[] Runes of Havoc - Physical Rune/Autoattack Hybrid DW Ranged Paladin: ~6:00 Crucible, SR 75 [c+][sr+][g4][vid]

There has been some talk of doing anyway with the arming time on runes lately. While I think the arming time could come down a small amount, that arming timing is part of what makes the skill unique. I believe that they function well for what they are. This lead me to make a build which utilized both runes to their maximum potential. This build uses the unique pierce to physical conversion from Mythical Havoc and several sources of elemental to physical conversion to fully utilize rune damage. Shout out to @sir_spanksalot for believing in the build during the theory crafting stage :smiley:

The Build: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/JVlbK5lN
As mentioned above we use dual Havocs, as much elemental to physical as possible,try to get maxed artifact handling, and the relevant rune skills. Since we have such an excess of plus inquisitor skill, it makes sense to 1 point the wps from the class as well as taking righteous fury to 16/16. It makes for a very good filler. The physical res to storm box is taken for obvious reasons. The real secret sauce to the build is binding Blades of Wrath of Hagarrad and binding Falcon Swoop to Rune of Kalastor. With 20/20 artifact handling the runes share a cooldown with said devotion procs. They also shotgun from where the rune is cast. Since kalastor hits with ignition on cast and 8-12 fragments, it almost always will trigger on every cast. The same can be said with Hagarrad, each of the 9 projectiles has a chance to proc blades of wrath. This build has 49% damage to cthonics, 24% to undead, 15% eldricht, and 15% to humans. This helps a lot as the most physical resistant nems fall into those categories. Scales of Ulcama are taken to help sustain health and energy, as well as providing some flat rr to bosses. (it isnt super reliable application ofc)

I currently am using x3 armor crafts and x1 slow res craft.

For SR I would recommend taking a sacred plating on your helm instead of a second sanctified bone.

A no green version using spellscourge shoulders (@mad_lee 's suggestion) - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4ZDvQKQ2


This build will clear 170 crucible around 6mins or a bit under on a very reliable basis. Vanguard banner will out slightly perform storm banners due to how many different projectiles are being put on the screen at once and how high our crit damage is. Hail the Rune King


VERY INTERESTING CONCEPT some questions though

  1. Why Scales with no vit conversion instead of good ol’ Ghoul? Or just take bottom 3 Menhir and Sailor for Eel? Oh, forget it, the flat rr…

  2. Why Berobelt instead of Deception? Oh, ok, the physique armor thing. ok, next…

Why on Earth? 3k not enough? Oh, alright, armor OCD, I get it… :wink:

  1. Loving the da. We’re having an anti-da meta lately.

Awesome to see the build finally being posted my man! Another valinov-classic. Funky, groovy, and phenomenal

P.S: Your spec looks like dead mau5 going to war

The saddest hing about runes is that they don’t do well outside of the weird and wonderful. E.g. Physical/pierce runes outperforms cold.

The problem lies in full conversion of the pierce/physical portion of the runes damage. To make a full rune caster you need a way to do so. Although this build uses cold runes to pretty good effect. It also uses a lot of other damage sources. (including jacked up chillwhisper blade spirits)

  1. The energy leech/flat RR was the main draw for me. I’m not sure how much healing it really contributes, but RF with 22% adtch on DW guns is a plenty of healing.

  2. The belt also gives oa, %armor, crit damage, and most importantly +2 inquisitor seal.

  3. Armor is the best defensive stat…soooo

  4. I always build DA to ~2800 on my builds, then dump cunning or spirit for more damage. (unless the defenses are paper thin)

Sooo, Rune can work except as elemental? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Very good job valinov! It’s interesting how you make this work as rune is about shotgunning and physical damage is the opposite definition of shotgunning. Also brilliant to bind the rune to blades of wrath + falcon sweep. :+1:

I am not sure about your gloves though because you can still get 18/10 artifact handling which reduce rune CD by 1.9. Colossal grasp should be better imo.

EDIT: scrap collosal grasp! I always forget that you are dual wielding gun!!

Also not sure about tip the scales as it has high CD for a single target skill.

Btw, is ulzaad not worth to be put in physical build? I see quite many build that don’t use it.

I always feel like ulzaad isnt worth it unless you are running belgo relic or some type of cdr… I probably am wrong though. :man_shrugging:

It is totally worth on physical EoR because you need that damage spike on bosses.

Valinov with another sick build!

To be honest you have so many cool concepts, it’s tough to follow them all. :smile:

Interesting combination between ranged play style and runes. And physcial usually sucks for shotgun skills. Pierce runs are good, never expected physical to be though.

normally you would be correct in physical being terrible for shotguns, but the shear quantity of projectiles, the number of %increases to their damage, and high crit damage/oa is enough to overcome it!

This is a great build, and I thought it would not perform, shame on me ))

Did you test Spellscourge shoulders as a non-green alternative?

I did not, but they certainly will work. https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4ZDvQKQ2
lose a small amount of %damage, some phys res, 100life, and about 100 oa. No huge loss to the build. I’ll add to OP

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lee of little faith!

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adding video to the OP still performs great

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Like this paladin, though you might drop some points from box for Presence of Virtue and one point in Concentration
I would try it in high SR if you send me a save folder.

originally I had pov maxed at one point, but I found the oa tiny extra oa isnt super useful in buff/banner crucible where with vanguard + aim im sitting over 4k. I put the points in haven for the extra hp and healing. tbh ive thought about dropping pov to to 1 point and maxing box… more radius/damage + the oa shred means similar effective OA.

One of the most creative physical builds out there, if not the most creative (out of viable ones). Glad to see it still performs. If only you could find ~200% more physical damage somewhere.

Agree about trying out fully overcapped Stormbox over PoV.

One thing that is seriously lacking on this build is casting speed. Rune casting with that cast speed is not super comfortable.