[] The Burning Devil Rises - 2H WPS Hybrid Fire Retal Paladin

22nd November 2019: Update

The Build

With all permanent buff + Word of Renewal, Ascension, Deadly Aim, Phoenix Fire, RF charges, and sitting on Inquisitor Seal.
DPS shown is Righteous Fervor.

Build Feature


  • 10 sec dummy kill :wink:
  • Very few button to press
  • 3k walking armor tank with >>220k DPS sheet


  • Non full set build, res is hard to overcap
  • The same can be said for CCRes :frowning:
Build Overview

My 2nd build for the new forum. Another Hybrid retal build! This one is particularly interesting because hybrid retal is still rare in this forum, Especially the fire one. Shoutout to @lacrimosa616 who make the 1st posted hellborne paladin. I thought I would be the first, lol. However, I still think this is worthy to be posted because I took a different approach. I finally made a build that is worthy to replace my previous ulzuin fire strike purifier which is gone due to ulzuin set redesigned.

Retal build other than phys usually has so many problem in its damage, particularly low Retal sheet value. This is the reality that need to be accepted. This build is not an exception. Retal damage sheet shows a really low value compared to warlord. On to another problem, 2H gun. Gun always has a really low flat damage in this game. So you cannot rely on a big fat flat like in melee.

So to solve it, we put every equipment that increase RF %RAtA and make use of gun WPS. RAtA is not scaled to %total damage value and %WD, thus every projectiles of shotgun and barrage WPS carry full retal value from RF. This build has 100% WPS from inquisitor’s WPS, 2x jaxxon rings, and seal of void. Even with only one gun,shotgun type WPS give 2 times projectiles more than its tooltip, so jaxxon and storm spread will gives 8 projectiles. Chilling rounds will shoot 3 projectiles with 2H though. The build also have a decent +%global fire damage to be utilized in procs. As a last note, burn damage is about 180k in dummy and has a quite long duration.

On defense, we have stoneguard ward proc, stonetreaders proc, prismatic diamond proc, phoenix fire proc, flat absorb Inquisitor seal, censure reduced damage, and super high armor with 100% absorb. Other defense mechanisms are standard: good lifesteal with 14% ADCTH + 191% AS, ghoul procs, and decent resilience procs.

Equipment Choices

Craft equipment at Egellon and Kaylon for stun and slow res. Aim for at least additional 10% for each piece.

Core Items:
Helm: Okaloth’s Visage. [Build defining item, support fire damage and retal, also increase RF’s RAtA]
Main & Off Hand: Mythical Hellborne. [build defining item, add more RAtA to RF, more retal to bursting round, and convert RF to pure fire]
Rings: 2x Mythical Jaxxon’s Lucky Bullet. [We need that WPS proc, also decent stats overall.]
Amulet: Stoneguard Ward. [More RAtA to RF, good proc, good res, good attack speed, every piece of stats are good, only lack +1 to mastery… :stuck_out_tongue:]

Supporting Items:
Chest: Mythical Dread Armor of Azragor. [Provide the best balance for hybrid phys+retal]
Shoulder: Mythical Dawnshards Pauldrons. [good massive aether res, giving retal damage and % retal, giving decent 10% reduced target’s damage]
Gloves: Mythical Gauntlets of Ignaffar. [+RF, more fire damage, convert pierce to fire]
Pants: Mythical Thornhide Legguards. [Have tested both this and barbaros, this pants win for this build.]
Boots: Mythical Stonetreaders. [The most stylish boots ever, wear this everywhere you could.]
Belt: Stoneguard Girdle. [Give good res, armor, and 2 piece stoneguard improve our retal a lot.]
Medal: Mark of the Shadow Queen. [I just need its raw stats and being craftable, it can give me more CC res]
Relic: Honor. [Give fire retal, +1 to Oathkeeper, decent granted skill]
Movement Rune: Will of the Fallen Kings is good with RtA. Use whatever you like though.


Fire based devo with Messenger of War and Phoenix Fire

Eldritch Fire > to Righteous Fervor
Phoenix Fire > to Vire’s Cascade
Raise the Dead > to Storm Spread
Meteor Shower > to Summon Guardian of Empyrion
Messenger of War > to Whatever permanent buff
Ghoulish Hunger> to Whatever permanent buff


LMB: Righteous Fervor
RMB: Point to Move
Keyboard 1: Movement Rune
Keyboard 2: Vire’s Cascade
Keyboard 3: Inquisitor Seal
Keyboard 4: Ascension
Keyboard 5: Word of Renewal

Standard procedure:
Cast Word of renewal, ensure it to be always active or save it for heal
Movement rune in.
Cast inquisitor seal below you.
Just hold your left mouse button while mashing Vire’s Cascade button

Cast Ascension occasionally if you hit by enemy that CC you or when facing kuba and others annoying bosses.

Build Performance

UPDATE 170 cruci video with 4 buff + 3 L1 stormcaller beacon:

5:45 clear time. The build is consistent in 6 minutes clear time.

Old 170 cruci video with 4 buff without banner:

Shattered Realm:
Refer to Lacrimosa’s build for shattered realm. May need to have greens or potions to have some res cap and more cc res though.

Updated for Enjoy… :blush:


I really enjoyed this build, but decided against posting it as I felt the fact RTA was being applied to multishot wps was abusing something that probably wasn’t intended.
Then again nothing was said after the last couple builds posted used it, so it’s probably fine. :man_shrugging:

Sick performance and sick build, Jabrix, seems like you went deep into retal meta and came out with a true monster this time.

It does feel that nerf-hammer is coming to that wps-retal interaction though

There’s no other way for a ranged retal to be competitive aside from using this mechanic. Oppressor with Necro WPS could not even come close to this results.

Thanks Madlee.
Fire retal in this build is really small and idk how will they nerf this retal thingies with elegant solutions. Yeah but still, I hope if they nerf things, they still give something in return. This build for example is not really that good defensively even with that 3k armor. Overcapping res is hard, cc res doesn’t look comfortable. Slow res for example only cap when messenger of war is active. I may want to test again with all item crafted for slow res for cruci. In SR though, stun res is more valuable.

Anyway, this is just one build. I will need to test more ranged retal concept to be sure if this ranged retal is really broken. Lol


Hmmmm. I never thought it was this good. I never pursued this concept past the grimtools stage cause the paper stats don’t look impressive. Even here I wouldn’t think the retal number look good enough, so nice job!

Now I think phys would work cause while there’s less RR and less retal to attack, you have way better flat retal with phys.

11 sec dummy man, don’t be deceived by numbers… :wink:
I never really like phys because armor exist. So I tried really hard to make hybrid retal that is not phys.

Eh, I thought you are on break… :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t touched grim dawn since that last build, so yeah I’m on break. I’ll most likely play again when patch hits cause Zantai had to buff arcanist now of all times.

didnt someone already post something like this a while ago? nonetheless this looks quite refined, best part though are your illusions :smiley:

Masterful build. :clap::clap::clap: Or at least it looks so to a guy who doesn’t know shit about retal… :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you tried some more retal oriented devotions? Hyrian? Phoenix? These mods look like they pack a lot of retal added to Fervor. I’m probably wrong but I’d try to make it more retal-retal than hybrid-retal…

It’s lacrimosa616, I write that in the build overview.
Thanks BTW. I have a good fashion sense.:sunglasses:

Thanks thanks Ya1.!
I mixed it with ordinary fire Devo because retal build always lack on AoE. This one have sufficient AoE to clear cruci fast.

Phoenix should be better for SR. Haven’t think about hyrian at all. The proc is decent and the node is good, but the pathing not so much. Worth to try though.

Build is updated for

New video with 4 buff + 3 L1 Stormcaller Beacon:

5:45 clear time.
the build is consistent in 6 minutes clear.



Yeah, Hellborne is one of the best ranged builds in the game. And since big portion from the damage comes from retal, then Stormcaller banners can help it time wise.

And your time is great for Paladin.

Wow… That looks amazing! Thanks a lot for the update.

Looks like my poor FoI Paladin (don’t ask…) finally got a new perspective in life. :sunglasses: I’ll definitely try this.

Paladin is not so bad. It’s not a Uber offensive mastery like shieldbreaker, but can still work well.

It’s just a shame that all of offensive Inquisitor skill is impotent except stormbox, and ranged paladin is not really that good except hellborne.

Enjoy! The build is very easy to play also with few buttons to press.

It’s duke nuke 'em up in here muthafuckers. <3

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Damn and I thought my hellborne Paladin was sth that wasn’t posted here already and I was about to post it soonish… And now I see this thread for the first time :rofl:

Ofc @thejabrixone was much faster than me making this build :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Very nice build, can confirm with my similar HC setup.


Just post it rekt. It will be good for ppl to see what hellborne can do in HC setup also… :slightly_smiling_face:

Will post it tomorrow, also one question that you can probably answer: Does Rata still get added to all projectiles of WPS like jaxxon’s and stormspread with 100% effectiveness? I played the build quite a bit, but couldn’t quite figure this out (also due to me not using Grim internals).

Edit: guess I won’t post it until I updated the build for 1.1.5 @thejabrixone surprise patch too OP.

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I did 10 sec dummy kill with this build. :rofl:

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Hahaha wtf :rofl:
Mine does around 20s, but it’s not using the jaxxon’s yet.

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