[ -][Vid] Beastcaller Set | Power of Beasts | Lightning Pet Conjurer | SR 120

SR 105 Salazin + GravaThul + BennJahr + BennJahr
SR 106 Outcast +Reaper + BennJahr + Valdaran
SR 107 Cronley + Kubacabra + IronMaiden + IronMaiden
SR 108 Shatteredshaper + Reaper + IronMaiden + IronMaiden
SR 109 Karriv + Kubacabra + Zantarin + Valdaran
SR 110 Warden + Kubacabra + Aleksander + Valdaran
SR 115 Alkamir + Kubacabra + Aleksander + Zantarin
SR 120 EkketZul + Fabius + BennJahr + Zantarin

If super lag to watch video, put Link to download watch from urlgot.

High SR requirement::

1.75 - 100 Devotion Obelisk of Menhir can change to Tree of Life, with tree can no need Elixir of Spirit
2.100 - 110 Need know some technique & know all monster attribute、skills and how to Pet taunt monsters
3.115 - 120 Need some lucky,but 75% can passed

after level100 this mark must have

after 1142 build adjustment, now survival & dps is balance, before 3800DA build has low dps, cant kill high level Kuba, but now is ok.
If u dont want play high SR, advise use Bymiel Set elemental Conjurer, this for 76 is comfortable

Ring & Amulet enchanting keep Mender’s Powder and Ateph’s Will in character window,
when u fight with Anna、Aleksander、GravaThul、BennJahr… use all Mender
and Kaisan、Reaper、Fabis、IronMaiden、Kuba、Zantarin、Valdaran… change to Ateph to increase survival.

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Lightning Res reduce:Vulnerability 30% + Arcane Bomb 35% + Raging Tempest 35% + Elemental Storm 32 = 132%

Character with buff details:


Pet with buff details:





Holy s***t! Thats insane!

Nice job dude!

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Offensive Devotion version update: can fast run 75 - 76 safe 90

about Stun res will adjustment devotion later or u can forge item by Stun res NPC

Offensive Devotion video update:SR 75 - 76

Offensive Devotion version adjustment for Stun res update:

Is this your strongest pet build?

No, Ghol Ritualist can higher than this.

Can i have the GT of that build?

Thanks in advance!

v1160 Offensive Devotion version update:https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YZeRnw6N




That conduit is so hard to get! I have run out of $$ along the processl. Is there an alternative amulet Duskdeep?

U can use this one
Note:ur Chaos resist will not enough. need change to green pants for resist

Should l add more skill points to Hellhound then since this amulet does conversion for that instead of Briarthorn?

Hi duskdeep, is the defensive setup from v still viable for current patch? I find it harder to survive with the offensive setup

Update for u
Defensive setup is viable for v1162, but maybe not good for new summoner player.

Newbie version update(Mogdrogen + Leviathank + Behemoth + Dryad)

Newbie version update (Mogdrogen + Oleron + Leviathan)

Hey @Duskdeep86,

What about Gate Many Worlds in offhand?

i guess he didn’t like that question, lol


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I really want his opinion on that! I’ve tested it my self and i can’t see any difference in surviving, but in damage output its crazy cuz when Gates stack below elites/boss/nemesis they start do melt!

It seens that the tankness of this build come more from the beastcaller set and constelations. If you keep then intact, your’re safe.

While I am not OP, my experience with the Gate Off-Hand in general has been that you can’t go wrong with including it in Elemental Pet builds.