[ -][Vid] Bysmiel Set | Elemental Pet | Conjurer | SR 100

SR 75 - 76
SR 100
vs Ravager of Minds

If super lag to watch vedio, put Link to download watch from urlgot.

Character details:(with buff)


Pet details:(with buff)





Hold this green Shoulder in Character window, when u fight with Kuba、Fabis、IronMaiden、Reaper、Zantarin… in after SR90, change this one is better.


Thanks for sharing such a detailed build! Can you explain why you go so far out of your way to get the Torch & Leviathan devotions?

Sure, my friend.
this build emphasize AOE and DOT Duration
so check photo as middle range AOE & DOT long duration can fast clean monsters
also Familiar & Primal spirit have Elemental DOT dmg

Thank you for the very thorough explanation! Since you are already invested in all the elemental damage, why 0 points in Lightning Strike?

Because emphasize recovery, lost some damage to change more recovery for stronge survival.
low level Liaghtning Strike not much useful and have casting action will reduce frequency casting Mend Flesh.

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v1152 Beastcaller Set Elemental Pet version update:


Battle Pets quantity:1 Primal Spirit + 1 pass through Familiar + 5 Swarmling + 2 Briarthorn

Note:Pet Elemental、Poison、Pierce、Bleeding resist not full cause GT not show Pet 、Component Aura & BOD effect



why the many changes and switch back to beastcaller? pretty similiar to @sigatrev old conjurer:

one more choice, not means better than Bysmiel set.

I have items for both Conjurers here.

Which Conjurer does what best?

The new one is faster i guess?

Where item photos?

I have items for both builds, but cannot decide which one to try :yum:

So how can I help u :rofl: let us waiting for 1160 then decide here.

Which one is safer or easier to play in SR?

Bysmiel Set

If still want to for high SR or more Survival same as 1152 GT link, just change Augment to

this Update main for fast farming SR 75 - 76 (10 - 12m)

v1160 GT:https://www.grimtools.com/calc/bVA9lE7V

SR 75 - 76 (1)
SR 75 - 76 (2)


Note:offhand just need Subjugator affix is enough. very easy to get.




Where did you farm the subjugator affix-ed bound wraith? Haven’t had success for the past 1 hour in Ugdenbog/Barrowholm area

Are you switched from Beastcaller to Bysmiel only because of faster SR farming? Seems nothing has been nerfed since 1.5.2.

Not switched, just provide two way build for choice, and Bysmiel set is fastest farmer summoner.
Bysmiel weapon nerfed 4% Familiar weapon damage

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