[] Blastlord? No. Vitality Biting Blades Lord Oppressor - Crucible ~ 5:30 , naked Cruci, SR 75+


So vitality casters don’t need much introduction, they are both tanky and can dish out damage. This is my iteration of Blightlord set build. It’s using Biting Blades from component and also creates a mess from conversion and item selection. Credit to @sir_spanksalot cause my builds are stealing idea from his #turndownforwhat builds and to Blightlord build authors @thejabrixone and @x1x1x1x2 .

Update for

Not much needs to be changed, except it’s imperative to get to 24/16 on Guardians fro the extra summon. Sigil of Deprieved is also nice ring, I dare to say is better fit than Morgo. Voidwalker Pads are buffed, but decided to keep the slot for Boneshatter and their physical resistance.

GRIM TOOLS :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/M2gjym7N

Video from Crucible, 5:13!


  • pick with buffs, Soul Harvest, Dying God(permanent) and Ascension (almost permanent)

GRIM TOOLS :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YVWz7Pd2


I want to start with the fact I tweaked my char a lot during tests. For SR for example used Prismatic Diamond in head, also bigger investment in physique. Crucible is all out for offence, including minimal physique and also double Bone. Also for SR put 1 point in Siphon Souls and 1 in Blood Boil.

Key here is Blightlord set and Blood Orb of Chton. Belt with conversion is crucial too. Other items used:

  • Relic - Meditation. I think it’s BiS. Fully converted flat damage, big % boost and +1 OK.

  • Chest - Azragor. So good and rarely used chest. Damage is very good and physical resistance can’t go to waste. Also bonus to Spectral Binding.

  • Gloves - Dark One. RE bonus+OA is fine bonus.

  • Boots and Pants are directly taken from my Cabalist build. Nice combo for vitality builds.

  • Medal - RE MI one, RE is still valuable spell in the rotation.

  • Rings are for debate. I used new Morgoneth ring(idea by Spanks) for pierce>vitality conversion and Fallen for RR and cast speed.

NOTE - I tested the build with random affixes of green items. Times are slower by 20 seconds or more in Crucible, build is still very strong though. Craft with Angrim for physique or armor.

Skills: The main question is Harbinger vs PoT for exclusive skill. I think Path’s CD is better, just powerhouse stat in the game.


Blightlord set is very nice with -RR. I have nice flat and huge % vitality damage. Biting Blades+Gaze combo, Guardians and RE dealing damage with the mods, CDR and perma DG with PoT, just many many things working in sync to make the build good offensively, not just one skill or item.


Nice life steal, physical resistance, instant damage reduction, Ghoul, Bat and Guardian’s Gaze on top of almost permanent Ascension, just top notch. Not unkillable and not Conjurer but very solid!


  • Crucible: Times around 5:30 are normal, build have 100 or almost 100% clear rate. Without these greens your goal will be to fit in 4x runs. My best time with offensive setup is 5:10! Video:
  • Naked Crucible: I have low success rate and this isn’t my style to play cautios. I play for speed though, I have two runs slightly under 7:30, this one is monster 6:39!
  • SR: Died against Grava at SR 84, build can go to 85 and maybe above. Not the best build out there and health is jumping up and down all the time but still good build for SR. Video from boss chunk of SR 83:

Monster buid, Nery! I would put Guardian’s Gaze before Wendigo tho, but that’s my personal preference.

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Sadly I can’t pick both and BBlades interaction with Guardians is crazy. Plus both chaos and acid have full conversion.

Dat 25/16 RE is making my eye twitch.

@mad_lee: Have you tested gaze? It’s incredible

It is, but Wendigo is a stronger devotion overall. It might mean 5-10 seconds slower Crucible runs but it makes any Vitality build much more consistent.

hmm…i think GG + ghoul is just as consistent as wendigo, especially with CDR

Blightlord oppressor is indeed very strong! :+1:
Remind me to test mine again with the new rings and toys.

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I remind you then :smile:

New rings are nice but you’re better at least with one RR one.

I forgot to congratulate you on your naked clear. 6:39!!!


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It’s something as you said, which few people do.

Good job, builds able to do top performance both in crucible and sr with same setup are kinda rare!

Question about rings setup: if you use Prime Ring of Morgoneth instead of Cursebearer I trust it’s better. How does it outperform -10% rr?

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Thanks it’s all-around build!

To be honest, ring was late inclusion but 30% conversion is big and also it converts Bat damage+I have plenty of RR. So RR it’s not always equal to success, for example you can see classes like Sorc or BM with only one source of RR being good.

Got it, that makes a sense. I will have to consider it on my vitality builds instead of one source of RR. It makes you heal more from bat then?

Yes, since you convert the damage. But not big difference. For example if I was not using BBlades, wouldn’t use that ring , plus vitality builds usually have source of damage reduction already.

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This looks like a fun build! But I do have one big question: why is there no devotion effect bound to Biting Blades? For example, you could bind the Revenant effect to Biting Blades and do away with Bone Harvest altogether. Imagine the number of extra skeletons you would get!

Bone harvest adds a 5 sec damage bonus to all attacks. But I agree it would be nice to just spam BBs!

Noooo, bind Biting Blades to Guardians gaze. It’s not my fault, it’s GT bug not showing component skills attached to devotions, when you load the link :man_shrugging:

Hey Nery,

I’m planning on making a Blightlord build and just had a few questions about your build before I do…

  1. I’m a little worried about health regen going into negative from just the Blood Orb buff alone. Do you find that much of a concern?
  2. Anything you would update with the build for
  1. Health regen isn’t a problem, since you have so much life steal, that makes this build regaining the health extremely quickly, so no concern, build is very strong!
  2. Yes. I would make slight changes in order to push Guardians to 24/16 to take advantage of extra summon.

Build is updated for the latest patch, still very strong.

New GT - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/M2gjym7N