[] Yugol's Shattered Blade - Spin2Win High Cunning Blademaster - ~6min 170 crucible

I’m sick and I dont particularly feel like doing a big post. I also have to work a lot the next 4 days. I will update/ format this when I can find the time and feel up to it.

Straight to the point this build uses the shattered set, spellbreaker belt, and nadaad’s reach to pump up ring of steel… while also converting most of the flat damage on the Yugol’s hunger relic. Main thing is to focus on spinning, you stop spinning you die. You always have to press the hotkey again after being CC’d in any manner or you run the chance of not spinning. (sometimes if you just hold the button it wont cast after the cc wears off.)
You will get basically the same results if you use seal of blades. I have opted for salt as it means alek dies extremely fast. The boots are crafted with %physique

video is using seal of blades. As you can see mutators were not exactly in my favor this run… but there was no kaisan so huzzah (he is mega cancer with armored mutator 117% pierce res ffs). I’m sure this can be faster with better piloting and luck on mutators. Average run is probably 6:10 - 6:20. I even managed to finish a run in 6:30 with kaisan and with zero points invested in squad command (took them out to respec attributes then forgot to put back in. )

Shattered realm is rough but doable even with no res over cap… might die on a boss stage. I cleared 65 with 5 min left on timer :man_shrugging:


So… Shattered Yugol better than every single EoR build? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Maybe. Or maybe valinov can improve all those EoR builds to be on this level. But when you look at yugol stats it looks like 16/16 EoR so it should be strong with full conversion.

I mean ring of steel/blades of wrath do some heavy lifting here.

Honestly I never particularly liked spin builds til I tried this one. Although I probably will revisit some concepts after enjoying this character so much

Shattered in one round alone is +10s in 6m range. And Armored for pierce is like +15s. This build is a BEAST.

Whuuut? You could do 80 easy. Just maybe change Barbaros to Tranquil (or Harmony for total cc res since oa is good) for better res and use double Tainted Hearts?

Does it even happen on a Shattered Blademaster?

Unfortunately it doesn’t matter the duration of the cc. Even if it’s for a fraction of a second you have to start your spin again. It is most noticable vs moosi

Also that was the best run I managed. I did probably 10-12 runs today. Longest was about 635. The attack speed mutator really sucks :neutral_face:

I also had marked on round two to offset armored a bit.

I didn’t try anything past 65 :wink: You can get exploded very easy even there on non boss waves if you aren’t careful

Very cool build Val :+1:

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Agree with harmony. +% all danage, and fully converted proc is nice.

That’s a cool spinner! Whose smart idea was it to use Purified Salt instead of Seal of Blades and Scholar’s Light instead of Raven? :smile:

Now that’s a clean build! This relic is cool, i wish we had more autoattack replacers because masteries don’t have too many of them. I’ve made an acid Witch Hunter with it because i didn’t know what else to do with Dreegal’anore :smile:

Technically the fastest run I had was with seal of blades and Raven :wink:
Although the extra elemental overcap/energy regen is nice

@ya1 I do not think so. I mean better that Nery’s? Maybe after the inevitable, traditional EoR nerf. :confounded:

Nery’s which one? Warborn? I’m not sure what the state of it is now but I don’t think it can touch these times after the all the nerfs. Maybe some suicidal setups on Cyclone archon could, I don’t know.

Valinov is being a little bit modest, I think :wink: Check the vid and check the mutators on it.

The dps on the relic is only 115k… Ring of steel and blades of wrath do heavy lifting

Hm you probably right my man, I simply looked at the build as a whole not necessarily at Timers. In terms of Crucible timers, you might be completely right.

Meanwhile my sheet DPS just in town with 0 procs is 300k with full Physical EoR Warborn. Yeah, I’d guess that Pierce damage is real.

Lightning shieldbreaker could, at least in tho I don’t think there’s that much difference now considering most other lightning builds in that patch are still fine now. Fire breaker could do it too. Loo for Plasmodermic’s build.

The problem is that both of those buildsbare hybrid stuff and things like canister or thermites or bwc do just as much damage as EoR in there.

Spin2Win Blademaster, hey man you are cheater, Spinning is reserved only for Oathkeepers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Actually I am pleasantly surprised of your results, I like to see even more builds with this relic’s skill.

ive got another one in the works :wink: