[] OL' REAVER (vindicator remake)

How important are two points in Wendigo totem? You need just 5 points to overcap Storm Touched. I remember I have discovered how dps-y Storm Touched is when I was assembling my Lightning Trickster.

That nerf to Stormreaver was classic Zantai’s move, axe was good as it was with +1 to Inquisitor then out of the blue it gets buffed with more skills to Inquisitor for some weird reason then bam, no skills to Inquisitor.

some will have a guide of the set of ultos

Very. No SR90 without it. Extra 6% adcth is golden. Any heal is golden. The dmg you eat that far in SR is insane.

That’s right. Nightblade has crazy good wps so anything that improves melee - like attack speed - pays off better. Also, Storm Touched electrocute scales great (like 7-11/s per point). Trickster also has better wps to spread that electrocute (Whirling Death and Belgo Shears).

On this Stormreaver, if I got 10 free skill points, I think the first to max would be Savagery, then Storm Touched. Reason is Electrocute doesn’t leech, and I hate those RNG bonuses like 20% for 500%damage.

I don’t really mind it, honestly. Build is still VERY TOP-TIER. It’s just funny that they added +1 to inquisitor just to take -2 next patch.

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is there DW version for this?

Love this one. Any change for an upload of the char?
Thanks in advance.
PS: Love your posts on this forum

I guess you could try with double Stormstrife but you lose the whole Brute Force line. Makes little sense.

There’s Ludrigan dw ranged, a few setups here: [] Duel of Savage Totemists - Ludrigan and Stormreaver vindicators comparison. It’s not updated, though, and I didn’t take Box there which was bad.

Another good Totem build is Stormstrife + Groble Sky Effigy. 5 Totems but no Savagery - pure caster. [] 5 Storm Totems Vindicator - No Banner 8:16. Very very old.


Here you go! _Marosh.zip (1.2 MB)

you are absolutely correct. it makes little sense for DW melee. i always like a DW melee lightning build. sadly they make inquisitor WPS exclusive for ranged only. seems like to go DW i would have to go the Death Knight route.

many thanks for this build. was looking for a really good lightning build and this by far is one of the most strongest and even exceed warder.

Any class can dw but nightblade is the mastery specializing in it. So lightning is not the best dmg type for dw. Pierce, cold, bleed and acid are best.

Lightning trickster used to be okay a few patches ago but now it might be weak.

It’s not really my build. It’s a very old build and many people posted different versions of it. Anyway, it is THE strongest lightning build (arguably second strongest after Cyclone but Cyclone has been nerfed much harder than LD) and one of the strongest builds in the game in general. Warders can’t hold a candle to vindicators, btw.

was wondering why not take elemental storm instead? revenant 6% adcth would it be redundant to feral hunger? of course, 25% chance to proc… not really sure how crate implemented the proc chance though. if don’t get proc once every 4th attack then, that chance sure is pretty low and need very high atk speed.

and yes i’ve played warder before and this is indeed really a nice build. btw, i’m not sure why i can’t achieve your skill points allocation. i have the exact +6 shaman +1inquisitor.

i’m already level 100 and did all the hidden paths quests.

Revenant is much better. That 6% is absolutely necessary to facetank stuff in very deep shards and naked crucible. There’s also speed and racial to undead.

The only time when Storm is better is when you go for purple devotions anyway (Seekers, Seru).

There’s also one for Allostria quest on ultimate, one for Uroborruk’s son and a couple for SR. Also, maybe our relic completion bonuses are different.

i have the same completion bonus on eye of the storm. but well noted on the quests and from SR. much thanks! this is a nice build. but i do find the HP dipping real fast when fighting some mobs in lower crossings which has an on ground aoe. looks like poison/acid. but other poison/acid i have no issue. resists are pretty much high though.

btw is it me? i have noticed that kasparov’s experiment don’t award skillpoints anymore in normal/elite and even ultimate.

Grubnar. That enemy is way op for a hero.

I just got one on normal.

grubnar? is there a link to grim monsterdb? just died being overconfident in temple of the three. those riftspawn sure crazy? i already have overcapped poison… not really sure what kills me though. armor isn’t that bad at 2.8K with 100% absorption.

You should not be dying in main game at all. As long as you stay in the Seal and hit things with Savagery you should be immortal in main game. Maybe you were standing on those green rifts?

Imma just plug my lightning dw trickster here

thanks mad_lee!. it has been eons ago i played a trickster. finally a new SR set that does justice to a trickster!. 2.9 OA/DA trickster build is just nice!

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how are you building for this current patch

No changes were made to anything here. Box was nerfed but I wouldn’t be going about dropping it.

excuse me, now with the changes to the conduit does something change or are we better than before?

Check out @ya1 profile. He posted an update to this but on a different thread.

Spoilers: nothing about that conduit change made the build better lmao