[] Cookie Dervish (SR80, Naked Crucible, C+)

And what makes you think I didn’t intend to to SWITCH WEAPONS! :dizzy: :rofl:

This one?

AoM nerf was so bad makes me wanna blame global warming and world famine on it.

^you wouldn’t. My point exactly.


  1. Blademaster (pierce, maybe someone can make cold work)
  2. Dervish (This one, misery, that one pierce EoR I made that needs a rework since Oleron pierce is dead)
  3. Saboteur (the mad_lee one)
  4. If that brutallax Trickster I made can still survive in current cruci then maybe that one, since brutallax is better now.
  5. Stronghold purifier - tho idk how it compares against justicar.
  6. Pretty much every autoattacker out there with strong weapons but no sets. Those justicar fs builds will be good with SR in theory, since both sets exist for the same purpose - be a filler armor set because we don’t have any.

Would be nice to see some OA on SR though. 3-4% on 3 set bonus maybe?

Nah. I’d prefer it to be full defensive set.

@x1x1x1x2: Scrub. L2dps

I have cold Blade Arc Blademaster.

There is also Pierce spam PB Blademaster somewhere on the forums.

Melee Spellbinder is garbage. I have checked couple of patches ago. Full Krieg, like crazy flat numbers, but it could barely squeeze in 8-8:30 in pre- Crucible. It wasn’t dying tho, due to all fail-safes, but damage was depressing.

Next week will add another. :wink:

I remember posting DW melee Paladin with SR set. Going Justicar is costing you lot of skill points. And you don’t really have other options. So there is logical.

Lemme guess…

cold trickster?

You missed the class obviously. :wink:

Have you tried to upload this character? :innocent::smiley:

You mean like this? _Marithka.zip (1.2 MB)


I am leveling a Dervish now using Stupid_Dragon’s Virulent Dervish guide and think about transitioning to this build for endgame, since it looks partially target farmable.

Does it need any changes for the last update, or it’s good as is?

Not really. Can’t have the new Magi rings, sadly. You might wanna get Eye of The Guardian and Candle for Spider and Two in Torch.

Hi Ya1 !

Thanks for the guide :slight_smile:

I either have transitioned from the virulent_dervish guide for my first char in this game to a “self made” build inspired by yours.
I have a tough hesitation on gearing, more precisely on medals.

My current build looks like that :

As you can see it’s a work in progress, the second MQC doesn’t want to drop and i don’t have the SR set, I chose items that give +skills to compensate a bit. A beginner build with pierce => acid conversion.

I looted the medal I actualy wear but i have the mark of lethal intents too.
The one i looted give me more dps but lacks good resists, with the mark i can put better augments for core stats (OA/DA/HP)

And then, yesterday i looted this one :

It’s a green but it seems pretty strong with the RoS modifier and the overall stats.

I’m pretty confused, if you (or another GD veteran) have a minute to watch i would be very very grateful !


Lethal Intents is imo best for you as your oa is low. The green RoS medal would ofc be BiS with fantasy affixes; with those particular affixes not so much. Forbidden is imo severely lacking. But if you’re still collecting gear then I’d use whatever fixes the resists before I worry about DPS.

But I think you could tackle SR to get the set with what you have already. Just take that Revenant, free some points from… ah lemme just do it: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lNkJK8lZ. Pls ask if you don’t understand why this and that. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you very much ! And you tweaked my GrimTools !!! <3

Didn’t know that amongst my core stats OA was lacking, I’ll go for lethal intents.

Forbidden is an affixe ? Never saw it I think.

I understand Execution with my actual item skill modifier but I don’t get it without my off hand weapon.
It’s the enmy health reduction that makes it worth the points ?

Thank you very much again ya1 !

Try to craft it at the FG hidden smith for slow res.

No, I mean the Mark of the Forbidden the medal.

Not sure if I understand. The reason for Execution is very high weapon damage.

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Didn’t know that stats vary according to the smith I choose !

Yeah the mark of the forbidden would be perfect, I’ll wait for luck. :slight_smile:

Ok for Execution, didn’t realise that damage potential. I’m going to respec my build with your advises right know ! \o/
Thanks !

I know this is an old thread, but I wanted to report that I found this thread via google search or some such and this has been an inspiration for me in the recent GD community league (S3).

Following the basic outline here (SR set + Mad Queen Claws), I’ve defeated Lokarr, Bourbon, and Mogdrdogen so far (first time for me on that last one). Getting ready to take on Ravager. The SR set + Mad Queen combo is astoundingly sturdy. Have been able to pretty much face tank everything I’ve encountered (so far), but of course I haven’t taken on the very hardest content yet.

GT link for my character: