR on proc)

  • belt: Mythical Phantom-Thread Girdle (skill bonuses, OA)

  • boots: Mythical Wyrmscale Footguards (super good after its buff, nice fit for any Aura of Censure user)

  • medal: Mythical Mark of Calamitous Desires (+3 Star Pact/Vulnerability, HP, OA, %dmg)


  • level using Bloody Pox with Fevered Rage transmuter (Occultist) or OFF and Greater Fireball (Flintcore Bolts component) + Trozan Sky Shard (Arcanist)

  • rush Rhowan’s Crown and Murmur devotions


RR = resist reduction, OA/DA = offensive/defensive ability, CS = casting speed, CDR = cooldown reduction, HC = hardcore, HP = health points, %WD = % weapon damage, TSS = Trozan’s Sky Shard

Feedback & Final Words

Obviously this is a lot more on the meme side of things than your usual Trozan set Warlock/Druid, but it works (somewhat) and is actually decent for SR!

For those of you who don’t care about the very hardest endgame content, this build is good enough. Hope you enjoy it and have fun dropping down those stars! :sunglasses:


Cold devastation, chills :sweat_drops:

Btw I leveled Warlock and didn’t quite like the survivability, despite the freebie physical resistance. You play Warlock Hardcore. Howww?


Free phys res, active heal from BoD and absorb from maiven’s is pretty ok survivability imo. It certainly is not tanky, but there are also squishier classes, like defiler :stuck_out_tongue:

Also as long as you follow rule #1 in HC, you can make any class work to a certain degree :wink:

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I haven’t play in HC, so don’t know the rules. Let me guess: Hmmm, don’t go anywhere near ground damage? Don’t fight Nemesis underleleved, don’t neglect resistances, don’t eat or sleep at the keyboard.

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just don’t get hit looooooooooooooooool 4Head


Seriously? That doesn’t seem achievable. It’s still sound advice to not sleep or eat and pay attention. In my last 10 builds leveled have 4 or 5 deaths combined. Most of them are when I level my devotions or skills and am hit by someone. :rofl:

It’s just a meme :stuck_out_tongue: not getting hit by certain key abilities helps a lot though.
Most of the time you need to have fast reactions and sometimes use pots preemtively… And well turn down your expectations a little bit as you won’t be doing a lot of shard 60+ in HC.

You live stream so can’t use the best hardcore defensive tactics: GD stash resurrection of dead characters or alt+F4. But is way different leveling toons without single death, which is easy and leveling and playing end game as Hardcore character. You need both skills, tough build and cautious approach. So am always surprised to see class like Warlock posted with HC tag :slightly_smiling_face:

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The game is literally the same, HC or SC (as most SC people tend to say), and that is kinda true. Every class+content combination that you can play in SC without a single death you can just aswell play in HC. Also you need to have the mentality that you play for your stash and not for your char. If you become too emotionally attached to a char and lose him… it might break you. I’ve lost lots of chars already, so I know that feel… the urge to resurrect a char was strong at first, but streaming and learning to just play for stash does keep that feeling in check nicely. Also there are soooo many builds to play in this game, how much does one single char matter anyway :joy:

Edit: HC is like real life, a char lost is like an opportunity lost. Life (shared stash) still goes on, you gotta move on and try to not miss the next opportunity (not lose the next char).


the game style of hd mod is not like the other one’s ,to survive in hd mod u need to ply safely i mean dont rush anywhere just move slowly and try to not get the atention of all mobs.(sorry my eng is bad)

All true m8. Unless of course, your toon is wearing a bunch of rarest items which you have no copies of in stash. Imaging losing your only Shar’zuls wolrdeater or the last pair of Alkamos purple rings, or that well-rolled conduit with the right resistance and skill.

I’ve beaten HC ultimate with 50+ chars (20 of them are now RIP) and faced every celestial boss and secret boss in the game. We don’t camp really. We push ourselves to stay on the bleeding edge with some builds, and play more carefully with others. Usually by the end of MC ultimate you know what the build is capable of and what endgame is available for it. This build is very nice, does damage and kills. Not for high SR or even consistent 50+ farming (at least I wouldn’t do it). Speaking SR, have you tried pushing it? I’ve done some 75-76 speed runs but always seem to stop myself and get the loot at the end of 76 lol. I’m a chicken…

It will hurt a lot, but will make a fine RIPclip and well, gotta move on to one of the 4649396 builds that don’t need those specific items.

Exactly, that’s how you approach every new build you make in HC. It’s very important in the endgame to do increasingly difficult content step by step and not just rush into SR 65 or crucible 170 right away. That’s the only way to know/feel what the build is really capable of and then you can decide how far you think it’s ok to push the build. Personal playstyle can make the difference between a safe SR 50-51 farmer and a cronley farmer. I know a guy who was able to beat SR 60 with vitality EoR Sentinel on HC whereas I myself wouldn’t dare to take my chaos EoR Sentinel any higher than 51.

My personal best is still only SR 70 on my Blightlord Oppressor.

hi Rekt. i just want to say i really like your idea of full cold devastation + trozan concept. with the new anubar ring now the build can have full 100% aether converted to cold for devastation, and even bonus skill points to trozan itself. I used GDstash since it required a few green MI, the damage is really nice, but seriously out caster is thinner than a paper, mostly with no health regen or adcth. even SR 50 can be deadly very frequently (yeah i cant play HC). But still, this build is really fun to play and has great animation. tks for that :))) Here is my char: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/b28L1KK2 (i choose spellbreaker over warlock mostly for aura RR and 20% evasion, and BS is an auto proc machine is nice too)