[] Dark Knight of Cairn - Bleeding Death Knight SR 80, Crucible 170 (c+)

"Mummy, who is this woman with the dark armor?" - "Be quiet, child…and don´t look at her…"

A Death Knight has come to this hamlet and fear was all over. Nobody dared to ask the woman why she was here. You don´t speak to Death Knights…they will ask you, when they want to…

The Build


Build Explanation

Third of my Blade Arc spamming builds. Hardest to build because of lack of RR sources but quite fun to play as Bleeding/Physical Hybrid.

  • Gear: Nothing fancy here. As with the other Blade Arc-builds, Belt is very important for complete conversion of Vitality to Physical.
  • Devotions: Standard 2H-Melee Bleeding Devotions; I really wanted to skip Ghoul/Revenant Meta but this build desperately needs the RR from Revenant and Ghoul is quite good because of ADctH.
  • Gameplay: A few more buttons to press. War Cry has to be timed to highest uptime of Howl of Mogdrogen.
  • Stats: Get as much Physique as you want for DA and Health. Some points have to be spent in Spirit for Jewelry.
  • OA/DA/Armor: 3.100/2.900/2.800…okay.
  • RR: Not very much. 57 from devotions, 20 from Siphon Souls (ieeeksss) and up to 12 from rings.
  • AoE: Siphon Souls and Bone Harvest. Nice.
  • Sustain: This build has a good amount of ADctH and is, strictly speaking, a Physical/Bleeding Hybrid. You get healed when you kill enemies…so kill a lot of them.
  • Resistances: Everything except Bleeding is not overcapped by much. A little bit risky.
  • Other details: Let´s talk about “Siphon Souls”. Geee, what a…well, not so good… mechanic. First, you have to put a lot of points into it to get a decent radius. And then, you have to use the Transmuter (and all your nice Vitality Damage is gone to Aether) to get the much needed RR all the time. Annoying…
    Well, we got some nice FX here. I really like Bone Harvest. :slight_smile:
Build Performance

Had to try a few things but in the end, it´s more than reliable.

And for Crucible, special thanks @romanN1 again for testing it. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Bleeding Death Knight 7:16, 3 Buffs/1 Banner

Leveling Guide/Other Bleeding Builds

You can all see it here: A collection of Bleeding Builds

As always: Enjoy your ride through Cairn and have fun with Grim Dawn! :slight_smile:


Nice build as usual @Rhylthar aka the bleed god. Why does the title say 170+ tho, can it go to crucible wave 171? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Bleeding DK? No way, no bleeding RR. How this build even work? :thinking:

Ah yes, it’s bleeding build. RR is overrated!

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No, it’s about the Build Compendium Tag c+.

And thank you. :blush:

I don’t know how but it works. :joy:

After 4,5 h of sleep (:expressionless:) a bit more about, how it works. It´s all about the proccs, especially in non-boss hards and Crucible. Against Bosses, a little bit of kiting is needed in higher shards and the good amount of ADctH helps a lot. Got even 2 % more ADctH since yesterday.

I am finished or, in german: “Ich habe fertig”.

Changed War Cry to 12/12 (points from Soul Harvest) with this result:

Now to my other builds. At least to 75. Ritualist is next.

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