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Special thanks: Safarel, ArchHeretic, mad_lee, KoS9K and Ricardi0

I also want to thank all Safarel Discord Community



Armor in game doesn’t match Grimtools because items have been crafted for Armor

Nice build~. Is Divine Mandate really that better than Aura of Censure?

Not sure, if this question serious… why would you use Censure on a physical build?

To use it for OK fire damage…

Again, what fire damage? On Censure? Lol.
DM gives a shitton of flat trauma on top of crits and slow resistance. I repeat my question, why would you use Censure on a physical build?

Do you know what that sword does with elemental damage? :wink:

I see now :smiley:

But in case of no conversion, which Exclusive Skill will benefit most for Aegis+Kalastor fire damage?

There is no fire damage with Octavius set.

thanks for build Comrade. I’m about to make it ;).

Do you know, what set of Octavius does with Aegis’ and Kalastor’s fire damage?

Thank you for this build! I am play it today )
But i have a question. Why you dont use devotion “Messenger of War” or " Stone form" from Obelisk of Mengir. Can you explain me that decision?

P.S. I am noob in build construction, but its really interesting for me. Thank you.

Because it is not a retaliation or block focused build?

Do you have the required items for the build yet? the FG legsendaries?

I have a similar build, but I have still not dropped those boots :confused:

Comrade malawiglenn is right
it is not retal build
i made this build for fast farm 75 shard
a take a lot of legendaries to short time

comdare mad_lee give me a nice idea about build equipment and on monday i make low safely but much faster paladin :wink:

if you dont have such boot yet
yuo can use this one

yeah that is what I currently have :wink:

Thank all for answer.
And i have another question: Which blacksmith should take?

Angrim as always

Thank mate.

This build looks very fun. I was looking for a strong Aegis build, and this appears to be it. Just need to get the shoulders and I should be up and running.