[] So cold... Callidor's Tempest spamming Spellbreaker

This build made me put my callidor tempest aether battlemage finally to the rest, this much much stronger and cooler (no pun intended). Thank you for making me addicted to this game again smh :tired_face:

I think only aether binder is stronger than this one but then im not so sure nowadays anymore.

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as far as CT spammers go, yes - harra is the only real viable choice besides aether.

But there’s been a couple of great builds using transmuted CT

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Sir can you spank me with some of this transmuted builds. Im a spam sucker myself but i would not mind dabbling with other variants of ct

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Can I spank you?


Right, I forgot about vanquisher

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Thanks appreciate it guys you both rock


Cool use of Harra’s set here @Nery - very nice.

Here’s a song for your build soundtrack! :grinning:

:cold_face: Cold, we’re so cold! :cold_face:

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And this time contributing to the topic with song, so nice :ok_hand:

Problem with this build is cant max out inferno without gimping the build. I need that 1 more point so I can sleep. Maybe going off hand is the way

What a chill display :unamused:

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did you get around to trying it out? I’d probably go with nightstalker pendant from bysmiel cult for the extra frostburn on RoS nowadays.

Actually other guys suggested to remove points from Inferno and invest them elsewhere. Lightning damage is unconverted, %damage isn’t doing anything. Only damage that is fully utilized is burn, which is now frostburn.

I played around with your gt trying to put some points into untransmuted PB. Idea is CT builds often need a solid injection of single target dmg and PB (in theory) does just that.

I never tried untransmuted PB. Lol I don’t think anyone has… Mind checking it out?

Nice Build Nery

I did. I have and posted two builds in AoM with my potato PC from back then. One was bleed PB and the other cold PB. The potential is there

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Yeah! I totally don’t know what I’m talking about but I just FEEL it! PB will be good here! I KNOW it! :upside_down_face:

I already respeced my char into.Aeon+DG route. But I was thinking to do different build with Blade spirits, Chillspikes as spam and then PB as nuke. Dagger + Off hand. Maybe will try it.