[ -][Vid] Diviner Set | Vitality Pet | Ritualist | Ver 4.0

v1.1.5.2 Ritualist, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator
v1.1.6.0 Ritualist, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator (Dying God + Hourgalss + Ishtak)
v1.1.6.2 Ritualist, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator (Mogdrogen + Rattosh)
v1.1.6.2 Ritualist, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator (Dying God + Mogdrogen)
SR 75 - 76
SR 100
SR 114 vs Kubacabra
vs Ravager of flesh
vs Crate Boss
vs Callagadra Boss

If super lag to watch video, put Link to download watch from urlgot.



@Maya this is what u want build.

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Impressive results :+1:

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I really like this build with high dps & high survival too. :smile:

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Interesting setup. I had largely forgotten that relic existed but it makes a lot of sense in this context.

I’m curious to try this because I’ve always found Diviner builds to be painfully slow due to lack of AoE

Excellent combination of three Tier-3 devotions.

I don’t understand this heavy accent on -Vitality res, Reap Spirits do only Aether and Vitality Decay. Or is it just for VItality Decay?

Belt is BIS or other options are possible?

Is it worth to drop points from Mogdrogen Pact to get 16/12 Conjure Primal Spirit?

You are looking at the Skill and not the Pet :stuck_out_tongue:
Reap Spirit (the pet) does flat Vitality dmg along with Cold (cold gets converted to Aether due to Diviners).
Then comes the Flat from Soul Harvest.

One thing I wonder is how Beacon of Lost Souls would work given the flat Phys from Mog’s Pact & Ishtak. You do lose out on the Vit RR from Ravager’s bite though.

As for Belt, if you want a Non green option, something like this should work: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YZe4KnXV

(or good old Shadowfiend)

I would say no, given the CD, mana cost, lack of pet res or %HP & nothing to Convert its dmg.

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nice one. damn man what the heck is a shattered outcast on sr 100 never seen em and they just wont die.

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yes, lack of AoE as always. but high single damege to keep balance.
farm not very fast, but enough.

Devotion update:

‘Stag’ change to ‘Scarab’ to get 15% Stun res. Belt can Non green option easy.


My Idea is Conjurer double Hellhound explode with maybe 5 Bugs or Primal spirit or none to survival devotion.
Conjuere have Stable high - % Vit rr, explode have high damage, but character should be very strong

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the only problem is Dying god make all time in battle state, cant use consititution to recovery HP, only Tonic of Mending & Totem very less means to recovery HP.

I tried a while ago to do a Diviner Ritualists using Vitality Blight Fiends to make up the AoE. It’s been a while and I can’t remember the exact setup I used, but I think it was something like this: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lV7deY5Z

I wasn’t willing to having negative health regen so I took Behemoth instead of Shepherd’s Crook, but otherwise my devotion setup was pretty similar. It basically played like a slower version of my Ghol build though so I abandoned it.

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lost 5000 HP & 200 DA and Pet 120% crit only for 2 BFs AOE. and this 2BF is unsable because res very low easy by seckill
for farm 76 is good , for high SR may not ok. anyway test it.
and character Phy res also low, I think all this for change 2BFs is unworthy.

You get 3 Blight Fiends some of the time with Time Dilation, and they do manage to shave off 2 minutes from Crucible times, from 10 minutes all the way down to 8, basically terrible either way haha.

I never run Crucible now since Forgotten God. I know Cru need more AOE is better.
so that’s choice of build is for Cru or SR as before u said.

That is basically Ana-YourResistsMeanNothing-staria. And yes, can be a major pain.

Pet ritualist? But all the pets are just the wraiths… Which are not permanent. Is that enough for a pet build and worth all the investment? Also not sure why you would use Primal Bond… it adds Bleeding damage to pets and the Wraiths do Vitality. Master of Death would be better to boost that.
Also, what is this Bilibili site? I cannot find how to change resolution. Everything is in chinese or… some other language with characters I cannot read.

Wraiths have a low CD and much higher duration. So practically, they are permanent, immortal pets. And yes, worth the investment.

Master of Death is crap, especially compared to Primal Bond. The Flat bleeding is not the point of attraction here, but the Pet Crit + Dmg Absorb for the player.
Also note that Primal Bond further provides +% dmg comparable to the combined +%vitality and +% dmg from MoD.

DuskDeep is a chinese player. They have stuff like youtube blocked there. So kind of like their video sharing site.

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Is this 50% vitality / 50% aether damage build? I mean damage of Reap Spirit