(Cold Spellbreaker) Build Advice to push into "End-Game"

So my current build is here: Cold Melee Spellbreaker

I based my build roughly off of 2 outdated builds from the Grim Dawn database:

  1. Ranged Cold Spellbreaker (version https://www.grimtools.com/calc/m23g4QQ2
  2. Melee Cold Blademaster (version https://www.grimtools.com/calc/m23g4QQ2

Now with each I tried to stay with a Shadow Strike entry, into OFF and PB move with auto attack focusing on cold. I am not certain if this was the right to do it, but imagine diving into battle, spamming SS, OFF, Ring of Steel, and PB as cooldowns from Star Pact allowed. I can 100% it is incredibly fun, and although I haven’t had the chance to try every build, so far it is my favorite.

Back onto topic…
I am looking for a few things from the experts of the community, just reading everything you all post is incredible, and I am hoping for some direct feedback:

  1. Did i screw this build up too badly by spreading too thin? If so what adjustments do I make, I love the style, I love how it stacks, but admittedly I am not sure if I am wasting certain points around my skill tree.
  2. I only used the blademaster as a “template” for the gear I wanted, since the other build is based on range. If anyone wants to take my build and shred it apart for a superior style, please feel free. Would love the feedback
  3. What gear am I going for, I cannot seem to get my resistances high enough to get right of my White Lotus belt and put on “Mythical Spellbreaker Waistguard”. Also I am still farming SOT to get Alkamos to drop both of his damn Mythic rings, he is being stingy…

Additional notes:

  • If anything I don’t want to give too many notes, but mainly play Co-op and this build seems untouchable, until we get to celestial bosses and such. When playing on Solo, strange bosses seem to trip me up (not very time on solo so small sample size), got crushed my Arkovian nemesis out of the blue, but taken him down plenty of times before that solo.
  • We have tried Lokar, have no problem Crucible 150-170 (granted easiest difficulty), and quickly ran through some early SR’s with plenty of time to spare.
  • The more I write, the stranger it seems, we have like 250+ hours into the game and have BARELY touched end game content. (Post story that is)
  • I have forgotten some of the Augments on a piece or two of my gear, will try to update this evening.

Thank you so much to anyone that reads all of that, and a double thank you for ANY and ALL advice, criticism, and feedback on the build.

Check this GT, build done by @banana_peel


Thanks, @Nery i was gonna link it too.
I’ve played this one for a while, it’s pretty competitive for endgame.
As for your build, OP, your skill and devotion distribution is suboptimal but you didn’t screw anything up. Skill and devotion points are easy to change.

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Thank you to both @Nery and @banana_peel, feedback definitely appreciated. I see the subtle changes in the build that @banana_peel took. Makes sense for the most part, I am going to reset my skills and devotions back, and see what I can do to fill in on the BIS gear for the time being.

As a quick question, do you utilize “Right Mouse” as primary movement when the glyph is on cooldown?

And what does your general rotation inside trash mobs look like? For instance, when I am running through areas I will shadow strike to the middle of a group, OFF and Ring of Steel, everything pretty much dies.

And then what does rotation look like on Nemesis/Boss mobs?
Do you utilize Blade Burst whenever it is on cooldown, or do you just toss it before jumping into the fight?
I typically jump in the same, and just keep burning PBurst with any move that comes up on cooldown, holding Rmouse with my shadow strike attached.

Again appreciated for the feedback, and hope the questions are ok.

If you want to use OFF, you should be using the Mageslayer set so that it works on bosses.

Check out my build if you want to go in that direction.

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fyi . SR7576 VIABLE

Is this a build I can respect to and lvl with or is it too heavily gear dependent? I am currently lvl 83 and running a generic build I found online which mainly focuses around TSS/OFF and blade barrage. It’s super movement intensive with way to much kiting, and there’s no way I can kill my first nemesis boss I unlocked, kupacabra. I am a brand new player and this is my first toon so any help would be greatly appreciated.