State of Venomblade

not entirely. It’s sort of the same mindset as in crucible. Was just trying to offer a larger perspective on the whole end game topic.

But to get back on our main track. a bump to tribute gain would be nice at 150+

3k+ raw da is pretty high…

You can’t get that armor on VB unless you go for 2pc Perdition (and do some other compromises) which makes VB slower than SR set dervish and still lacking in many other defenses SR set is swimming in.

Even if that someone is Lead Designer, it doesn’t change the fact that SR60-65 or crucible 7:30 is not “just fine.” And it’s not because I say so. It’s because most endgame builds do 75 no problem and/or clear 6:30 or better. My standards are based on what I see in the game.

Btw, I couldn’t care less about traction of what it takes to get it is blind approval. Or mindless ridiculing of all critique - as you tend to do.

I don’t agree. SR is way easier than crucible now. First, you don’t get debuffed by more than one boss/mob. Second, you can die. Currently, density of debuffs in crucible imo more than makes up for blessings and no SR scaling.

Last build I made, very offensive lightning pet Conjurer (omg how crap pets are now!) did SR75 with eyes closed, 100%, but did die in crucible quite often.

Than what is the norm? If you wanna discuss balance and performance there must be a norm. Most of the best builders here agree that 3+1 should be the norm.

I find that hilarious. I put great thought into my ridicule of mindless critique. As you tend to do.

It’s a shame that you’ve managed to garner yourself a small group of “fans” and yet you waste what little influence you actually could have to effect positive change in the game because… noone takes you seriously. Noone that actually matters being the key words here.



This thread is to argue that Venomblade is weak. So what’s your “great thought“ about that? The gif with cows licking a block of concrete?

Next time you think what others argue makes no sense, except your “great thought” maybe you could provide some gt links, maybe vids, anything concrete to prove them wrong?

What are you talking about? Are you high?

Here’s how weak it is:



damn, you guys love this game too much, don’t ya?

Just leave venomblade in the dust. DW season has pass, get over it and move on to caster.
Even dreeg set is better than venomblade now… :rofl:

I have played VB builds for the majority of time I play GD, especially on Witch Hunters (DW Witch Hunter is my favorite class hands down - love the Caster/Melee Hybrid playstyle). VB Set got waaaay better with the redesign some patches ago. I do agree that it is not quite there yet, though. With the rebalancing of SR I can farm SR 50 quite consistantly but I wouldn’t do that in Hardcore at all. When death occurs it happens rather quickly.

I can’t pinpoint the issue but going more defensive with devotions for example to counteract the problem results in rather bad damage, the trade off is too high in my opinion.

what’s most?

three people posting builds.

3buffs 1 banner is absolutely arbitrary

I find Crucible easy in general unless you play no buffs, again arbitrary. Just a difference of opinions here

No you don’t need to do that. I don’t mean to question your theory crafting but never in a million years have i even thought of that. 2680 armor is relatively easy to get without gimping your char

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While I have nothing to contribute to the topic of Venomblade, now that the new Waystones are coming, I wouldn’t be against shifting the Ideal range of builds for SR from SR60 to SR75 in terms of balance.

Kind of like how Crucible 170 is the norm now.

Nope, I love my Venomblade WH. :smile:

About season pass, you are right. I will play different builds. I have so many builds, that I don’t have time to play them all. So don’t have any personal interest from nerfs/buffs.

But game is getting close to finishing state, so will continue to make threads about my opinion for game balance, even if I don’t intend to play much with the set/items/devotions . And @powbam no amount of Cow or other animal GIF will stop me! :wink:

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Nothing wrong with that. My point is everyone here knows exactly where the line is drawn in the sand and who the person who drew that line is. If you can convince him to change the position of that line more power to you but people shouldn’t act like they don’t know where it is.

It sure is. But for the sake of discussion an arbitrary norm must be adopted. 3+1 is most fitting as it allows a reset of tributes after 3 sub 7 runs. Taking Ulzuin is like 2-3 extra jewelry augments (and all energy problems solved) so 4+1 performance is different from 3+1 performance. You gotta choose one if you wanna talk about performance of a build.

Yeah… you can… Like this: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2MnOvmV. But when you look at that and my original gt: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2MnOvmV you see 2-3k wpn dmg difference. That is big. And less crit dmg that is already very low. I’m already using double Ravager Eyes… don’t make me use double Seals of Blades, too… Please… :cry:

Anyway, I think 2.6k armor won’t solve the biggest of the VB problems which are da shreds and phys rr on every hero mob and resulting 20k crits coming from nowhere. I tried stacking more phys res with Barbaros, Final March, Sailor instead of Eel but then oa and resistances go to shit. Would love to see your setup once you’re done with it!

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I have no intention trying to convince Zantai about his standards, not my job. I make as you can see lot of builds and sometimes feedback how I see things. Other players also makes feedbacks, so Zantai’s job is to make the hard decisions what and how to change stuff.

About Venomblade, I tried Witch Hunter. And WH version have innate low health, DA and resistances. Also acid items usually gives only acid resistance and CC are lacking. So you have to make compromises to make it work. In Crucible buffs can cover your weaknesses but in SR you can’t hide them.

I actually liked previous state in FG, where DW melee were kings in Crucible and casters/tanks in SR. Now casters have clear advantage everywhere. Just the current season meta. Hopefully you can’t challenge me there. But I always appreciate nice GIF!

Again, from tribute perspective you can say that the gain should be increased after 160+, which is something i’d get behind

But invalidating a build(builds) for uszing the buff in crucible is imo inadequate.

I looked at your gt yesterday and also the new gt above. The GT I made has very little resemblance to what you made.

And that’s ok, there is more than one way to make a good build. Problem is that you present Gt’s or ideas as if it’s absolutely the only way. It’s hard to carry any debate like this

And that’s the kinda stuff people should be pushing for instead rather than going around tossing that #deadbuild noise around everywhere, which imo is ridiculous and total overreaction - like a tantrum if you get my drift. Zantai responds much better to someone with a plan and evidence to back that plan up. People start tossing #deadbuild around, well, don’t be surprised if you get ignored. Just my two cents on that.

You know me… there will be no shortage there!

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I didn’t mean to do that. And it’s Dmt who started this thread. Her setups are way sturdier than mine.

Do you know about AGGROMERABUSE? :rofl:

I fail to see the purpose in this other than creating more problems/moving goalposts.

SR61+ has long been said to be intentionally unbalanced (for SR itself, not necessarily the builds that go deeper). Per Zantai’s quote

If we want to shift that to SR75, we then need to actually balance SR75 (which likely means nerfing SR61-75). We then also need to nerf SR76+ because the jump between SR75 and SR76 would be inorganically great. So then the “community standard” would become a little over SR75 and being viable for SR75 would be

And we’re right back to this thread. All that would really have changed along the way is

  • New Players/Selffound Characters take longer to reach the “community standard” SR level.
  • Crate wasted a ton of effort in rebalancing later SR levels.

It is the same reason why Crucible 170 has been taken as the goal post and is balanced around while Zantai considers Glad Crucible 150 as perfectly viable.

Right but that wasn’t the original intent of 170 and I doubt Z wants a repeat process of the nightmares that have come from its regulation (see above).

Edit: Consider, suppose Cruci 151-170 released as 151-190 but you didn’t have checkpoints past 150 and loot stopped scaling somewhere around 170 or 180. People would still bragpost about builds doing 190, but that doesn’t necessitate that being the standard for everything and needing to balance the entire 1-189 around it.