[] Witch Hunter + 4 blade spirit. 150-170(3+1) 5m 47s. SR 83

Hi, everybody. Phantasmal Blades + 4 Blade Spirit is a good combination. Shows excellent survivability and damage results. Such a witch hunter can keep super bosses in close combat and easily pass the crucible and live on high SR. All the details on the video below.

Builds: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/JVl6A9lN

150-170 (3+1) 5m 47s

Avatar 2m 23s:

Lokarr 17s:

Mad queen +Crystal 6s

Mad queen:

Clones Of Bourbon:



SR 75-83

75-76 with 1 death










Would be nice if you could credit me for the original build idea.

Also, your setup is very suboptimal.

I’ve yet to get around to updating my guide, but lunal’valgoth belt is BiS.

Medal + ring + relic choices all terrible here

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No offense intended, but: Playing PB with Demon Hunter is kinda … super obvious. Where was your idea here?
I also play a similar build, with the same medal - which one do you suggest?

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It is. But that has nothing to do with it being obvious. It’s just courtesy IMO.

My idea was also the use of grasp of the dead. Most PB builds go for maw of consumption for RR and +1 to all NB.

Grasp of the dead isn’t the best DPS offhand, but it provides the most utility as you can still kill things while kiting.

Case and point - the rancor build I did was completely different to fiorozo’s in terms of itemization and playstyle. I still credit him for being the first person to come up with the idea.

In terms of itemization:

  1. %vit damage is worth more than +2 heartseeker. I’ve tested this extensively. Best medal choices are undying oath for offence, and m. mark of the forbidden for energy and defence.
  • If you do go with lunal’valgoth belt for perfect chaos conversion, then the BiS medal here would be solemn mark for massive DA, 100% vit, and +2 to PB.
  1. Best ring is m. cursebearer

  2. Best relic is eldritch pact.

  • This frees your augment slots for triple irrahs blood, which in turn frees up armor augments for +30 DA augments, which in turn means more %damage augments weapons
  • This synergizes with lunal’valgoth belt extremely well because of that insanely powerful proc on eldritch pact. It’s essentially 688 vit damage every second with incredible AoE.

This is a PB WH I’ve been testing on and off for months now - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2Mn340V

Look at the difference in weapon damage. Point being - sure…WH is obvious mastery, itemization isn’t.

@ya1: I’m not going to comment on his clear times.

Interesting setup. But I agree with Sparks. It’s not a no-green so that green belt is a must. But the relic and the medal… you gotta take into account that build is low on oa. But then, no Hawk, no Panther…

But the times are really good. Maybe we should revisit a few concepts. Like Alex made a Stormreaver with AAR amulet, and I was like WHAT??? And then I tested it and I was like what? (not in capital letters) Conduit is still BiS but there are valid arguments for the other one.

I look bad for builds on the forum, but I also did not see yours, because I rarely visit other builds, because I do not know English well. I’m in discord with @Safarel most of The time. So no relations this build to you not has). About the builds itself. The goal was to make an effective pseudo-pet. Then I decided to add to the effectiveness of knives. The goal was accomplished, the witch hunter turned out to be very effective and strong. If we talk about maximum efficiency, the strongest and fastest build on knives is a dervish at @mad_lee. But my goal was to make a witch hunter with pseudo-pet). I find it difficult to translate my thoughts into English, but for a number of reasons, the given things that stand in this builds are BISS. Some options I tested and based on the results came to this conclusion.

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Nope. It’s currently pierce rancor.


I’m talking about this Seth with the gun. Rancor is another build

I’ll tell you a secret, time dervish on knives from @mad_lee best option 150-170(3+1) 5m 10s

Why tf would you post a secret on a public thread?

It’s possible on PB and not shocking. Imo sub 5 is possible on Rancor, just nobody was lucky enough that I know of. Times on PB are very skill dependent and RNG. Things have to literally “align.” And when they do only Pyran has more dmg.

Not really a secret, it’s an old time pre-nerf and it is published in my build. But I think Alex should’ve specified it nonetheless.


This is going to the fan art corner

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This is unfair - it’s not like this is a unique concept. Maybe they haven’t read whatever build guide it is you posted that you’re talking about. ‘Courtesy’ would be letting them know that you had this idea as well, not assuming the worst and that they must have taken it and deliberately omitted credit.


IMO it’s just a nicety which most builders here exercise. And I think alexgoldfish has posted enough builds here to be aware of this.

I didn’t accuse him of doing it intentionally. All I said was, “it would be nice if you could credit me for the original build idea.”

I.e. it’s a request/me giving him the heads up.

Where did I accuse alexgoldfish of intentionally doing this?

EDITED: My criticism was aimed solely at his itemization.

Maybe you should practice what you preach.

@sly-winking-usury: I don’t want to derail this thread, nor do I want forum drama. So I’m going to PM you. Given my harsh criticism of his build I do think it understandable for you to assume that I was accusing alex.

@AlexGoldFish_322: And I’ve already told you what the forum etiquette here is. Everyone - mad_lee, nery, ya1, etc.- does this. But you do you. Either way, I’m done with this thread.

@klasperstanze: Sigh…I’ll PM you.

I already gave you the answer

Alright, well - I think everyone should be allowed to use a specific off-hand without checking the forum for it and credit every builder who did so before. I do like the high standard of politeness that veteran build makers established. The same politeness though should stop them from being too harsh to anyone that does not meet those standards.

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I don’t see problems going either way. If someone wants to post something I will be happy if that person used my ideas without wanting or expecting something in return. :slightly_smiling_face:

But build options are limited of course. You have so many builds posted, impossible to invent new stuff constantly. So if you saw/someone told you about similar previous build, you can just mentioned it or give credit. It’s not mandatory or rule, just a common courtesy.