[] (DW Melee) Ashes to ashes - Melee FS Defiler [c+] [sr]

burning down, last to die
laden with monstrous souls deep inside

I simply like this build. Inspired in late AoM by @mad_lee’s original build, I’ve tried for a very long time to make it work in the cruel reality of FG. The result finally is pretty satisfying.





  • Armor - obvious choice since Justicar is the best fire-oriented set in-game.
  • Weapons - also BiS here as they give +1 to Necro, very useful mods to our skills and conversion (almost 100% with perfect rolls)
  • Belt - additional aether->fire conversion and a way to get some useful resists as Defiler is very short on them.
  • Conduit - for extra sturdiness and a momental RR in a big area.



  • High OA/DA (almost 3k without buffs), armor, 200% as, nice damage;
  • Nice both solo and AoE-damage because of procs;
  • Relatively high RR - up to 132%;
  • Dymanic gameplay.


  • Build is somewhat squishy so you need to be careful, especially in Crucible - against Grava and on wave 169.


  • What about the build’s performance?
    The build kills all Nemesis, Lokarr, completes 150-170 Crucible and SR65-66. Can easily go up to SR70-71.
  • Does the build fear anyone?
    Grava is a true nemesis for this build, watch out for him and be very careful. His cleave attack in high shards can easily two-shot you.
  • Is the build suitable for beginners?
    No. You have to complete the game at least 2 times to get 2 Blazehearts, and need to pilot your char well.
  • Is it fun to play this build?
    After getting used to it, mostly yes.





Special thanks to @mad_lee for the original idea and help with min-maxing the build, @Nery for multiple testings and feedback, @John_Smith for recording Crucible video and giving alternative spec, and to all Safarel Discord community.


Hmm, this setup looks strangely familiar! ))

Congrats on finally making it work. What gave it the final push?

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John_Smith was that power :smile:
With somehow making it work in Crucible.

nice build <3

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Just noticed the build. Now it looks more polished, congrats on the post!

1 Like UPDATE: new GT, some new videos from SR and with Lokarr (now kill him faster), added some Q&A about the build.

But how did you discover in the piety of a gloomy guard? in the calculator it does not open. Enlighten me :smiley:

If I understand you right, you’re wondering how to take the Solemn Watcher?
So, you take Sailor’s Guide, Viper, Eel, then take Solemn Watcher and take points out of the Eel.
If I misunderstood you, please forgive me :slight_smile:

Cool! Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Nice build.:slight_smile:

I strongly recommend Abomination. FS defiler can push 230K dps or so

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Yes, I’ve tried Abom too while comparing it to Torch+Magi :slight_smile:
For SR it may be better due to increased solo-damage but in Cruci I resulted in losing almost all AoE and didn’t like it.

What AoE damage did you feel you had to lose?

I’m asking because when i tested my defiler long ago my best time was 6:15 and I was playing Crucible pretty casually back then, wasn’t pushing or anything.

What I mean to say is that I don’t think you need to give up on AoE

I certainly didn’t play with revenant though. I refuse to do so on elemental builds :stuck_out_tongue: and with the nerf it had really only the nodes are good for you but I think you can survive without them

Edit: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4VxlRyEV

This GT is old so take it with a grain of salt. The AoE is there. The amulet I’m using gives good DPS and an aura that makes you tougher. I liked this combo. I was apparently using agonizing flames for flat RR and it worked well. The amulet helps with that as well

Relic is your choice, tried korvaak and Anni both

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Thanks, I’ll take a look at it!

EDIT: imo, not taking Flashbang and Sanctified bone in chest alongside with not capping Mines is not a very good idea. Especially against Grava.

Revenant is still nice constellation. And for faster and better RR I used that conduit.

Also, 18% slow res seems not very safe :slight_smile:

This is an old GT and not the one on my PC. It’s pre testing on the field :smiley: made at work a few months ago.

I probably used a sanct bone eventually.

But All I can say is that I had decent kill times with it