[] Monster Reborn! Cold Flames of Ignaffar Infiltrator in ~ 6

  • Monster reborn bringing back a forgotten hero from the cold winters!


FoI is one of my least favorite skills, I never really played around it. Recently was buffed so decided to try few options. Actually most of FoI builds have similar problems - not enough sustain, energy problems, Mageslayer set lacks physical resistances or slow/stun. So I tried repairing them, which lead to satisfying results. Only issue is low OA, but this build is Ptiro style :slightly_smiling_face:

Credit to previous FoI authors, mostly to @Superfluff update

Some small update on this build. I find the gear used as adequate, so only thing changed is the inclusion of new MI medal, helps with sustain. Also tried few different devotion maps, I will post video with version with Attack Seru:

GRIM TOOLS :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/pZrm9P0V

Crucible run of 4:53!

Alternative route, probably will need some skill point shuffling for better stats, with Ultos and Leviathan: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/0V0e6WrZ

Original build

  • pic with perma buffs only, standing on Inquisitor Seal.

GRIM TOOLS :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/p25dzePN


Most of the gear is set in stone - set+off hand for conversion are key. Also important are Bane relic and belt. Boots provide stun and pants slow among other things.

Weapon is Spelldrinker. Since FoI is caster weapon, lack of pure cold weapon base damage isn’t problem. Spelldrinker lacks frostburn damage but huge %cold, cast speed, +1 Inquisitor and energy crisis solved. Actually build have enough sustain to never run dry, rarity for FoI build.

How to improve OA? Take Shadow Queen medal. For Crucible Dark Dreams offer so nice mod to Veil of Shadows and OA is provided from buffs, in campaign you can take Shadow Queen medal and shuffle components to increase OA.


I experimented a bit taking Seekers without full conversion and Leviathan. Actually FoI needs strong AoE damage to deal with trash mobs outside of your FoI radius or behind you. Elemental Storm for flat RR and Ghoul as defensive fail safe option.


Build demands some skill to pilot it. Inquisitor Seal and Nightblade defenses are good enough most of the time but multiple Nemesis and heavy hitters are quite dangerous. Still I personally achieved very high clear rate. Average time is around 6 minutes. Here’s perfect mutators video lucky run of 5:30!

In SR I completed with some toughness 75th shard but wouldn’t post video or add tag since I don’t think it’s consistent enough. SR 65 should be easier though.

I tested Mage Hunter version. It’s way worse, around 40 seconds slower and not tankier too.


That’s a very good time with Nery

After the FoI buff last patch during testing I deleted my Mage Hunter test run but it was slower with Vanguard (around 6 min ). Now that Unstoppable mutator is also nerfed maybe OFF will allow me a nice 5:30 as well :slight_smile:

Small question. Do you need all that ARcanum dust. Is it not possible with a Skyshard or Wraith Scram for more OA?. 2850 DA should be enough. i’d even go for two

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Thanks for your comment!

MH with OFF is exactly what I tried, fun build but Infiltrator have nice RR. I needed energy to try SR and FoI don’t benefit much from flat damage. But you are right extra OA from Skyshard is nice.

I just finished your version of Ultos Vindicator yesterday, great build. Now I know what to do with some of the gear clogging my inventory and I’ll try this one out. Thanks.

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The Damage from that + Ixillor is :ok_hand:

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Thanks, hope you’'ll like this one as well :slightly_smiling_face:

I have never tried Ixilor actually, that’s interesting item!

Yews. You can even convert some of it and it also has lifesteal now on the proc which is pretty sweet

from @Firozo with love




That’s very nice yup, thanks for linking it.

Good job @firozo !

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I’ve been dying to try cold FoI, looks awesome!

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You should try it if you have Farrath’s Cube, visually the cold cone looks great and Cold Cone is classical RPG skill.

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I have the cube, just don’t have an inquisitor build leveled to use it.

The closest one would be Itachi, who mains regular FoI and blade trap, and would die in seconds if not for mobility and dodge/evade. But nothing feels greater than blade trapping a mob and roasting it while it stands there helpless

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I don’t think Firozo’s setup is that much better, honestly. They are different and both great. But add Anguish belt to Nery’s, and countless runs to perfect the time, and the gap would not be that huge.

However, my suggestion would be to fix oa at all costs, Shadow Queen or Calamitous Desires, maybe drop an Arcanum Dust or two. Too much dmg is being wasted when you don’t crit with that +124% crit on FoI.

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OK will try with higher OA. But I tried Shadow Queen, this is better without doubt. I can try Skyshard augment.

I think Firozo made a good call of choosing Calamitous over Shadow Queen for oa. Shadow Queen’s big downside is no % DoT. However, Dark Dreams is also a powerhouse with that mod.

BTW why use RoS when you got fumble on FoI? I think SS for mobility and extra little DoTs would be better.

Big congrats Nery! Very good performance and a very good foi build! Can you please post your char file too, if you want to? I would like to take this for a spin!

And people called cold foi a meme…

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about 2 months cold and fire FoI are not meme

meme only mageslayer set - if set will be like others modern sets builds will be more stronger

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Black flame is nice, you can also take the 2H ranged weapon like Spanks.

Damage wise chaos should have the best DPS but it’s awkward since lots of FoI damage is actually DoT and you can’t convert it. I experimented last few days with different FoI setups, fire Purifier with 2 pieces Cyclone and Warpfire it’s interesting. Spanks tried 2H Arcanor tri-elemental Mage Hunter. Definitely FoI have unexplored potential.

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Started from Omnitrio’s Fire + Lightning FoI Paladin, ended at what seems to be your Fire brother:
Would you mind taking a look for some optimizations since your guy is similar? I tested it Crucible for Energy usage and it was fine (I drank a pot occassionaly). Not maxing Infernal Purge to 20 because additional Energy usage is noticeable.

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