[] Infernal Knight EoR Shieldbreaker - 5:43 Crucible, SR75 [g3][c+][sr+][vid]


Another build that performed better than I expected. I’ve been theorycrafting this character from before I worked on my Deceiver but just now put it together. Credit to @mad_lee’s Two Princes for giving me the idea of where to start.


GT: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/vNQOyoXV

Use your abilities on cooldown and spam Eye of Reckoning. Pretty simple. I’m not 100% on the gloves/amulet but these are what I settled on. They could probably be improved.

Character sheet with permanent buffs.


My times range from 5:40 to 6:30. It’s pretty consistent and could probably be improved.

Video of clearing SR77. If you want to push further the SR set might work better. I haven’t tested it.

Let me know if there’s anything that can be improved or fine tuned.


Congrats on yet another expert build!

I’m not sure how it survives, though. I remade my old Pyran shieldbreaker lately and it’s nowhere this level of consistency despite actually higher defensive stats. And I’m not talking about sustain. It gets one shot by trash through maxed Ascension and Blast Shield (check out the funny vid in my post by the end of this thread: [] Pyrapyraboomboomboom! - Max DMG No-Green Pyran SB (crucible 4:50)). I assume such things don’t happen on your sb or you wouldn’t do SR so deep. Must be the dmg reduction from EoR?

Very good build. I think IK is really perfect match for this guy. Nice touch with fire Ultos too

Edit: how much do you need bat as opposed to fiend ? In cruci at least

I have higher health, armor and physical resist. That with the EoR damage reduction probably makes the difference. I do get chunked out occasionally but it’s not super common.

@Superfluff I tried Fiend over Bat and the loss of leech was definitely noticeable. I wouldn’t recommend it but you could probably get some faster times with Fiend.

At ~5:40 kill times it probably wouldn’t even be much of an impact unless you get lucky with mutators. It’s good that it’s consistent using bat even with just 5 pt Ascension

That’s a pretty cool hybrid. No problems with consistency in Crucible?

Another question, wouldn’t overcapping ascension be better than dumping points into Judgment?

This is pretty cool build.
Combining full blown BWC, thermite mine, and fire EoR. The playstyle match perfectly. Love it.

Damn, I might even level a shieldbreaker for this, and I am not the type to play someone else’s build.

Very good job plasmo!

I’m not sure what the standard for consistency is but I get myself killed probably every 4 or 5 runs (I didn’t do that many). Ascension may be a better place for the points, I really wasn’t sure which would result in more damage.

Thanks jabrix, I was sitting on it for a while just assuming it would be too fragile and weak, but it turned out better than expected.

I may be missing something totally obvious… but how do you enable dual wielding with shieldbreaker?

The medal enables dual wielding. There are multiple items in the game that allow other classes to dual wield melee or ranged weapons.

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