[] Reap What You Sow: Crucible Gladiator 6:20m, SR 75-76, Vitality SS Reaper [vid][c+][sr+][g3-4]



Wanted to make something unorthodox yet efficient out of a new set and after testing few gear/class combinations decided to make a Vitality Shadow Strike Nighblade. It’s very versatile and fun to play and includes all the new proc animations from all the new items.

The Build

<<<<< GRIMTOOLS >>>>>*

**Basically any Lunal’Valgoth’s Girdle will do here. Craft for armor or physique.


**Craft for physique/armor

Heart-reaping questions

Green belt? I thought you don’t make builds with green items, mad_lee!
For maximum performance there is no way around it. And it’s very easy to farm, basically any affixes will do
Is no green version much worse?
It is 20 seconds slower on average. So very close in terms of performance
Wouldn’t Nightbringer be better?
Nope, Soulrend is much better here.


Core of the build is new farmable set: Armor of the Eternal Night that can be dropped from new rogue dungeon boss Morgoneth. Most of the items can be farmed in the new roguelike. Everything is optimized for balanced Crucible/SR performance.


This is an endgame build, it only works once you equip those items after level 94 (or better after level 100). For leveling check out leveling guides on this forum.


Spam SS and Bone Harvest button, refresh Lethal Assault every 4 seconds. Use Mark of Torment. Or don’t.


General (with Lethal Assault up)

Shadow Strike damage (with Lethal Assault, Soul Harvest and Hungering Void up)



22 seconds Lokarr kill

Crucible Gladiator 150-170 6:29 run with no green setup

Crucible Gladiator 150-170 5:56 run with green belt

SR 75-76 10:44 run with few deaths to tough boss combo

In Conclusion

While not as fast as Morgoneth Reaper with Loxmere daggers for cold SS this build definitely holds his own versus the endgame content. If only build had ~200 more OA to capitalize on all that crit damage.


Nice build and very good, even surprisingly good performance for the vitality version of the SS.

What I found ironic is the boss of the no-green mafia using green MI. Busted! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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SS power! Lol that sound kinda nazi :smile:
I like playing Nightblade just because of this skill. So much mobility.

Btw is the green link correct? Nightfall and Ill Omen arent maxed out. The ring is not mythical.

I see you are maxing Bone Harvest but does it do that much dmg? Maybe it’s better to make it one pointer, max all the essential skills and take shard of beronath?

smth like that

Well you could say that it is really


Thanks, corrected it.

Nope, Bone Harvest does quite a bit of damage with very decent AoE. Build doesn’t have enough attack speed to utilize auto-attacking.

2h is generally lackluster for autos due to not being able to double dip on sources of flat damage via WPS

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Not lackluster, limited in good options. Shaman has big 2H bonuses. Blade Arc is WD based non-default attack, as well as Thunderous Strike which only works well on full Ultos. FS can decent with small amount of weapons.

2H FS?

x - doubt :smile:

We’ll see :slight_smile:

no hybrid allowed!


Generally lackluster. As in outside of niche cases where the 2h in question provides overwhelming bonuses you’re going to be wondering why you’re holding a pool noodle instead of dual wielding antimatter emitters

This is just semantics. There are fewer options for good 2H builds than DW, plain and simple. And it’s not like there are skills for DW when you pick them and annihilate the content regardless of your gear. Blade Arc and Savagery are generic enough to build 2H around them and not call it niche.

First time i broke 6 min in crucible on my dying PC was 2H build.

First @Mad_Lee:
Great as always, I wish I could make a Bleeding Reaper work. Really like this Mastery Combo. :slight_smile:

I know, Bleeding Builds are not the most popular builds around (“small” understatement) but besides Trickster they are all capable to master SR 75+ and are 2H with either Blade Arc or Savagery (Trickster is DW). And I really tried to make DW builds because I like they playstyle but they are far better off with 2H.


Well Zantai kind of butchered Bleedsters with continuous weapon nerfs. Now they are not as fun as they used to be. All while making way for huge power creep this patch (but nobody will revert Bloodsongs nerfs now of course)

Also 2H Bleeding builds are not exactly the builds that are being discussed here. They are not pure melee by any means.

Okay, my Conjurer might be discussable (does this word exist?) but Warlord, Witchblade, Death Knight, etc. (Blade Arc spamming) or my Rancor Builds are what exactly?

To Bloodsong:
Yeah, it´s sad. :frowning:
And the other DW options seems to be very good on paper, but really are not. Except Gorefeast.

weeeeell, it’s still DoT builds first and everything else second. I don’t remember your Warlord, is it pure Bleeding one?

As pure as possible. :joy:

Decent amount of Physical Damage, too.

Bleeding builds can work as 2h well because you’re basically kiting caster, you don’t stay in fumble pools, ground damage and you don’t tank everything with your face.

But typical 2H melee are very vulnerable and you can’t life steal through CC. So not many options. Speaking of 2H I tried Archon MI Weapon Fire Strike version of your Shieldbreaker. It’s not bad but not on same level of power. Cadence sucks as 2H too despite your unlimited DPS.

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SS and Bone Harvest? How innovative!
…wait, wasn’t there a set for that? :rofl:

Do you play them in this manner? I would say, 75 % of my builds facetank as long as they can and just evade when Fumble Pools, Nullification Orbs or other shit arrives. Hell, the Vindicator right now facteanks everything it can.

Sure, tehy are no Chaos, Aether or Pierce Build which have to stay on target to do any damage.