[] The Golden Defiler- DW aether melee Bonemonger. Gladiator in ~7 minutes on average

  • That’s what Google shows me as Defiler. Since I have no idea what’s a Defiler, I will take it! :sweat_smile:


Defiler is considered as one of the weakest classed in the game and absolutely deserves it’s infamous status. But still you can make decent build out of it. Bonemonger set can do a good job in many aether or elemental builds. Frankly I don’t see why it doesn’t support Demo but OK.

Credit for posting multiple builds using Bonemonger to @Valinov and @thejabrixone



  • Permanent buffs and Soul Harvest. DPS for Fire Strike

GRIM TOOLS- https://www.grimtools.com/calc/1NXmJOX2


Main damage is from FS, interacting with Necro WPS. Build have natural decent OA and crit damage from Dying God helps with build critting stuff. RR is very good, since both classes have - aether RR, but also nice proc from Dreadfire, Bonemonger set bonus and Widow devotion. Procs from Bonemonger, Fiend and Spear are for support damage.


Build have good life steal, Ghoul, Blast Shield, Ravenous Earth for damage reduction. If you die too often try Bat instead of Fiend.


Since Defiler don’t have CC or resistances or even DA it’s hard to patch all the holes. So I have to make few sacrifices. Boots gives Stun reduction, Pants-slow. Rings convert fully chaos to aether and helps with the elemental resistances. Options are Magelord signets. Important choices:

  • Weapons, decided to go one Mindwarp+Dreadfire, sort of combination between -RR and +1 Demo and Mindwarp, obviously the best possible weapon here.

  • Relic, Serenity. Great defensive relic, also gives +1 to both skills.

  • Gloves, Justice. Since I can’t make 2x Krieg, decided to take these. Pierce res and OA are the selling points. Flat fire is fully converted.

  • Belt is for stats and conversion.

  • Medal is allowing me to dual wield. Decided that racial, aether res and OA is more important than the bonuses provided by the other DW medal- Korvaak.


Build will smash everything in Crucible except highly resistant enemies and you have them in bunches. Biggest trouble are waves 169 and 170. I suggest to make few side steps and not allow constant direct hits by Anasteria or Korvaak.

Times are between 6:40 and 7:20 with success rate in my play around 65% or similar number. But if you play recklessly you can die often.

Here’s video from 150-170 around 6:40 Didn’t hit the correct button to start recording :sweat_smile:


The picture is from Warhammer 40k

Nice build :ok_hand::ok_hand:


Thanks! I saw the Warhammer name but haven’t play that game.

Nice build!
Two questions: what are the main issues and therefore rather mediocre win rate in crucible? :frowning:
And have you tried it in SR?

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Actually you played DW Defiler and despite the all stats are there, it feels squishy and weak. Only real concern defensively I can find is physical damage protection, both my physical resistance and armor have low to average values. CC can be dangerous too and I couldn’t fit Arcane Harmony. Also lots of dangerous mobs are resistant to aether, Anastera and Reaper-heavy physical hitter are just the cherry on top. And also I play for time. You can probably will have better clear rate, Idk.

I haven’t tried it in SR, I am not biggest fan of this mode. But probably SR 65 is possible on decent rate.


Yep, I’ve tried dw melee defiler, abd despite farming Lokarr and SR65-66, it feels bad in crucible.
And now I’m attempting again to make a Dreadscorcher Defiler!

I played one Dreadscorcher in Crucible. You can send me here or in a PM the GT if you want.

About DW, actually melee builds except SR set or few tanky ones are problematic in current Crucible. Especially builds that lack damage absorb/mitigation. Funnily Defiler have both :thinking:

One of Defiler’s problem is a complete lack of resists cuz neither Demo, nor Necro provide them.
Demo at least has offence. Necro … eh.

But it is also … funny - or frustrating? - that class with nice damage and not bad synergy shows so bad results.
Probably the only well working now are Blightlord and my Gargabol defiler.

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+1 for the pic of my favorite WH40k wonky mechanical unit of the chaos faction!

…oh and nice build ofc :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yeah tanks, I mean thanks!

Pic is important, build not so much :upside_down_face:

What do you think about reallocating skill points like this: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2m67vlV
Sweet spot for MoT at 6/10 and for Blast shield at 14/12 (10/12), remaining 2 points into decay.

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Good idea, thanks.

Although MoT is useful offensively too.

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Or the two decay points into flashbang: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/62ayYok2
FB’s fumble is always nice for melee, pants give you +3 FB and I can’t find any flat DA shred on your build so far.

No idea if the confuse actually slows down crucible times though. I’m not a crucible expert as you know.

I tried Flashbang, clear DPS loss, since you have to chase scattered mobs. My damage, expect Spear have low range too. I don’t have flat DA shred since in Crucible, which is my goal usually I have almost 4k OA. Past 3.8K you start to experience diminishing returns.

About Crucible vs other content, it’s the matter of how to utilize best buffs/banner and maximizing your AoE while picking correct single targets for nuke. But I know you have some experience in Cruci. Plus playing HC, mean you have some serious skills.

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Yea, thought so. Makes sense that it doesn’t make any sense in crucible :sweat_smile:

My crucible XP is all about suriviving and not about fast clear times though, so yea for HC I’d still pick FB even for crucible. I’d take chasing enemies over a dead char any day :joy:

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Actually if you play HC, going after time will be absurd no doubt. But every player have different preference in the game. Lots of vocal minority loves playing Cruci for time and that brings some competition. Just like some plays for deeper shards. I don’t have personally the stomach to play Cruci or SR with any build in HC. And certainly not Crate of Entertainment :wink:

To each their own shot of adrenalin :wink:

Yup, totally agree. Won’t judge anyone. Our friend Glenn was playing for example almost only budget/beginners builds.

@Nery Always welcome to see another Defiler capable of competing in the endgame. Great work!

Bonus points for the Warhammer reference!


Defilers kick ass! :sunglasses:

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You get bonus points for the gif and not only pic! :heart_eyes: