[] (used-to-be) The Undisputed: 6m 150-170 Crucible Gladiator no greens melee Trickster[g3][vid][c+]

*it’s actually Ashes of melee builds again :frowning:

Foreword (written in a time when Melee builds ruled)

Behold, The Era of dual wield melee builds is in its prime. First it was Belgothian assassins, long lost brothers, Blademaster and Infiltrator, paving the way into the meta dominated by casters. Then Korba the Trickster - a master of a deadly ring of frosty steel showed how it can be down without any green weapons. Beronath/Warborn Death Knight proved to be a serious contender for the melee crown. Then suddenly, Deathmarked Blademaster made his claim and what a claim it was. The latest and now dethroned king came from the shiny house of Malakor, and unlike all other contenders he lacked any of refinement of the Nightblade school and preferred hard blunt maces to sharp swords and axes.

But the real king, was hiding in cool shadows all along. You may confuse him for his twin - Blademaster, but he is a Trickster, the deadliest melee build ever.

The Build

[] Update

Revived this old spec somewhat. Build is a fast melee killer, but you have to play very agressive with it and kill dangerous targets fast. It’s fun and powerful but it’s not a tank by any means.

<<<< GRIMTOOLS >>>>


Green free and effiecient. Mythical Stormtitan Treads can be a good alternative and provide bit more tankiness by letting you wear Prismatic Diamond in helmet.


Agressive. Build is tanky enough to take a lot of heat while fighting because of the huge damage and huge ADCtH returns, but do not linger while in Crucible, keep fighting, kill dangerous Nemeses first, and kill Anasteria first.

Skills and Devotion setup

I chose somewhat conservative devotion setup without Dying God proc or Blizzard. Build dishes out insane amounts of damage already and with amazing stats from Revenant piloting is much smoother and easier. Same with skill points allocations, I chose to overcap Shadow Dance for additional DA and dodge/evade. You can choose a more agressive skill/devotion setup or even more defensive one depending on your skill and preference.


With Pneumatic Burst and Lethal Assault (and Savagery charges)

Life Steal and Magical


Videos Lucky 5:44 run

MercyMaker’s 6:13 Crucible Gladiator 150-170 run OLD
Mad Queen fight OLD
Mad Queen fight take two OLD

Lokkar fight showing necessary pre-fight preparation OLD
Faster Lokarr fight
(19 seconds kill time, probably not the fastest this build can do)

Gargabol fight OLD

In Conclusion

I want to give a shout-out to the part of Russian Grim Dawn community located at Safarel’s Discord server, namely to Firozo for suggesting that I should try out Deathmarked Trickster and Veretragna, who put Deathmarked back on the map long before set was buffed in

P.S. I wish jajaja or JoV could witness these glorious times of the rise of melee builds. But then they would’ve witnessed their downfall too.

Nightblades rise up! :cool:

That`s what happen when you put %phyz resist on dual blade line :rolleyes:

I like it =)
Why did you chose that devotion route? Isn`t https://www.grimtools.com/calc/p25DboxN this one strain up superior in everything? You gain Guardian gaze floating around dealing 11*12% Weapon dmg per second in AoE, extra protection from Crab, more %WD and you barely loose 5% of crit chance?

This brings tears of joy to my eyes to see deathmarked set having a purpose once more.

So as I said, my devotion route is very conservative. I like Ultos on my Elemental auto-attackers (except fire ones of course), because proc heals quite a bit due to massive amount of weapon damage. I also tried to keep OA at a competitive level seeing how much Crit damage build is packing (and how Ultos proc and Alkamos ring proc depends on your OA). I actually switched from full Undying God to Revenant because I found build to be a bit unstable for my taste.

Your Devotion route is pretty great in its own right, what I am missing there is slow resist (crucial for any build after 1.0.7), some more adtch and OA to put that considerable crit damage to use. But I can send you character’s folder so you can test different devotion setups. (also, with ancient armor you can effectively take away almost 200 armor from your final armor number due to 92% absorb but you know that ofcourse).

“Having a purpose”, haha, this set went from almost useless to decent to the most powerful set in the game. This Trickster is no joke. Mercy said that it can go as fast as 6 minutes, which is unreal for a melee build.

Not gonna include this 7:13 run recorded by me into op, but it kinda reflects what build can do.

All right, courtesy of MercyMaker, 6:13 Crucible Gladiator 3 blessings/1 banner run, added to op.

Not sure what you want me to add lee :stuck_out_tongue: Build is super strong, easy to assemble since no greens are necessary and performs crazy good. Only nemesis that can give you issue is grava’thul cause his fumble pool. Kuba can also be a bitch since he takes a bit longer to kill which as always, is bad when combined with grava and/or reaper. Otherwise the build kills stuff so fast nemesis waves usually aren’t even an issue.

Make way for the Deathmarked train. Now make a Deathmarked Infiltrator that performs as well as this and the BM to complete the trio

Well done mad_lee! :wink:

So, you took Nidalla relic instead of Nemesis :stuck_out_tongue:

I had a feeling this would happen when I read the deathmarked changes. If sabo wasn’t so shit at defense it would be real good with deathmark too.

How about 4pc deathmark + Korba helm? Fully converted savagery in exchanfe for weaker AQC and some defense.

And loss of fullset RR skill. Nope, it’s too good to drop it I think

Oh you’re right. That RR is pretty good.

Lol, yesterday I was just thinking about deathmarked trickster, but decided to against it because it couldn’t possibly be stronger than korba. Yet here it is!

Really nice Madlee! It seems the redesigned deathmarked is finally hit the mark. The set is very good now and versatile for some mastery combination. It is also defensively better than korba, so maybe that’s why you get this good results.

Again, congrats. 6:10 with banner is pretty massive for a melee build that Excel in single target damage

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Why no one said such kind words in my Deathmarked BM’s thread? :smiley:

Korba Trickster even with all of its unrealistic Maldarkarr’ed versions is barely competent to make cofee for this guy. :smiley:

Set is absolutely OP. Definitely calls for some Spellbinders nerfs.

I always forgot to say something to your deathmarked blademaster, lol. But yours obviously also a really good build.
I actually have suggested cadence in the sirspanks’ deathmarked blademaster previously, because he was using beronath’s fury.

The clear time is close, but surely blademaster is better in terms of defense.

BTW, looking at the video. The build really doesn’t have any good AoE. It just has a massive single target damage. I think this is due to the recent buff on savagery. Mercy also swiftly move from one enemy to another with SS, cutting the clear time significantly.

Now I wonder how full set korba fare this days. That guy should potentially clear even faster.

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Cause it was old and all you think of when you see an update is “Oh it got buffed, nice. Build is so good now”. When you see this you say “wtf is this better than Korba?”. But seriously some kind of Deathmarked/Korba trickster has been on my mind for some time already but I can’t play melee so I just have to show my appreciation for this one :stuck_out_tongue:

Well we know full RoS Korba is better than Malkadarr. And maybe with some tweaks to fit the current version Korba can still be tweaked to be able to compete with deathmarked. Thing is, Fluff is already updated to FG so we need someone else to do the update :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t believe Korba can do it faster. I don’t think Korba is even as fast as Deathmarked Blademaster. It’s also already 6:10, there are just few builds left that are faster than this.

Oh, how delicious the build is if you use kuba of Kings pants.

Kuba pants is just too tempting to not be used… :frowning:

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yep, something like tempest of kings. Resists would be also much easier with one green item. But I honestly believe that Chausses might outperform any green pants here.

Barbaros are also easy armor.